I was a male Catholic student

I attended Catholic school from 1959 until 1965 when I graduated. You read and hear a lot about Catholic priests taking sexual advantage of boys and sometimes girls but you don't hear so much about nuns abusing students sexually.

I was a mediocre student at a live in boys school run by nuns, I behaved myself and was always polite to the teachers even though I was not a stellar student by any means.

One of the older nuns there was about but not quite forty.

One day she asked me to stay after class and help her with cleaning up the room after class was over.

I knew something was up and one of the things that was up was my p****. The nun had a reputation that was known all over the school.

I was washing the chalkboard and waiting for everyone to leave the school in eager anticipation.

She wasn't beautiful by any means but she was endowed with b****** to die for.

Just as I anticipated she wanted me to suck her t***. It was as simple as that. She couldn't help herself. She had her needs and she wanted them satisfied.

No problem I was fifteen and h**** as H***. She got her shirt down and her bra off and I started to suck them. They were big and i loved her nipples. I sucked them like there was no tomorrow.

While I was sucking them she was feeling me up through my pants. She could feel my h****** and she pulled my pants down.

I kept sucking her t***. She was playing with my d*** and b**** and I loved it.

We did everything but actual s**. In other words, everything else but.

As soon as she asked me to stay after class I knew what she wanted.

She gave me the best handjob I have ever had and she wiped up the c** and said ok.

I'll be having you after school again.

I said fine. Next time I'll get down on you good.

Sep 1, 2016

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  • Just because you enjoyed your abuse does not make it right.

  • In all this bashing of the Catholic church no one seems to acknowledge that it was a different era.

    It was wrong and the Catholics and all other institutions have admitted it was wrong but it was a different time. No one investigated. Children were objects beaten and molested and were to be seen and not heard.

  • I agree it was a different era. The problem with #metoo is that they are now bringing the social norms of today to crucify people of yesterday. My mom used to encourage my dad to have s** with me. She would at times give me a condom and say go and help your father relax before dinner. He used lube and was gentle. Yes it was rape but I felt I was doing it to as part of family duty.

  • Nice fantasy. She was actually very guilty of statutory rape, but as we all know, you can't rape a male, for he will enjoy it too much.

  • Correction a femail cant rape a male certainly not unless hes f*****

  • F****** idiot!! Improve your grammar and punctuation!!

  • No one cares about that s*** lol

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