I am catfishing

I am CATFISHING someone I met on an online game like Habbo hotel however this person is inches to finding out I am a catfish I do not want to confess because I hate confrontation when I first met him on the game I gave him the fake kik and whilst sending the fake photo I claimed was me I forgot to crop and left the Instagram name on it so he now thinks it's me however he is pretty clever and will probably find Out soon ,I have a group of friends on this account who I am really close to !i want to just cut this account all together and use my own photos and get in their friendship group but if they ask to Skype I can't because I have skyped them on the fake account and obviously my voice is the same I am become so attached to this other life I am living and am finding it very hard to let go and. I don't know what to do for the best but I am not going to confess to everyone !

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  • Just own your fake persona. Become one with the catfish.

  • Get a real life!

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