I'm responsible

For performing around 800 abortion procedures, Now those women can continue to live normal lives.

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  • That is awesome. Here's to many more!!! This country needs mandatory abortions and euthanasia!

  • Bless you. Every abortion made a woman's life better.

  • All my life I've felt deeply troubled by the issue of abortion. But now, at this stage of my life not only do I support it but I'm glad it's there as an option. I couldn't fathom the profound experience in making the decision, or in the harsh judgment from others. For some it must be brutal, and so to them, if it matters, here's one more person out there who believes it's not murder, but a choice. Sometimes people have to make very difficult decisions. Hope you don't become another.

  • It's a pretty simple decision are u emotionally and financially ready if yes then have it if no then don't. People who think it's murder have no concept of what a fetus is and let religion and conservatives form their opinion.

  • I don't know if I would be proud of that. I mean, I'm all for women's choice, but every woman I know who has had an abortion was hurt very deeply by the experience. I mean, yeah we should respect the right to choose, but that doesn't mean glorifying the procedure.

  • Well I had an abortion and I am not hurt by it. I have a normal life and a good life and a good job.

  • EVERY women? Righttttt. I distrust people that pretend to speak for the entire demographic of whatever. Narcissist much?

  • >>I distrust people that pretend to speak for the entire demographic of whatever.

    Like SJWs, those overprivileged white kids with no life experience who want to "rescue" all the poor sweet dumb people of the world browner than they are?

  • You have saved a lot of kids from a doomed life.

  • If by 'normal', you mean having killed their own baby, then, yeah, they can go on leading normal lives... A twisted justification for killing.

  • Um, I think someone needs to go back to 8th grade biology😂

  • Dumbass religious freak. Its not even a fu*king baby yet. Its the women's Fu*king choice. G*******😂

  • 800 murders!?! So, so sad. I will pray for your soul. May God have mercy on you.

  • Drink bleach.

  • Dumbass

  • Murders? Have you ever, I don't know, learned anything other than your Fu*king dumbass bible? Its not even breathing. Dumbass😂

  • If god existed maybe that would do something.

  • Read a few more biology books and a little less bible and you can have relevant opinion otherwise stfu

  • You're a good person. If people don't want to have a child or if they don't have the means to raise a child they should have a choice. I hope that you are able to sleep at night (not being sarcastic) and please realize that what you're doing is a great thing.

  • That's so......depressing.

  • U know what would be more depressing is having 800 crack heads and f*** ups living in society

  • I want to personally thank you because I would have been personally responsible for about 800 pregnancies if it weren't for doctors like you.

  • Chill out. Too much savagery for this post!??

  • How old ru will u surpass dr shipman

  • Thank you for your service. Women should have choices and options. It would not be a choice I think I would make, but I feel thankful that I would at least have the option.

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