I had s** with another guy while i was seperated from boyfriend of 5 years. i got pregnant from this other dude and had an abortion. now i'm back with my bf of 5 years- should i tell him about the abortion? please help i am so confused!!!

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  • tell him

    the murder of the unborn child was as much his fault for not wearing a rubber or making you suck him off instead , as it was yours for havig the child murdered .

    if he loves you , he will accept that you murdered the child he fathered , and love you regardless

    if he is a typical guy tho , he will feak out and run away ... but better you know now before you making another baby with the bum , than have to go murder it as well .


  • It is NONE of his business!You are NOT married to him!

  • Fake. I feel sorry for all you people who haven't figured out that this (and most other postings on this site) are bogus. Get a brain - life is more interesting when you use one.

  • you should not want to kill yourself you have a reason to be here.what is your reason to kill yourself.God loves you. and no matter the problem you can get help and work it out.god bless you and i hope you wont do that.

  • Yaah , Because Hes Going To Find Out One Day . Its Best To Tell Him Personally , Then let Karma Tell Him .

  • it is normal that you felt shattered after splitting with your partner and committed an act of which today you feel guilty. everyone has some side of their life that is hard for others to understand. it's best to be honest with the person you are with, but while women try to understand the problems of her partner neglecting his faults and starting afresh, men on the other hand can never truly forgive. at some point of life he is going to lose his cool and make you remember your mistakes through staunch remarks and this is usually the reason why most of the times love marriages and relationships fail. confiding in him even if you trust him wont change the fact that he will never truly be able to accept that phase of your life. in short, my advice.. forget what happened and stop feeling guilty about it. learn from your mistakes and make your partner feel loved.

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