Size 12 model

Do people laugh a little inside when you tell them your a model....YES

Sep 7, 2016

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  • Uncool!

  • It's like someone saying they're expert level when really they're stuck on regular level or fat level

  • A size 12 is not fat in the least. Nobody wants a bag of bones. As long as the face is pretty a size 12 women should be considered a model in their chosen profession. Are you a preteen or something? Get over yourself.

  • Hey whatever u think I just know if I was meeting someone for the first time and they told me they were a model for a living and they were one of these plus size people I'd find it a bit funny and maybe say I'm a pro snowboarder because I've been to the mountains a bunch of times lololol

  • And that is your perception of what a model is not everyone else's. If that's how you feel about it then only date stick women. Modeling is a profession and if someone says they are are a model and legitimately gets paid to do said profession then they are a model, regardless of how you feel about their size omitting them from that title. In all these women probably care less what you think. They are getting paid to show off their size 12 bodies and it's probably more than you earn. Good day.

  • I'm sure they're a bunch of men out there who are sick of the plus size movement......fat chicks aren't attractive period unless u got some fetish lol if that wasn't the case they wouldn't be so obsessed with losing weight while completely missing the point excercise and diet lazy lazy lazy is all it is.....

  • Like I said that's your option and you have a right to it. You are perfectly welcome to go find a stick woman and leave the size 12s to the men that want them instead of bashing people. You don't know ever "fat" person, so they could be perfectly healthy besides a little extra weight. You sound so ignorant and uneducated about what "healthy" really means. Skinny doesn't equal healthy. Also I'd bet my check you don't have a super model male body, so until you can obtain that leave people alone. An opinion is like an a******, everyone has one and usually its full of s***.

  • I'm pretty good with what I got;) but hey I don't go around calling myself a model

  • Apparently not because instead of focusing on you and "what you got" you choose to worry about an industry that you will probably never step foot in and the women they choose to model overpriced garmets of clothing :)

  • Hahaha whatever

  • Why? Because you're a size 12? Size 12 is a wonderful size.Those stupid ass people that laughed at you,are pathetic and shallow!! Size 12 comes in different forms e.g curvacious,slim,thin,plumpy,athletic etc.

  • Curvatures equals fat.....usually

  • Not usually.

  • If it's ur ass and t*** that's making the curve lol

  • So basically your comment just proved my point. Not everyone stores body fat the same. Some people can be fit with big b***'s and a butt. That's curvacious. Some people have that body type. Idiot.

  • When the word is used it usually means fat otherwise you would say they're just hot. No one goes to a hot chick and says damn baby you're curvy

  • Hot is different to each individual. Your hot isn't necessarily another person's hot. So your point is meaningless....

  • Guess what most guys don't prefer plus size...if it wasn't tru you wouldn't be on diets all the f****** time just look at the msn page....

  • You guys? I don't need to diet I am at a perfectly healthy weight. It's annoying that men like you pick apart women's bodies and wonder why there are so many eating disorders. Why aren't you asking why more men don't have 6 packs? Do you have a perfect body? Probably not, so until you do you shouldn't criticize others.

  • I'm criticizing fat acceptance it is lazy....and my bodies good;)

  • It's not about fat "acceptance," it's about treating people like human beings whether or not they're plus sized. Men and women get it, boys and girls do not.

    The thing I hate most about this world is that "stupid acceptance" is off the f****** charts. But, seeing as how losers like you benefit from it, I can see why it's so popular. There are definitely more losers than worthy people in this world.

  • Lolol

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