Nace like face

I have a very fat friend, let's call him Nace. Howell makes me laugh so much. But what really makes me laugh is when I think of him painted white and naked, it would be like he is a big Stay Puffed marshmallow man... Every time he makes me laugh then I think of this. I can't stop. It is bad... Should I let stay puffed kiss me again or tell him my secret?



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  • Actually this would be very funny to think of. laughter good though... let him kiss you again... try not to laugh in face though, might be mean....

  • I think you are a chubby chaser and you need to accept your preference before you start anything with him.

  • Grow up. It's really not funny. Fat or not, your friend deserves someone better than you. You're a bully.

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