Kim kardashian?

I wonder what makes Kim Kardashian so famous? It's obvious her body has had work done. And clearly she got paid for "leaking" her s** tape so what makes her so acceptable in pop culture and high society? I wonder does she feel disgusted with herself for the life choices she has made? Or is she okay with it because she's rich now? Why do young girls choose to idolize her so much? I really don't see what's so special. She looks just like every other celebrity with loose morals. Her family seems very dysfunctional to me. Maybe they just do it for TV just seems kinda sad to me that she lives off of attention. What's gonna happen when she gets old? All the attention will fade away and then what?

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  • "kbcarrau-tcirejtaeslnh-nyieanrn"

  • They are famous mostly for being a family of black c*** whores.

  • ?don't you mean
    'kim and the kar-TRASH-ians'¿
    !that's all they are anyway especially
    'IT jenner'¡

  • Who is this about?

  • She is famous for being famous

  • As long as people continue to be interested, they will continue to be famous. When the attention fades, they will go back to being just another has-been. Ironically, you're helping keep their dynasty alive by reminding people they exist. I was able to get through this whole month without hearing their name and being reminded until now. It was a good month.

  • OP here. I'm sorry :(.....I was just curious about what makes them so famous. There's nothing really interesting about them besides the question of why they are famous in the first place. ...well at least to me.

  • :) Haha no worries, I was being tongue in cheek by pointing out the way fame becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, which I thought was quite clever, but now realize was more emotional than I intended.

    The real answer is that Kim gained her first spot in the limelight because of her friendship with Paris Hilton, then after a s** tape was leaked of her, she used it as a springboard into reality TV and it snowballed from there.

  • It's okay :). I didn't know she was friends with Paris Celebrity circles are small....

  • No kidding. It's all who you know!

  • Her father made here famous from the OJ thing

  • They are all just high-grade trailer-trash. They have no morals or ethics or standards or skills. They exist for the amusement of the American consumer, and when they've all been consumed, they will vanish, never to be seen or heard from again. The family isn't dysfunctional: it isn't a family. It's just a collection of individuals with some amount of DNA in common. There's nothing to be done about any of them, or the situation, except for one thing: change the channel.

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