I cannot understand why so many people believe in god.

I grew up christian but I seriously cannot understand how someone can believe that ** when they get older.

I don't hate anyone who is religious.

I just can't comprehend how the majority of the world population is religious and at this point I am too afraid to ask anyone.

I understand that a lot that happens on earth is straight ** and everyone needs a way to cope, but why believe a random book is the be all and end all of humanity.

I do not want to fight with anyone and I have no problem with people who believe in a god/gods. I just want to learn about why you do.

I grew up going to church 3 times a week & went to a catholic school, but I could never truly believe what they were saying. It all sounds like a fairy tail.
Nobody could ever explain to me why this dude 2000 years ago was so ** important. Nothing makes sense. Everyone is quoting some stupid verses of some magic book to prove something, but i don't get the firm believe in said magic books.

If someone reads this and has any answers that could help me understand religious people, please comment. At this point I just can't understand the world anymore.

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  • How can you not believe in creation. Mind boggling

  • If somebody believes so strongly in a faith, they should have no problem sharing it with others, even if they don't know every single answer that it gives. Is it at all possible that we were made to worship as people and that is why people flee to religions? As a Christian I believe not only for what others have seen, but for the fact that I have seen God's goodness and faithfulness for myself.

  • You should talk to a priest.

  • You attempt to sound like an authoritative person on the subject yet ar no less infallible than a slug.

  • Nobody know how we as human created. Darwin has his theory.
    There is no such thing as God.
    The so called God may be more knowledgeable or influencer of their time. May be they had more IQ than contemporary people.

    Being a agnostic is not bad at all.
    We all have only one life to live.

    Just ENJOY....

  • It’s not simple. Belief is complex and embedded in so many cultural practices. Read Michael shermer. Pretty accessible prose and explains much of underlying causes. It’s more normal to believe than it is not to believe.

  • Got a beard that says, I'm yo daddy.

  • No atheism, don't be a sliteye zipperhead ** boo boo.

  • I believe something created us. Even if you believe in the Big Bang theory well what caused the Big Bang? Life is just too perfect to say it happened by chance! I'm not talking about what we do in life but the life we have, the earth how everything works together in nature. I also believe that there is other life but we where purposely spaced far enough from each other. Let's face it if aliens came to visit us man would want to kill one just see inside. As for the Bible it was written by men who had a 6 grade IQ. But it is a great book to teach you to live a good and fair life. Religion has to wake up to facts today! But I think we are like one of gods aquariums on this planet and like the dinosaurs one day he will clean out this place and start over.


  • Did you just bite into another Beef & Feces Burrito?

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