What happens in vegas stays in vegas (I hope) PT1

Some friends of ours had told us they booked a trip to Vegas to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, Me and my husband and another couple we are close friends with decided that it was as good of a reason as any to get away and told them we would like to come and help them celebrate, It was supposed to be a quick trip, Fly in Friday, fly out Sunday since its only a two and a half hour flight.
We decided to book together in an effort to try and make the trip as cheap as possible since work has been slow for both of our husbands who work in the same industry but for different companies, We flew in, Went to our room, Showered, got ready and hit the strip.
We had a blast getting WAYYYYY too drunk and staying up till well after the sun came up, We went back to the room and everyone passed out.
that afternoon when we finally all got up we got ready and went to meet our friends who's anniversary it was, Again there was way too much drinking and stayed up way too late or early depending on how you look at it, we got back to the room and got changed for bed, I crawled in with my husband and he snuggled up behind me which I thought was nice since he is not at all a snuggler, We laid there and since we had the covers on and I had them pulled up to my neck I let him slide his hand in my shirt, I had been drinking tequila all night and it has a certain effect on me which made me a bit more receptive to his advances, we both lead busy lives and with three kids it just compounds the lack of time we get to just be alone, He started quietly kissing my neck and I could feel his hard p**** pressing against my bum, We hadn't had s** in a couple weeks since he had been working as much overtime as he could get to make the trip a bit easier on the bank account and I was already h**** from drinking tequila.
I let him play with my b**** and I could feel him pull his underwear down, He hooked his fingers in the waist of my pyjama pants and I let him pull them down to my knees, I thought we were being sneaky and I was wet enough that with a bit of work he was able to slide into me, He was slowly sliding in and out of me, He had his arms around me pulling me close to him and I was really enjoying the whole thing, Obviously he felt really good but also thinking we were being sneaky was exciting.
All of a sudden my friend took a deep, sharp breath and we froze, I opened my eyes and she was looking at me, She started laughing and elbowed back making her husband grunt, She looked at me and I looked nervously back at her, My husband had me held so tight I had no chance of getting away and she closed her eyes and let out a small moan as her husband obviously pushed into her again, I was shocked that she was letting him do it knowing we were awake and watching but I guess she had been watching us too, With his other arm still around my waist holding me tight to him he pulled his hips back and pushed into me again, I know my husband and this is something that would totally be on his list of fantasies and being drunk and already into it I decided to go for it, I pushed back against my husband and he was slowly working in and out of me, He was as hard as I have ever felt him and in the middle of it he fished my arms out of my tank top, I let him pull it off over my head and still had the covers pulled up tight to my neck, My husband wrapped his arms tight around me and all of a sudden grabbed the covers, Yanked them out of my hands and tossed them off of us, I scrambled trying to grab them but he was holding me tight and had tossed them out of my reach.
I am not embarrassed of my body and work hard to keep it looking nice but had NEVER planned on letting anyone other than my husband and maybe some of my closest friends see any of it, My friends husband was propped up on one elbow looking at me and she was looking at me, I had my hands across my chest covering me and my knees pulled up, My husband shoved deep into me and I reached back to stop him from going so deep, He wrapped his arm over mine blocking me from covering up again, I was so nervous and was more concerned with trying to cover myself than how it felt, Just then her husband whipped their covers off and all four of us were naked, She didn't make any attempt to cover up and I actually started to relax.

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