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No matter how dreadful the situation could be, but it can never be more important than a true relationship. Instead of taking separate ways and becoming strangers all over again, why not give it another try..my thought always. We can always learn to start over. We grow apart from the people we love sometimes. Instead of considering it a weakness, it's better to make the best out of it. Sometimes, we fall apart only to fall back together. We might think we are growing apart in a relationship, but maybe, we could be growing together. Maybe, this could be the universe’s way of testing the strength of the relationship.
I don't ever wish to fall into the gang to regret I always wish to reach and see the end.There is no end to regret.
The series of “what ifs” and “buts” never let one live.
It can get quite tough at times to start over something that hasn’t come over to a perfect end now when was ours a perfect one always we dangled on ifs n buts.
Plenty of mistakes we made in past,we went overboard,hurt ruthlessly but somehow couldn't grew apart.
From one end when the pull lessened the other end bled and no matter how much we tried to conceal the pain was felt and revealed
It brought us here where we now bleed blue everyday do we need to start again or we just need to take off without worrying about landing or are we going to lose out a beautiful bonding overthinking..

Sep 13, 2016

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  • I should've did that, now it's too late, so many things have been said and done. Next time I won't be such a dumb ass.

  • There won't be a next time, not like this one. You really f***** this one up. No matter how many successes you might have in the future, you screwed the pooch here. Who knows what kind of damage you did? Well, YOU will, right after you die. Your Life Review will be interesting. Hope you're looking forward to it

  • My thoughts exactly...

  • That's what we call synchronization

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