What happens in vegas stays in vegas (I hope) PT2

I spun around, Pushed my husband onto his back and straddled him, I slid down onto him and looked at my friend, She rolled onto her stomach and her husband got on top of her, My husband spun his body, put his feet on the floor so my back was toward them and sat up, He picked me up and stood up, When he stepped toward their bed I panicked and wriggled away, I looked at him and said "NO", I pushed him back down on the bed and straddled him, I rode him with my back toward them and he pulled me down on top of him, He started going really hard and fast, after a few seconds I had to stop him, He rolled me onto my back and shoved into me, He was so anxious and so hard, he was watching her as her husband sat up on the side of the bed and she stood in front of him, She sat back and moaned as he entered her from behind, She worked back and forth riding him as we all watched each other.
my husband rolled me onto my side facing them and her husband said to her "Help him put it in", He leaned her forward and she put one hand on the bed and I watched as she reached between my legs, grabbed my husbands c*** and rubbed it against me, My husband was holding back and I knew exactly what he was doing holding out as long as possible so she would keep touching him, I pushed back forcing him into me and after a couple thrusts she pulled her hand away.
My husband reached down and hooked his arm under my leg and with his elbow under my knee pulled my leg up spreading them wide open, By this time I was getting close and had really given in to the whole situation, He grabbed my nipple with the arm under my leg and pulled it hard which is always what puts me over the top, I tensed up and moaned loudly, I came so hard that after he finally let me put my leg down my hips hurt, my husband got up on his knees and started going fast from behind, Pulled out Stood in front of me and shoved it in my mouth, I haven't swallowed for him in probably 5 years but it was better than the alternative.
My husband made sure to stand so my friend could watch me and as she did she started moaning, She moaned and sat down h****** her husband, when I was done my husband laid behind me, We laid and watched as my friends husband rolled her onto her back, Shoved his p**** in her and after about a minute or two pulled out, Straddled her chest and she did the same for him.
We all drifted off to sleep and didn't say anything about it, We had breakfast, Caught our afternoon flight and went our separate ways, On the flight I sat with her and we managed to carry on a totally normal conversation.
Since we have been home my husband brings it up every time we are alone, I hate to break it to him but it was a one time thing, It doesn't turn me on to talk about it and I don't ever see it happening again.


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  • You dirty c***

  • I wish you would of stayed in Vegas and not come back to bore us all with this drivel.

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