Hillary's lies and cover-up continue

I confess in my 73 years I have never seen a Politician caught lying as much as Hillary. I have read extensively about her life and the lying and corruption go all the way back to one of her first jobs as a young Attorney on the Watergate Prosecution Team. She was fired for fabricating false information and was behind the attempt to deny Nixon the right to a attorney.
There are strange and unusual deaths in her wake from her time in Arkansas right up to and after the DNC Convention this year. Killings of people scheduled to testify about her.
It is no wonder the impish media is reluctant to print or broadcast virtually anything opposing her.
The latest is an attempt to hide her illness when her team separated the media before her collapse this last weekend. If a private individual had not caught the event on his cellphone, no one outside her inner circle would have known. And the report about her being dehydrated is entirely untrue. Do you really think she could get dehydrated with her personal physician at her side?



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  • Suppose you are the owner of a business. Small, medium or large. It doesn't matter. One of your employees has a husband that constantly runs around on her. All the other employees and everyone that knows her, are aware of that. Time goes by. She is considered for a promotion and receives it. In her new position, it is discovered she accomplished absolutely nothing. Before that is discovered, she is promoted again. Time goes by. One night, in one of your remote Branches, many miles from nowhere, one of her subordinates makes an Emergency call to her operation center, requesting the Fire Department be dispatched to the Branch. There is a terrible fire and the employees there are trapped. The call is ignored and all perish in the fire. She resigns her position and fades into obscurity. She is found accountable, but miraculously skirts being prosecuted. Time goes by. She then shows up on your doorstep. You are retiring and have been looking for a replacement.
    What should you do? My suggestion is: you laugh in her face and throw her out by her ear. Good riddance!

  • She would be our employee. We deserve better. Ask yourself this: would you hire her? Of course not! Get real people.

  • A Physician said today people with MS will have the same symptoms Hillary has, if their body temperature raises 1/2 of a degree. That explains why she recovered after going to her daughters house. The Secret Service protocol is for them to take her to an Emergency Room. They knew getting her temp down would revive her and the emergency room trip would expose her Multiple Sclerosis to the American people. More secrecy, and hiding the truth from Hillary.

  • There is no law requiring a person to disclose ALL of their medical records when they say they have disclosed all of their records. Case in point: There was no brain scan info. After all, Bill said she fainted regularly. (MSNBC deleted the reference Bill made about regular occurrences to fainting). It is interesting this was disclosed on the day Katie Couric was sued 12 million for adding several seconds of dead air during an Interview to undermine gun advocates.

  • Colin Powell just said everything she touches turns to _______!

  • She is a snake. I have faith that most people will see the truth about her soon.

  • Both Clintons are snakes. I'm just sorry that no one has done to them what was done to another snake - Kennedy.

  • Yes, I agree. Her entire life -- and her husband's entire life -- is one big unhappy lie. What's even worse is that I am going to have to vote for her. I hate myself for doing that, and I hate Donald Trump for making me do that. This election is a huge joke with a really unfunny punch line.

  • The vote for neither Hillary nor Trump. There are other options...don't vote for someone you know is a liar. If everyone did this (and they might), your country would be ok.

  • Yeah, that worked out well. And now we're stuck with an infantile orange narcissist who is openly and repeatedly laughed at by other world leaders. Way to contribute to that, petal.

  • So you don't care that the probable 3 Supreme Court Justices that will be replaced in the next four years will be Liberal? You don't 'have to vote for her and you and I (and everyone else that reads this) know you don't. You remember this: If she gets in, you can kiss goodby what is left of our Country, as we now know it. We are right on the edge of total financial collapse and YOU want more of the same that got us here. Unbelievable! You are part of what is wrong with the USA.

  • Excuse me, but what kind of response is that?

    If anything, the above poster is overly gracious. I'd say that the state is a w****, and that your fraudulent, little elections [themselves a lie] offer the very BEST candidates available to you. So if you want to vote, so be it. But I won't do it with a gun pointed at my head.

    The issue is NOT that you're in this mess because of the politicians you've got.

    The issue is that you've got these politicians because the system is collapsing.


    In short, you don't HAVE a real country. Do you. You don't have policies. You don't know what policy looks like. That's why you post as you do.

    Voting is a public act of ritualized, political masturbation.

    Oh, and did I mention that the state is a w****?

  • No. You did not mention that the State was a w****.. Why don't you just plainly say what is on you mind, instead of a mess of gibberish.

  • Sorry I got your dander up. You might agree it is time for a change. And we will not have change with career politicians. Agreed?
    And your policies are what: hopefully, not more of the same. Because if you vote for Hillary, that is what you and I, get.

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