My wife Diane

Well I am in my mid 50,s now and I have been married to my wife for over 25 years now and we have 5 kids now.
To begin with I have read many posts about wife sharing and I have seen hundreds of reasons not to share her and even more that say share her.
I was raised in Oklahoma in a very rural area with not many neighbors and my father worked part time for whoever needed something done and I have 12 siblings with most of us resembling each other but there at least 6 now that I have grown up that I am pretty sure that they were fathered by other guys.
We are a very incest family and all of us have been molested by friends of the family or our older siblings many times never giving it much thought my older brother first got me to suck him off when I was about 6 and as we grew older be became aware of our mothers lvers.
Sometimes when Dad was gone some guy would show up and Mom would chase us kids outside until he left but my sister and I found out that we could see in the window and we got a lick out of watching her f*** other guys and I guess that was when I first discovered that I liked hiding and watching two people fucl.
Some times even when Dad was home a couple guys would show up with a bottle of wine and Mon and Dad would chase us outside until they left and once mom was laughing with my oldest sister and she said .
It seams like every time a guy hangs his pants on the foot of the bed I get pregnant.
well like I said my wife and I have been married for over 25 years now and guess what I know that two of my children were fathered by other men as I watched.
We started out when she was just 19 and we married because she was pregnant and I was fascinated with hiding and watching my wife with other men
I know that some of you disagree with this lifestyle but to those of us that do like it why make rude remarks just don't reas these posts if you don't like them.
I have many story's that I can tell if you are interested about my wife Diane

Mar 28, 2020

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  • You still in Oklahoma?

  • No moved to Calif years ago.

  • I’m interested in hearing more stories please.

  • To each his own. No one’s business but yours and your wife’s.
    I would enjoy knowing all your family stories.

  • OK well we had been married for two years and Diane had f***** and sucked off several guys by this time .
    I was driving a delivery truck for the local LBR yard at the time when I asked her to let a black guy f*** her and she agreed .
    The only black guy around though was old N***** Jack.
    I know this is not acceptable now but that was all I ever knew him buy . I knew that he had been f****** other white women and he had f***** my Mom several times when he was younger to but now he was in his mid 70,s when her and I went over to talk to him about it.
    Diane was 23 now and pregnant with our third child but only a couple months though.
    He was willing and he has this huge c*** almost 9 inches long with a thick shaft about 2/12 inches so Diane undressed and he did to his body was a little flabby but Diane was fascinated with his c*** stroking it and watching his foreskin cover and uncover his c*** head while she stoked his d*** but he couldn't stay hard he almost did once as she straddled his hips and lowered herself down on him but again he went soft so she had to suck him hard again and that was kind of funny because all she could get in her mouth was his c*** head when he started to get hard so after about a half hour of trying she decided to try to suck him off and that worked but again it looked funny with just the head of his c*** in her mouth and she was sucking like mad stroking his c*** and Jack had her head in his hands trying to get more of his c*** in her mouth but he couldn't then he just stopped and his hands fisted in her hair and I heard him sigh and Diane was swallowing like mad as he came. (Diane always swallows her older brother taught her well )
    We tried again about a month with the same results and it would be another year when we moved out to the west cost before she got to try another black c*** .

    I want to see her body

  • I don't have any option of posting any here but I have a bunch of them.
    I cant do e.mail because we only let her lovers have that way of getting in touch with us.

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