People who use sir

Are hipsters trying to sound smarter than they are :)

Sep 13, 2016

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  • Why not. Most of the people I meet think they are smarter than they are.

  • I bet u think that ;) talkin about gereralizations....

  • I do meet myself every day XD

  • You sir, are an asshat.

  • Got sand in your v*****?

  • So using proper mannerisms is being a "hipster"? ......okay

  • Go buy some more unusual hats, grow ur moustache, and maybe take journalism ;)

  • I used to make my wife call me sir

  • Then jizzed in her face

  • I made ur wife call me sir to

  • It's actually spelt "too"

  • Lol no s*** auto correct changes s*** constantly I'll only fight with it soo much

  • And what are people who throw out blind generalizations?

  • That's everyone it's human nature. u think that you're perfect?

  • Yes, duh!

  • Not to mention it's a joke lol

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