Boys are better than girls.

We just are. Stronger, smarter, tougher, we own and run everything-- and nothing any of you say will ever change my mind! Ha-ha! 😜😆😁😘😎

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  • Incel powa!!!!

  • No.

  • But yes...

  • Well, yes. Except, y'know-- no.

  • Just... absolutely yes. To those of us with even an iota of fact-processing ability, which clearly does not include you.

  • I see you hearted your own response! Adorable AND informative! 😆

  • There are females in the world strongest women contest that lift press over 400 pounds of weights you sound like that dummy chris davis at my high school need to understand learn something.

  • Too bad you're not smart enough to teach me! 😂😂😂

  • You will always be an idiot, no matter what you say

  • No all girls have to do is kick us in the b**** and we go down because we are losers and it funny for them because we on the ground in pain and it fun for them.

  • Well that is your opinion. Congratulations on coming out of the closet being gay. Unless you aren't gay and think women make better s** partners, in which case you have now contradicted yourself. 😉

  • Oh dang, you just cornered that OP. He ain't got no response. L****!!!

  • There were some tests in the former USSR (back then the country with most graduates and very high average IQ, higher than in the USA or Canada) which proved that men on average are 4-5% more intelligent than women. Men excel in mathematics, physics, mechanics, logic while women excel in social relationships and communication.
    But men are also very prone to female manipulation, regardless of their IQ, so think again who actually runs the world. :)

  • You admit to manipulating us-- then blatantly TELL us what and how to think-- and yet you still insist that you're winning. Wow, that's a fun world you inhabit!

  • IKR? Right out of the Donnie Trump playbook. There will never be a shortage of idiots and azzhoes in this world

  • That's what a dumbass lil kiddo sounds like.

  • Nope. us guys are f*****.

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