Catholic church

Has allowed more children to be molested than anything in the millions over the years....



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  • Let go. Forgive. Reporting just makes it worse. Even 1 second after he is in jail you will not feel ok. You will feel just as crap as you did before you reported it.

  • So just ignore it so that it keeps happening? NO.

  • My parents were not christian. They were abusers. Who am I to tell or blame. They demanded total unqestioning obedience and good behaviour. Any questioning meant the cane. Usually across my bum sometimes on my legs. Then I would have to wear tights to cover the bruising. They chose my clothes, my hairstyle, I was rarely alowed to go out and even then the parents had to talk first. Even as a teenager I had to get the other persons parents to talk to my parents before I would be allowed to go. At 17,18 I would be caned, made to stand nose to the wall, made to clean the house. Maybe I'd looked disrespectful or had not been smiling and happy. Maybe I'd taken too long to obey or respond. Whatever it was their way all the way every day. So don't beat up on the church if you dont also find a way to beat up on bad parents. I had a friend at school who saw how I was punished. She confided that her father raped her. Again not the church but in a family.

  • I known many people, with similar experiences as yours.It's heartbreaking :(
    Sorry you experienced abuse, from the people who were supposed to, love and protect you.Some people don't realise, its not only some who are in authority roles in life, that abuse their roles, it's sometimes people that are close to us, such as our parents and siblings etc.It's a sad reality, but these things do happen.It's beyond, wrong.

  • In Australia we have a royal comissionn investigating abuse in institutions and we hear all the terrible things done in those institutions and the investigations to find the perpitrators. I sit there in my car and think of what the kids went through. Then I think of myself and other kids who were abused at home. I'm not going to complain to anyone. My abusers were are family and what would I be left with if I reported it. Just more hatred from those who are left.

    I want to tell my story though. Not for revenge. Just to get it out of me.

  • It's trendy to beat up on the catholic church. It was a different time. No one investigated and so the men knew they could get away with it. Now days any child makes and acqusation and everyone investigates. The catholics were no different from any other church or organisation like the scouts or even the armed forces.

  • I don't think that's a very fair statement.....I'm not Catholic but I'm pretty sure not every Catholic priest is a rapist. Maybe rephrase that so it won't be so general of a statement. You can't paint everyone with the same brush.

  • There are enough of them lol......

  • My father was a nudist. He made us all be nude in our house. So embarrassing

  • Except what goes on in private homes.

    Institutional abuse makes easy profitable news.

    What about behind closed doors in a private home.

  • Religions should get together and figure out what they have in common...raping kids....they can figure out how to better rape kids and shame the victims.....

  • Children always got attention from men recently it has become a hugh crime they use it as anexcuse to justify any problem n there life

  • Go back a few hundred years and raping kids was the norm. Now its considered bad.

  • Fuck you the Catholic Church has helped millions of people and only a few have been perverted

  • Forced monogamy on people when it's not natural

  • How do you know monotony isn't natural?

  • How many cheating stories are on here stupid...

  • That proves nothing. The kind of people who camp out on here are the dregs of society and not representative of real people. Try again... STUPID.

  • Halted discovery many times..

  • They've also caused a few wars:)

  • No one knows for sure, the severity of molestation and rape, that's transpired
    within the Catholic Church. So, you can't be be factual, whether or not, there's only been a few incidences of perversion.Things happen and get coveted, all the time.That is however, "factual"
    Whose to say, that hasn't happened, within the Vatican and so forth.

    Things happen all the time and get covered, for whatever reason.You just need to watch the news and research matters, to know what my point is :)

  • They don't let priests have sexual relations so it attracts people who are trying to suppress something then when they're found out they deal with it internally and just move him to another place to continue the cycle

  • Except what goes on in private homes.

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