Are literally crazy trying the same s*** over and over but expecting different results.....

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  • I suggest studying social relations. Start here.

  • You can replace "conservatives" with literally any other group of people and get the same result. Not that I'm defending conservatives. But as an open-minded human being, I always turn around any statement and try to apply it the other direction before getting on my high horse, And honestly, if you look at it objectively, the other side is just as guilty.

  • It's in the definition. They don't want any change, yet it is certain with new problems that always come along. Not every group acts like that.

  • Oh I totally agree that they're doing it. But everyone else is too. Atheists- "I just told all these religious people how stupid they were for believing in an invisible man, and they didn't change their beliefs, what the heck is wrong with them? Hey there's another zealot. I'm gonna explain to him how he is stupid for believing in an invisible man!" Theists - "I just explained to this atheist how not believing in God would condemn him to an eternity of fire and torture, and it didn't change his mind. What the heck? Oh hey, another atheist! It's my duty to try and save their souls."

  • I get it ur saying groups can be stuck in their ways and they all think there way is right.

  • The differerence with that is there is a mountain of evidence that continues to pile against anything theists have come up with..

  • There is no difference, you're demonstrating the bias of your own position on the matter. Proving and disproving the existence of a deity are equally impossible. Theists have faith that there is a god, atheists have faith that there isn't :)

  • Not too mention it frees ppl to do whatever the f*** they want in the name of their God Isis, gay bashing, blowing up abortion clinics etc ect

  • So yeah in that way they're different it blows my mind how u can have the Internet available yet still be stuck on a single book

  • It's like obviously bullshit stories over and over vs scientific data and theories that people have spent entire lives trying to figure out...btw they disclose that they haven't got it fully figured it's about discovery the religious ppl already know everything they need to now about the universe

  • You must be a Libra.

  • Virgo.

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