My friend and I were scuba diving at a lake

I live in a state which has a large deep lake. The lake is fun to swim in and fish in and since it has a small town on its bottom its sometimes interesting to get into scuba gear and explore. My friend and I saw a old truck and I have a strange feeling come over me.

I peered into the window and peering back at me was a human skull. We got out of the water and called the police who made us go back into the water with them and show us what we saw. It was soon evident that there were human remains in the vehicle.

Time passes and it turns out that those were the remains of a woman who had been missing since 1955. Had my state not been suffering a drought the truck would never have been discovered.

Sep 16, 2016

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  • That's dumb as f*** and boring as h***. Your life must suck huge d***

  • Did you find Atlantis?

  • What a story! Thanks for sharing!

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