Closet nudist perhaps?

I work from home and spend as much time as possible completely naked. It's simply more comfortable for me.

If I don't have to go anywhere, the only time I'll put clothes on is when someone comes to the door.

I've spent several days in a row completely naked before and no one knows.

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  • Similar here. Work from home, it's only myself in the house, and, sometimes it's just more comfortable to go naked, especially on purely at-home days. Have been naked on my back porch to toss trash or recycling a few times, too.

    This started years ago, when my hot older sister would go naked in her apartment. She'd get home from work or wherever, and almost immediately peel her clothes off. Made me dinner one night, partially clothed, then removed what she had on. Told me to "join her", and helped me off with my clothes. After that, we'd hang out, naked, at her place on a regular basis. Was very liberating and free.

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