My wife admitted to some exciting things

Last night my wifes friend stayed over, We were all drinking and my wife was being a smart ass bugging her friend because she is getting back into the dating scene after a divorce a couple years ago.
My wife was teasing her about her new boyfriend because she had said that he is bugging her for a threesome, Out of the blue her friend said something like "yeah, Maybe you could give me some pointers", My wife looked panicked and I looked at my wife, Her face turned beet red and her friends eyes got wide, She looked at my wife and said "Oh my god, 13 years together and he doesn't know" then burst out laughing, I quizzed my wife a bit and she skirted around it then started to get a bit angry so I dropped the subject, After we went to bed I asked her what her friend was talking about and she tried to brush it off, I told her I wanted to know the truth and she put her head down, I said "really, I have asked you if you ever did and you straight out lied to me", She tried to make up excuses as to why it wasn't a lie and finally said "Ok, Whatever, Yeah I did a couple times in college".
I kept prying and she admitted that before we were together her boyfriend and his room mate tag teamed her a couple times, She was being evasive and I knew there was more, I kept persisting and she told me she was with one of her room mates and her boyfriend but said "We did not touch each other" which after some work I found out was a lie also.
Finally she sat up and said "Ok, Here it is, I'm going to lay it all out on the table, F*** it", She told me things that I never would have expected, Some things I suspected and some that I am still hard after hearing, She was with her ex of one year and his friend "about" 3 times she says, Her room mate and her boyfriend 2 times, Her cousins friend and his buddy once, her and one of her friends hooked up with a guy from the bar one time, and her room mate from first year a couple times.
When she was done she looked at me and said "There, now you know everything", She started college at 21 and told me that she went a bit wild, She was drinking a lot and went on a stretch where her and her group of friends were all doing ecstasy, She told me she hid those things from me because she was embarrassed of them and all happened with in the first two years of college and then she met me and became the woman she is now, She told me her best friend doesn't even know a lot of it.
I'm still processing the information and am not angry, I am actually happy and kind of turned on that she went through a "Slutty stage".

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  • You are taking it well. I've been married 15 years, and have not told hubby about my shenanigans before we met (casual s**, groups), because he'd s***.

  • He doesn't need to know lol

  • Tell him, You might be surprised but don't get mad if he starts to think you might do it again for him.

  • A persona sexual past, is their own private affair. If a partner judges their spouse/other half because of it, they aren't worth being with!

  • Dont hassel her we al did some wild things ur lucky to hav a hot woman

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