Your novels are terrible. Please stop writing.

I wish I could tell you the truth, but I know it would lead to Drama. I dislike Drama. Our mutual friends and family would have to listen to your resentful wailing, and I'd prefer to avoid that. If I were more truthful, I would tell you that you should stop writing stories and "books".

Soon you will finish yet another terrible novel. There is no doubt that you shall ask us to buy (and review!) your new long pile of words. You will send invitations out to friends, family and everyone, asking us to attend yet another reading. I do not know if I can go, as I suspect I shall be busy.

Someone once told you that you should be a writer. That grade school teacher has done you a great disservice. Mom and your siblings only provided encouragement, but you waste your life and our time. You have pursued your writing like a teenage boy yearning for s**, obsessive and graceless.

When you found that small publisher I had such great hopes that they would take your work and hone it into reason. That did not happen. I thought the second and third novel might get better. That too did not happen. And now, you are hunting for a new publisher (since the advances disappeared). God help us as you rant about how difficult it is "these days" to get your work into print. It is difficult for a reason.

There is nothing in your life but writing. Sadly, your writing is awful. Your metaphors are a cudgel. You make up words and throw them into your work with abandon of a toddler flinging peas. The s** scenes lead me to a deeper understanding of why your partners don't stick around.

I confess I haven't read beyond the first page of the new novel.

God curse Amazon making it so easy to self-publish. I see your new work there looming on the horizon.

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  • Holy S***. The title off this on caught my eye, made me totally skip "I wanna have s** with gym teacher's gay assistant's daughter" Or some other sad story of perverse fantasy. I am in the middle of my first novel, doing rewrites now, and I will admit that I think I'm pretty good at it. Which makes me nervous because I can't be that good that I feel like letting my baby fly as is. So I told my girl to read it and deconstruct the f*** out of it. Rip it 2 a******* if need be. She hasn't got back to me yet. This post, this damn post, is all my fears coming to light. I don't want to force my work on anyone and have them placate me and that will give me hope to write more drivel. Thank you for bringing my phobia front and center, under the blaring super nova. B****.

  • Judging by the content in your comment, you should burn your manuscript and profusely apologize to the girl you forced your illiterate musings upon if you ever want her to speak to you again. <3

  • Keep in mind that writing is subjective. Just because you are not interested in their writing does not mean that it's "terrible." Maybe it is over your head or possibly not a style that you are accustomed to, but the fact that it was published indicates that someone somewhere must have saw something in it that you clearly didn't. But I also wanted to say that I really liked when you said "your metaphors are a cudgel." That's excellent! Mind if I use that in my next novel?

  • Be my guest! :D and yes, I do understand the fact that the writer found a publisher indicates someone saw something. I read a lot - 3-4 novels a week (historical, bios, some genre novels too) because I spend a lot of time in transit. I can't get beyond the first chapter of the last one. Everyone has a few names, there's a ungendered character (he? she?) and a neutral gender character I can't figure out at all. I got lectured when I asked the writer, "It is a popular trend.".

    I've been thinking about the writer, and I guess part of my issue is that she demands praise. It is not enough to be published, but they want to be bought, discussed and praised. So far there's been no reviews of the last two books, and the non-family reviews of the others were cutting.

  • Wow. What a downer. My father wrote stories that I thought were mediocre at best and not worth a darn at worst. I doubt if he will stop writing. Try to understand him and maybe eventually as no one publishes his books he will get the hint. I feel sorry for him.

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