Long night out..

Fine..You want a true confession? Here... I've been out at the bar since about mid to late day. Had more than my share..Talked to lot of people, and got number of older, milf-looking woman..Hot, actually..Great smile and nice ass.. Chatted with and hit on new. younger hostess from the bar. Cute, PR girl...Nice little body, long, black nails, long hair.. Def. one of my targets from here on..

Hit food store on way home, got snack food on sale..Pretty good, actually.. Something went wrong at home, and slammed door of home office, causing donut to fly across the room. Found that really funny...Still do..

Messaged ok, cute, but not really my type woman, told her..Not asked..Told her..To get over here tonight, so I could slam the daylights out of her... She agreed. Is ok, not bad, kinda hot but not what would normally get me going, but.. An available fk, so,. Here I wait for her.. Going to jump on her, then send her home... .Yes, that's it. Judge me if you will, but at least I'm being honest here.

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  • Dream on. You skipped work and stayed home to stroke off to goat p***.

  • Cool! My turn now. I got stoned today. Then got even more high. Then I got wasted. Later in the day I got smashed. After that I got obliterated. Now I'm here squinting through my glassy blood shot eyes and everything is so colorful yet I hang my head and cry at the beauty of it all.

  • Good for you, guy. Goood for you. Me, I had two steaks last night. Top sirloins the size of tractor tires. First one, then the other. Rare, that's how I like em. There was blood and grease and saliva and all kinds of juice running down my chins and fingers. The table looked like a slaughterhouse. I didn't even bother with a fork and knife. Just pass the A-1, baby. It took three whole hours til I stuffed the last scrap of fat in my mouth. Three f****** hours. When I was done I farted so hard it blew a hole in the bottom of the chair. I bet you wish I was kidding about that. There was all kinds of filaments of meat in my teeth and top sirloins have that big vein in it but I ate that too. That was your night. This was mine. Mine, mine... all mine. Gobble gobble gobble nom nom nom nom um yum yum... I make sounds like that when I eat.

  • Uh ok what would we judge? Drink, eat, throw and fck whatever you want, dude.

  • Do whatever you want. None of my business. I deserve better and I was, I am and will always be reminding you of that. (:

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