Migraine Headache leads to Pregnancy

My first MIL had some very bad migraine headaches. Here sight would cause her pain to see light. Her doctor finally prescribe some strong stuff that would knock her out like cold out. My job required me to drive around the city to clients sites. One afternoon my wife paged me around 1pm. That she called her mother but no answer. If I was in the area could I check on her. Si after my next call i went over and found the house closed up. I had to enter through the garage. The house was silent, I came through the kitchen , then the Florida room, dining room, living room, then headed into the main hall checked out the 2 guest rooms, nothing then the master bedroom and she wasn't there either. I was wondering where she could be, then I remembered the backroom off the Florida room, I walked back and opened the door. And there she was completely naked. She was 46, 5'. about 145lbs, solid C cup, nice firm ass but with some meat on it. And now I knew a very hairy bush. Plus some very long thick nipples. I was taking her all in. i touched her hand and no reaction, on a small table next to bed I saw her migraine meds bottle. So I knew right away she was out for a while. I went back to admiring her and got hard as a bat. I undid my slacks and was stroking enjoying her, when the phone rang. I answered it, it was my wife, I told her she was out cold, the phone didn't even wake her. My wife said good glad she is Ok, thanks for checking on her, then as I was saying good-by she asked is she naked? I almost choked and said as matter fact she is. Well don't take advantage of her she likes to lay naked. And by the way your sweet c*** belongs to me. I hadn't thought about it, but now I was thinking about it. I went into the living room and undressed completely and then back. I opened her legs placing on the window sill and the other hanging over the side of the bed. I climbed from the end of the bed and spread her hair open exposing her p**** lips. Her scent came right up, and it was semi sweet. I went for it and started to lick her. dam she tasted really good. Nice thick c*** that i could pull into my mouth. I slipped a finger into her p**** as I licked her. I was enjoying her fully, I used my hands to lift her ass up and went for it licking her ass. It was semi musky tasting but good. I could feel my h****** poking the mattress, I let he ass down and climbed up on her, her nipples were hard reacting to the stimulation. I started to suck each one going back and forth, I was rubbing my c*** on her wet lips. I pushed in just a bit and I was in her. My hips started to hump her. I was giving her full deep thrusts. I felt the build up and I let go into her p**** deep. Dam she felt good. Once I went soft and slipped out of her I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up. She was still out. I got dressed, checked on her again, I fixed her legs back the way she had them when i walked in, not knowing the effect that would have. I returned to work. It was 2 weeks before I saw her again on a weekend. As I greeted her she kissed my cheek and said I understand from Maria you got to see me naked? I just smiled, she she then said I am too old for you anyway. I didn't say a word. It was 6 weeks after that she paged me to drop by. I dropped by just after lunch, i walked in after ringing the door bell and not getting answer. She was no where to be seen so i started looking for her, she was again out of site so I checked the backroom as before and there she was naked. But wide awake. Before I could say a word she said isn't this how you found me? I said it is. Then she followed up so is this how you enjoyed me too? Did I like your c*** in me? What else did you do to me? Just as i was about to deny it, she said don't bother, I am pregnant!! I froze. So tell me did you like my p****, tell me how you used me? I could only muster up really? With that she sat up and told me show me your c*** i want to see the d*** that got me pregnant. She reached and lowered my zipper. She fished in my pants opening my underwear and pulling out my d***. She leaned in and lick it. My d*** started to get hard, nice I like it. Now get undressed and make love to me. i want enjoy everything you did to me. Since I am having your baby. I ended up spending the entire afternoon with her. When it was time for me to leave she asked me are you going to marry me? Or is your child a B******? I told her we needed to talk with her daughter my wife about this situation. She agreed. That Sunday we had dinner at our house. And we told her everything, I had to admit I had taken advantage of her mother while she slept. And that I had s** with her again when she had me drive over. The final solution was I would divorce my wife, not marry my MIL but the child would have my last name and I would support it.

Jun 30, 2021

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  • At 46 a woman would have reached menopausal stage with little or no chance of getting pregnant. Her migraine might be related to this condition but she could have sexual reliefe to get rid off migraine.

  • Wow that is so fake! I suffer from severe migraine headaches I sometimes end up at the ER! Only there will they sedate me. Most of my meds have caffeine in them but they can make me a little sleepy! There are no meds that will sedate you like that unless you abuse them!

  • She takes a special Compound prescription that is formulated for her by a pharmacist. It has 3 different meds in the mix, a muscle relaxant, a pain killer and sleep aid. The 3 together work to put her out for 4 to 6 hours.

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