Military Wife

I am a military wife.

My husband got stationed across country and wanted me to come. I did, and move away from all my friends and family. I was alone, and going crazy. It didn't help that my husband always volunteered to stay late, and would volunteer to work on the weekends. Most days he came home he was too tired for me. And on the days he had off he liked to hang out with his work buddies.

So I went to a dating site for attention. I didn't intend to meet anyone.... But here I am 4 years later.

I have had s** with more guys than I can count. I know at least more than 80. My husband was only the 2nd guy I had s** with.

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  • What site and username?

  • Sweetwhisper22

  • Piece of s*** s***.

  • Worthless s***. You are a leach, a vampire slowly sucking the life out of the man that has dedicated his life to taking care of you. You have become nothing more than a s** receptacle. A c u m dumpster. A life support system for a p u s s y

    You do not have a marriage. You have a financial arrangement. I hope he finds you out and destroys you.

  • Men who neglect their woman deserve what they get

  • As do neglectful women

  • That's horrible. Why would you ever cheat on your other? Especially if they are serving their country and risking their lives for you. Not right at all.

  • He's an Officer and has never been deployed. In fact I always move military guys to the front of the lines so I am giving to those soldiers that do risk their lives ;)

  • Its is almost certain that he is cheating on her,,,so why not?

  • So, she shouldn't of cheated on a soldier, whose fighting for another countries cause?
    Would you comment be different, if he wasn't a soldier? It takes two in a relationship, to make it work and it seems like she sacrificed, her friends and family, to be with him.
    The least he could do, is not discredit that factor and treat her like he loves her.
    Yes, I don't condone cheating.But, I can understand why she did it.But, she isn't the only one to blame

  • My opinion is that the signs of affairs on his part is showing.

  • I under stand your frustrations. I was a military wife for 20 years and my husband was gone a lot on flights overseas, a week or so at a time and sometimes longer. I started going to the service clubs and picking up the young airmen who were very appreciative. I don't know how many I slept with.

  • Cool Men think women dont like s**. They dont know how much we women love. I am 21, my bro is year older then me. We have home sauna. We also go to nudist resort. We meet so many people who love to have s**.
    I am sister of bro

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