Baby was a bad bad girl.

Last night me and a group of my friends traveled to a concert, The concert was a blast and we all had a lot of fun, After the concert some of us went out to the bar while some went back to the hotel, being a country music concert there was of course guys everywhere in cowboy hats and wranglers, I have a bit of a thing for cowboys even though my husband is definitely not one.
I had tons of guys hitting on me and I am a naturally flirty kind of girl which my husband is ok with and actually likes watching guys hit on me and watching me flirt back, One guy was hitting on me and he was SOOOOO hot, we flirted back and forth and I let him put his hand on my bare leg, He rubbed my leg and knee as we talked, This guy had it all, He was young, Very good looking, Tall, Fit and could actually carry on a conversation without losing my interest in the first 3 minutes.
He invited me back to his place for a "Drink", I laughed and said "Um...I don't think so" flashing my wedding ring, He smiled showing his perfect, pearly, white teeth, he said "yeah I noticed, Its just a drink", I said "sorry, I'm here with my friends" who had been coming by between dances to check up on me, he said "bring them", I went and talked to the girls to see if they wanted to move the party to his place, We all squished into his truck and went to his place, Sadly he lives in town which kind of killed the whole cowboy image but he was still VERY nice to look at, We cranked up the tunes and a couple of his friends showed up, We all had fun dancing and flirting.
He asked me if I wanted to take "The tour", I said sure and we walked around the house as he showed me each room, We went downstairs and he showed me the "games room, Totally a "man cave", then he showed me the "Theater room", He has a theater room, its small with only 8 seats but how frickin awesome is that, We sat down in a reclining love seat and he put his hand on my leg, I let him slide his hand up my thigh but as his hand brushed my panties I pushed his hand away saying "Whoa cowboy", he took my hand placing it on the bulge in his jeans.
I wasn't sure how far I was willing to go but I gave his package a rub and squeezed it, I was beyond h**** and totally planned on taking care of it myself back at the hotel but he unzipped his pants, pulled them to his knees and I kind of panicked, I pulled my hand away but he took my wrist and put my hand on his c***, he was surprisingly big, Almost as big as my husband whom I consider quite large, probably not as long but just as thick.
I kind of completely lost my train of thought and leaned over, I started giving him head, the whole thing didn't last long but just long enough, he had the top of my dress at my waist, Bra off and the bottom half of my dress around my waist, I was sucking and stroking him and he was squeezing my nipples which is always a for sure favorite, I felt him slip his hand between my legs and I spread them, My husband has always been the only guy to find that "Special" spot with his fingers but this guy found it right away, I was in the perfect position for him to hit it just right.
Last night was the first time I have ever had a guy come at the same time as me but I started clenching my hips, My stomach tensed up and I came, I moaned out loud and started stroking him hard, he lifted his hips and I put it back in my mouth and he came, We finished up and that was when I panicked, I got dressed quickly and went upstairs, My friends were all still dancing with the other guys and I don't even think they missed me.
A little while later one of my friends slapped one of the other guys for grabbing her b*** and the whole party pretty much came to a grinding halt, We decided we should go and called a cab, He asked me for my number and I told him "No, Not a good idea", He asked if I wanted his and I said "Again, Not a good idea".
No one else is awake yet but I don't think any of them even noticed us disappear but still a bad decision on my part.

Oct 1, 2016

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  • Don't worry it happens to everyone. Me included

  • Don't stress it happens to the best of us girls. Sometimes it just happens

  • Your a worthless s***. your husband should kick your skanky ass to the curb.

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