Whored us out if debt

Unknown to my partner, i never borrowed the money off of my father to clear our debts, i searched the web and joined a site as an escort, made my profile and met the first man 3days later at a hotel, that cleared a small but manageable chunk, i then did it with another man, more cleared but not even a tenth of what i needed till i met the next man, he wanted every extra i could offer, that cleares a larger section until he then offered over half of what i needed, in exchange. he could bring two friends (one rule i made broken) and none of them were going to use a condom (another rule i made broken) and all 3 were to "cream me"
i did it, dressed in the perverted way they asked, let them enter me all the ways they wanted and then empty themselves inside me, they them offered more to do it all again the next day for the same price, i agreed! missing my partners mothers 40th birthday having three men older than my dad empty themselves in me again,
2 weeks of whoring and i had enough to pay off our debts and my partner still thinks my dad helped us

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  • I love your story we needed cash and my wife f***** an older man when she confessed it turned me on she usually f**** guys for me but when she needs extra cash she gets f***** for it we've been happy for 16 years

  • Thats f***** up.... Plus I'm sure ull be in debt again sooner or later... What, this is ur new job?!? Saddddddd..... Just learn to work and manage ur money. Plain n simple. Poor husband of urs...

  • You will always be a w****, I'm 50 and would love to f*** you

  • I guess i always will be, confessing this has made me what to get f***** by three guys again xxx

  • Can I be 1st in the que

  • Did you enjoy the triple creampie? was it messy?

  • I actaully did, the first time wasnt as messy as i thought but the next day on the 2nd time c** was pouring out of me, during and after

  • Did you enjoy it and did you o******?

  • I did c** once on the first time but 2nd time i came three times and yes i did enjoy it

  • I have jacked off reading this

  • Glad you enjoyed reading about it xx

  • I would also like a round with you if you are still in to it

  • Im sure u would

  • Oh please tell us what "perverted way" you were dressed in?

  • He brought me this cupless latex corset that was very tight covered in studs and buckles, latex mini skirt, fishnets and pair stripper boots

  • Describe the stripper boots?

  • Black shiney latex over my knees really high heel

  • Oh you kinky b****! did it all stay on? did they dp you?

  • Yes most of it stayed on, whats dp?

  • Dp = double penetration, two c**** in you at same time, a*** and c***

  • Yea they did that to me :)

  • Oh thats hot what posistions?

  • One where i was facing the guy under me and another where i was facing up with a guy in front me legs wrapped one under mine and one over with my legs in the air

  • Where can i find u i lov to use a prostitute now and then

  • I am not one now

  • Ur a w**** is a life long job u may b on a break but ur stil a w****

  • Maybe xxx

  • Sad so thats ur life ur a w**** if u stop now it dont matter once a w**** always a w

  • Naybe but im only a w**** now for my bf

  • What I want to know is how old are you? Did you enjoy doing it? And are you going to continue or give it up?

  • I am 22 now and i was 18 at the time, the s** i really really enjoyed yea but the guilt that followed i did not, only now has it faded away, i would like to think that is i was single i might try it again

  • 18? and how old were the guys? describe yourself for us? sweetie?

  • Shoulder lenght black hair, 5.2 think i was a cc cup back then and a size 10, the men were all in their late forties

  • If you do I'm interested in

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