I hate women

Almost all the women I know are shallow self centered materialistic ignorant pieces of crap. All they care about are how much money a guy has or how big his d*** is. They have no interest in a guy who will treat them right and be nice to them. I will treat a woman right but because I don't make a lot of money, am not that good looking and not hung like a horse they want nothing to do with me. I don't want to be with a woman who I can't have a decent conversation with so f*** them. I used to think love was real and women wouldn't be so judgmental but apparently I'm wrong.

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  • This was written by an incel who's bitter that he can't bang Victoria's Secret models. He's aiming way too high above his own bracket, thinking the only women suitable for him are airbrushed plastic goddesses. It's a pretty typical mindset among the 12-to-14 crowd, and gets extra-pathetic once they're old enough to drink.

  • Not all women are like that...

  • I'm still waiting to meet the ones who aren't.

  • I'm one that isn't!! :-) Love and peace man!

  • Yeah they have done studies on dating sites and women say 80% of the guys are sub par. Seen an interview with a lady that ran a dating service that was fed up with women clients because they wanted so much, this was a dating site for professionals not plenty of fish. Youre right about them.(look at them here in the comments and ask your self, what are you really missing out on ?) At least in the west were 60 yrs of feminism has turned them into unfeminine beast (again comments R my proof) and most are happy to rely on big daddy government for their living. Sure there are a few decent ones, but damn talk about competition.

    The answer is learning a foreign language and trying to get in good with cultures that haven't westernized. Like the Vietnamese or Thias . Going abroad is fine as a S@x tourist but feminist in government have made it very hard to get a wife abroad. Out of the price range of blue collar types. None the less there are pockets of foreign women that can be drawn upon, IF you learn the language.

  • The comments section here is a transcript of the last presidential debate. Enjoy.

  • Pathetic. You cry yourself to sleep don't you? No, you can't convince me you don't. What a loser!

  • I'm not the OP but it is obvious you are the same person attacking him and trying unsuccessfully to bait him into responding. The only truly pathetic one here is you. It is pathetic that you take pleasure from other people's misfortunes. You think you are such a man and so hot but you are really nothing but a scared little child . Any intelligent woman I going to see right through your insecurities. Any intelligent woman would take any other man over you. Who is really the crybaby loser here? Ask yourself that but deep down inside you already know the answer.

  • I think I'm doing pretty good for myself. Deep down, I'm feeling great. Nope, I don't need to answer to you, and whenever I want to make fun of this halfman, I will. Nothing wrong with it in my heart, body soul. It's interesting to me that you'd line up to be next on my s*** list, but guess what, I'm turning my attention to you. Here you step up to me, practicing a presumptuous pseudo psychological insight. Here's the difference between me and this guy and you. This guy gives me everything I need to make fun of because he lays it out bare, how pathetic and inadequate, but frustrated and misogynistic. I'm a man who does not tolerate misogyny, or think twice about making fun of him relentlessly. You just assume things, which makes you an ass, but certainly not me. So that doesn't bug me. That, and you're probably worthy of licking my boot if you begged enough, so you may yet have a use to serve, so I'll give you this opportunity to fire back... if you think you can handle what I will give you back.

  • Someone called you a manlet. That is so funny. Suits you though.... manlet. Got no action with the ladies, gonna cry? Gonna cry? Hmmm? Gonna cwy widdle baby? Aww widdle poodin' need a diaper change? Gonna be a cwy baby? Awww... punk ass b****

  • Not all women are the same to be fair you did put almost all woman so that's not all women. Maybe you just haven't found the right woman for you yet. Alot of women want quick results quite satisfaction at a certain age. I don't think I am materialistic I don't need big fancy things just time with my husband who I helped get out of debit and he not hung like a horse and to be honest everyone is judgmental

  • The comments here just go to show how right the OP is. Women are nothing more than gold diggers.

  • I didn't see any comments here from women going for anyone's money. That's what a gold digger is, right? And the puny op confesed to not having money (or a sizeable member, poor manlet). Anyway take your misogyny and poke your bum-buddy op the wazoo with it.

  • WTF is your problem? Grow up dude seriously! Are you that insecure you have to pick on less fortunate others? Moron!

  • WTF is YOUR problem? This is literally the FOURTH time you've copy-pasted this comment just in this thread. Talk about needing to grow up, you just repeat your sorry self over and over like a stupid toddler. Fuckt@rd!

  • You've just had some bad experiences, and you will get over it. You don't hate women, you just hate the women you've had bad experiences with. Dating some of you men isn't much of a picnic either. ;)

  • Most of the women I'm talking about aren't women I dated but women I know closely so I know what women are really like.

  • You'll note I didn't say women you've dated. I said women you've had bad experiences with. And even encompassing every female you know it is still not an accurate representation of ALL WOMEN ever. 1. You need to be realistic with the women you're aiming for. Look, if you're honest enough to admit you're not the most handsome man then you should be honest enough with yourself to realize that maybe you won't capture the hottest women. This is a truth for all of us. There's that saying "He/She is out of your league". 2. Big c*ck is not the be all and end all. Be fun in bed. Be good at other things (if you can bring a woman off orally she will be very happy). Smaller c*cks are nice for oral and an*l. 3. Money, not all women want a man's money, but of course there are women that do want rich men. Look for more independent women. Women that work hard and take pride in earning their own income. We exist. I promise. If you can't provide financially at least be attentive. Women quite like attentive men. Not smothering. It can be a fine line so be careful. 4. Stop "hating" women. Hate is an ugly thing to carry and it hurts you more than anyone else. <3

  • If you are indeed a woman there may be hope after all :)

  • I am indeed a woman. I've had some terribly frustrating experiences with dating in my 30's, but I don't hate men. I just live my life and enjoy my life. I figure if there's someone decent out there for me I will find him eventually.

  • I'm decent. Wanna date me? LOL I don't hate ALL women ;)

  • No woman would date you. Laughble little half-man.

  • WTF is your problem? Grow up dude seriously! Are you that insecure you have to pick on less fortunate others? Moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You're the one who can't score a chick. Just accept it doofy, something's wrong with you. Like, you just can't cut it as a man. Might as well stick your thumb up your bum and call yourself a b****.

  • Get a p**** implant and you'll be good to go , women get breast and butt implants to please you guys so why a double standard. Just get a bigger p**** and it will be all good .

  • Ya might as well turn in your man card now, Poindexter. There's no hope for you.

  • This is hilarious. Well, you're no loss to the women, that's for sure.

  • Yeah women would rather have men who abuse them and cheat on them . Guess what, they deserve it!

  • I'm a female MMA fighter and I became one, because I don't ever want to become a victim of domestic violence and a statistic. I can protect myself, if a situation arises, when I need to use my skills.

    As a person whose witnessed loved ones been physically abused, your comment is offensive, inaccurate, derogatory and sexist. Did your mother abuse you as a child, if you were brought up by yours? Because I sense you may have, mommy issues?

  • My mother did not abuse me. She was a weak person but that was her own doing. I don't have mommy issues, perhaps you're the one who is projecting.

  • Why do you believe, all women deserve to be beaten and cheated on?

  • I don't think all women deserve to be beaten and cheated on. Only the 90 or so percent as described above. You know the shallow materialistic c u n t s who love their cars and bad boys.

  • You need to reread your comment. You specifically stated, "all women would rather have men, abuse them and cheat on them" Now you're rephrasing, what you originally stated! To refer to any female as a "c***" is offensive, chauvinistic and derogatory! Don't you have any respect at all, for the female race? What about your mother, grandmother, sisters if you have any. What if you have a daughter!!

  • Why do you have a jaded/ignorant view, about women?

  • Not jaded or ignorant only what my eyes show me. I used to have the ignorant view that women were actually kind and cared about the things that really matter in life. Not the kind that money can but. That was being ignorant.

  • It's ignorant to make assumptions and stereotype the majority of females, based on the minority of women you've encountered, negative experiences with.
    If you don't realise or/and comprehend that, you are beyond logical reasoning.
    That's sad man, very sad :-(

    One love and peace man :-)

  • HA HA you can't get laid!

  • So your problem is by your own admission that you have a small d*** and no money. Shameful. What a little manlet you are. Not even a real man. Just can't cut it, huh? You deserve to be made fun of, you whining little fruit.

  • F****** you f a g g ot. Not everyone enjoys your games b I t ch

  • Using the term "f*****" is offensive man!!
    Come on, use diplomacy and articulation, instead of reverting to "childish petty retorts!"

  • You're the woman-hater. That makes you the flaming q****.

  • Don't be a hater!!

  • Striking out like a little b****, huh? pretty pathetic, but some guys just ain't got enough d*** to handle the girls like a big boy. too bad you're one... well too bad for you. pathetic little b**** boy

  • You wish f a g g o t

  • You may not like it, but I have no trouble with the women. No question about it, that makes me better than you. Feels good, too. Like a champ. Like a champ standing tall with one foot on your head while you lay submissive on the ground like a cowering, defeated wimp. Bow to me, b****, 'cause I'm like a god over you.

  • Yeah and then you wake up!

  • Need s**? See a prostitute. Relationships are for losers. That's just how the world works these days. Don't get hung up on anybody........

  • True. Women suck. Those who don't need to learn how.

  • He's clearly correct. And the only thing on earth worse than a woman is a man.

  • Not this man. Man hating b****.

  • Great attitude, kid. Maybe you'll be the first to make it a winning one, who knows.

  • I'm not a kid moron. I know more about life than you obviously.

  • Nope, you're a kid. A screaming, pouting, red-faced whiny little kid. Every little rant you post here makes you more and more into one. I easily, EASILY get a mental image of you standing there like an overgrown pansy kid standing there with a diaper on and a pacifier in your mouth, bawling like a b****. That's all you are, a b****. Now fight back like a man or take some more, 'cause I got plenty of material to make fun of you the way you deserve. B****.

  • WTF is your problem? Grow up dude seriously! Are you that insecure you have to pick on less fortunate others? Moron!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Who cares what you are, kid. Not any women, that's for sure! HA!

  • F*** you fa ggot

  • Maybe you are attracted to the wrong women.

  • You must be gay.

  • This kid couldn't even land a man. Doomed to be forever alone with Ms. Palm and her five friends... boo f***** hoo.

  • WTF is your problem? Grow up dude seriously! Are you that insecure you have to pick on less fortunate others? Moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You wish f**

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