I hate him

I f****** hate my step-dad all he does is make my life a living h***. He wants me to make something of myself and become a better person but he can't tell me to do S*** because he's nothing but a lazy, fat, mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive a*******. He hates me an every way possible I just want to slit him open hang him from a tree cover him in honey and fire ants and set him on fire I want to hear him screaming in pain

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  • Wow, your only young let the hormones settle and once you get to 22 re access and then you will have an opinion

  • What a dumbass comment.

  • In time your feelings will change. I know I'm a step-dad that's been through it with both of my step children (male and female). They're both adults now and next spring when my step-daughter gets married I'll be walking her down the aisle instead of her real father. That's how much our relationship has changed.

  • Implying everyone will be fortunate enough to have your experience turn out the same way for them. Imbecile, it is often the case that stepfathers are complete trash and ruin the families they intrude upon.

  • "He wants me to become a better person"....
    "He hates me"...
    Er do I detect a little teenage tanty here.

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