A white knight helps me more than a black man ever did am black

I just recently did some fact checking today and I realized that my whole life no black man has ever done anything to help me out. It turns out the only thing a black man has really done for me is a waste my time be not pay me back and spread lies about me. The one thing they do seem to do is use this same statement. If I happen to have something its His daddy paid for that or its his dads. I have nothing even though all the stuff I have are things I paid for. Who has come through for me, helped me out with work, if I need a lone, helped me out with a job i was doing or brought me food. The white man has helped me out time and time again whereas the black man he only looks for a reason to put me down and if he ever did give me food it would be frozen burgers that were were over a month old hard light rocks. The white knight comes correct . Thank you

Oct 30

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My computer is useless someone or something did something to **

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