When I was a kid I didn't believe atheists really existed

As I grew older I began to doubt things myself. This doubt grew into full blown atheism. I now can't understand how anyone could believe what they read in the bible or any other so called holy book.

For a select few atheism comes naturally. In others it develops to a point where you can't return to the woo woo nonsense you read in the bible or hear from some minister or any other type of person who believes in fairy tales.

You go to a supposedly haunted house and no ghost appears. Poof there goes the supernatural. There are no ghosts, spirits, demons, angels etc. Just cold hard reality.

Some believers ask this question "how did we get here"? My answer is this. I don't know and neither do you. Life forms through natural processes the beginnings of which are unknown.

As an atheist lays dying his or her only fear is oblivion. No anticipation of paradise or fear of H***. Death isn't the great unknown to an atheist. Its the end.

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  • Holy crap a hallucination.....

  • When I saw your post, my first reaction was to laugh out loud. But when I remembered my experience, I was filled with empathy and the laughter froze. I was a self professed atheist until I passed out due to a complication of peptic ulcer. Had the weirdest experience I ever knew; two men in white robes were in my room and held me. I was looking at my own body lying on the couch! They took me to what I can only describe as a celestial city. I met Jesus Christ, the one I had believed "did not exist". Well, I will not go into details of our interactions or the experiences I had (because it is part of a book which will be copyrighted). All I can write here is that afterwards, the "two men' whom I understood to be angels, brought me back to my body in my room. The ulcer (which made me pass out in the first place) was gone. The unbelief was gone, and my sins were gone too.

  • It came from your brain, it was a hallucination.


  • I have seen so called "atheists" in near death situations and that was when I knew there are know atheists; they are just deceiving themselves. Atheism is at best an umbrella they suppose will hide them from a God they think is full of wrath. Wish they will submit to him to know that he is rather full of love.

  • They weren't atheists to began with. There have been many atheists who died in their atheism. Even in their last moments they refuse to believe in an obvious lie.

  • Http://www.near-death.com/experiences/notable/howard-storm.html


  • It may please you also to know that many atheists are embracing Christ and even going ahead to be preachers. Google "atheist with NDE" and read and also watch the videos on youtube.

  • What really pleases me is the fact that non belief is growng by leaps and bounds.

  • I used to be an atheist but I had a drug addiction that defied every therapy for years. When a beloved Christian lady saw me on the street and smiled at me and handed a New Testament, I knew i had to read it. Even when I did not want to; her smiles seemed indelible in my subconscious, I still did read it. One day, I summoned up courage to pray (something like; "Jesus just help me out if you exist . . .")and that did it. The drugs were gone! I have been reading the New Testament for two years (the very copy that lady gave me and I don't need another). I do not attend church but i know that I am a Christian now; I have peace!

    I don't go to church; at least haven't gone for six years now, but I am on such sites as biblegateway, biblehub, divine revelations, cbn, tbn, etc. If you like call me an "online believer" and I would answer you. I don't think I really need any "church" for now. I am having the time of my life!

  • You could have done this without prayer. When you prayed no one was there to hear you. You underestimate yourself. I mean how many mothers have prayed to god to hel their sick child only to have the kid die anyway?

  • Did you read the part where he said; ". . . it defied every therapy for years"? Have you watched those "atheists with NDE" on you tube or read them online? Someone says he is having the time of his/her life and you are trying to convince him/her otherwise? What I like in that testimony is that this person reached out (to the God you claim does not exist) directly to the Lord Jesus and obtained help. Guy you are probably a "theophobe" not an "atheist". You might benefit from psychological help. By virtue of my work, I've met many with "theophobia" who thought they were "atheists" until they sought help.

  • Uh you could have beaten the addiction on your own. In fact thats what you did do. Don't give credit for your accomplishment to some invisible man who lives up in the air somewhere.

  • Tried for years "on my own", went through years of therapies that gulped money and time. Prayed that prayer at my wits end and because I saw Jesus cure a lunatic in Mark 5 etc. You don't necessarily need to believe it. What will convince you is when you die and find yourself on the dark side of eternity.

  • You are just like an atheist except they don't believe in God and you don't believe in them. The thing is that an atheist is not fooled by all that religious mumbo-jumbo that you have swallowed. Provide a bit of proof and that might turn them, but of course you can't can you?

  • I'm the OP and I'm an atheist myself. What are you talking about?

  • I am saying you are an idiot who has swallowed a whole load of mumbo-jumbo which you have NO evidence for. Now is that clear enough idiot?

  • Mumbo jumbo to me is religion any variety or any superstition any variety.

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