When I was a kid I didn't believe atheists really existed

As I grew older I began to doubt things myself. This doubt grew into full blown atheism. I now can't understand how anyone could believe what they read in the bible or any other so called holy book.

For a select few atheism comes naturally. In others it develops to a point where you can't return to the woo woo nonsense you read in the bible or hear from some minister or any other type of person who believes in fairy tales.

You go to a supposedly haunted house and no ghost appears. Poof there goes the supernatural. There are no ghosts, spirits, demons, angels etc. Just cold hard reality.

Some believers ask this question "how did we get here"? My answer is this. I don't know and neither do you. Life forms through natural processes the beginnings of which are unknown.

As an atheist lays dying his or her only fear is oblivion. No anticipation of paradise or fear of H***. Death isn't the great unknown to an atheist. Its the end.

Jan 3, 2016

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  • If there really IS an afterlife, it must be great.
    No-one's ever come back, and until someone does...
    It's all bullshit.

  • I am agnostic, not atheistic.

    I do believe there's something controlling all that we know, but I don't know its true nature and neither does anybody on this planet sucking air, no matter how bombastically they yell otherwise.

    When I die, I will learn many new things I desperately wish I knew right now. And I will bury my spirit foot in every single spirit a$$ I see until I have those f ucking answers!!! Anticipate a thunderstorm the day *I* die.

  • Holy crap a hallucination.....

  • You are just like an atheist except they don't believe in God and you don't believe in them. The thing is that an atheist is not fooled by all that religious mumbo-jumbo that you have swallowed. Provide a bit of proof and that might turn them, but of course you can't can you?

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