Caught naked in hotel

My wife and I went to a concert out of town and had a good time. After the show, we went to the hotel bar and got pretty blitzed. I must have been sleepwalking or something, because later at around 3 AM I found myself in the hallway naked, after p****** on the floor.

As I came to my senses, the problem was that I couldn't get back into the room, because the door was locked (the key cards were in the room). I tried knocking, but my wife was passed out inside. Luckily, someone who worked there let me back in, and didn't make an issue of my indiscretion. I was out there at least five minutes, and it freaked me out. Her too, I'm sure.

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  • I worked in a hotel for over a year, don't worry we saw it all. Everything from drunk couples having s** in the stairwells to old men asking for more towels just to get you to come to their room so we would catch them masturbating . Seeing a drunk naked man locked out of his room is nothing .lol

  • I sure hope the hotel has survelance video of you and that they put it on youtube.


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