Animal Love

My love, empathy, compassion and kindness for animals, out way my feelings, for my fellow human beings.

Oct 23, 2016

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  • Wish you could develop some feelings for simple spelling. It's "outweigh", not "out way".

  • The spelling of "out way" is correct. But the grammar/wording isn't, as it should've been "outweigh" However, you're indeed right, but also wrong! The OP misspelt nothing.

  • Put down the bong. You make zero sense and think you do. That's delusion on the hoof.

  • Thank you for the spelling correction, I appreciate it :-)

  • You didn't misspelt "out way" but you used incorrect wording. It was "outweigh"

  • Animals truly love..I miss my pet sooooo much.

  • They do!! :-) I feel your pain. I miss my pets, so much aswell :-(

  • Yup...animals are pure LOVE. Humans have SIN

  • F*** you and ur Idea of sin

  • The person didn't specify, any ideas of sin. The person made a statement that, "humans have sin!" That's the difference, fool!!! And it's true.
    Mankind do sin. It's a fact!!

  • Come on man, there's no need for your animosity!

  • You pass judgment I'll judge you right back

  • It wasn't me that posted the comment about, "humans being a sin"

  • And this type of petty bickering is why I prefer animals to people.

  • Among so many other things, yes. Petty bickering barely scratches the surface of suckage that is humanity.

  • Me too :)

  • I agree

  • Humans suck, animals rule!

  • Amen to that!!

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