Boy, did it take sweat, and tears and unknown levels of stress...but I have arrived.
I have arrived at a place of acceptance, serenity and joy. It is not the end. It is a whole new [quiet] beginning!
I feel that I should thank you - THANK YOU - for enduring being the trigger for this process in such a professional, HUMAN and compassionate way. I know we will NEVER be able to talk about this openly, but I will make sure you understand how grateful and appreciative of your patience and kindness I am- even when I was at my lowest.
I cannot do anything but send you the best of vibes and light. I feel like giving you a heartfelt hug - but hey, that's a no-no.
I will pay it forward.
Kindness generate kindness.
Compassion generates compassion.
If I cannot stop smiling - you know the reason why.
Peace out.-

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