Most people are worthless, self centered and stupid. Eliminating them would considerably ease the over population problem. It had become so bag i have lost all empathy.

Jul 22, 2017

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  • I see, and does your mommy still bring you hot pockets for lunch? Time for bed little one.

  • You first

  • You're part of mankind, so are therefore the problem aswell and not the solution. You're in denial and think you're above the rest of mankind, but you aren't.

  • I agree with you, but only as it applies to men.

  • Stupid left wing feminist - i also bet you are not white. The lack of education and your 3rd wave feminist agenda stinks. If you would care to delve a little deeper than your cervix you would realise that women have been a massively destructive force in the progress of society. Real feminists fought for and succeeded in equality that is just true and was required. They now turn in their graves at you. You are nothing but an angry c***.

  • Racist, aswell as an degenerate. Lovely combination ☺

  • Also when i refer to real feminists i refer to the "clever, strong and non oh help me im a chick dont want to be a coal miner" types - no cards played. I refer to real women not the pretty in pink only when it suits you bullshit

  • Please do elaborate naked of emotion, gender and race baiting

  • Honest to God, I do not know what ANY of these follow-on responses mean.

  • That's your problem, not ours!

  • It's your problem if you claim to want a dialogue but won't keep up your end of the conversation except for bumper sticker sound bites. You don't want anyone to "elaborate,", you just want to feel like you've won the argument.

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