I'm in love with a guy, my best friend told me to go for it! She thought that we would be perfect for each other! I fell even more for him in high hopes that he would like me back. my friend told me that she thought he would like me back but then she said "oh no, i think he likes me, i won't go out with him if you don't want me to" i knew i couldn't stop her from going out with him, so i gave my best wishes and they lived happily ever after. It turns out she was just using me to get to him, and he was just using me to get to her. Really using me like he even had me sleep in bed with him. i was so sure he liked me. now i never see either of them. I'm too nice and i trust people too much apparently cause all people will do is take advantage of you, and the kindness of your heart, withought even caring that you are a person who has feelings, as long as they get what they want in the end. I just wanted what would make him happy even if that meant myself getting hurt ,and i know he doesnt deserve it, but i love him still.

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  • their jerks, find new friends. Or maybe he did like you and idk... he just stopped? people become consumed with relationships sometimes, maybe they are not ignoring you...

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