I still think about them...

I'm a happily married man with a beautiful wife and a happy family. Though I would never do anything that would hurt my wife or my children, I live with the lingering desire for this girl from my past. The most confusing part is that there really isn't any reason for me to feel that way about her. I mean, first off this girl was no good for me. She put me through the ringer, with years of off-on relationships and the heartbreak of watching her chase the affections of other guys. She wasn't all that good of company. Most of my conversations with her bored me to tears. She wasn't even all that good looking. My wife is hotter than her by a mile. But the s**- it was the only thing we had, and we had it in spades. I took her virginity, and she always responded to my touch. It was like I had taught her to do everything I liked and nothing I didn't. She had this innocence about her - it was totally fake, but she was so good, you forgot it wasn't real. I wish I could teach my wife the things that she instinctively knew. But it can't be done. I've tried, and my wife is quite receptive. I guess I should be glad that my wife doesn't have her natural talents though, I think that's why she was so promiscuous.

Oct 26, 2016

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  • That sucks...you should tell your wife that you would love to teach her how your ex did it ... wait maybe you could invite her, have a threesome!

  • Who are the other chicks, your title said them not her?

  • No other exes that I really think about, I guess it's just a typo using them instead of her...

  • I think we all have a thing for our first. I've been married 24 blissful years and I still think about my first from time to time. I try to find her on Facebook, etc. just to see how she's doing but I guess she's not active there :(. It's more a curiosity thing for me. I want to see how she made out in life compared to how I'm doing.

  • Very natural.

  • Yeah I do the same thing. Not gonna lie, it gives me a little satisfaction to see that she hasn't done as well with her current BF...

  • Ditto. I did find one page that I'm pretty sure was her but it hadn't been updated in a long time. I think I'll go look her up now.

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