Mom/Daughter combo

Recently had the mind numbing and pleasurable experience of doing a mom and daughter in the same weekend. Mom 39, daughter 18. Absolutely freaky how much they smell, sound, move, and taste alike! Did the mom first. Tight little milf. Crazy turn on doing daughter a short time later thinking my d*** had been in mommy dearest just a few hours earlier! Only difference in the two, mom was a screamer, daughter not so much.

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  • I've often pumped my juice into my mum and my 9-year-od daughter in the same session. First I rammed my mother's hole as she sucked my daughter. Then I rammed my daughter's love sheath as she licked my love juice out of my mum's tight hole

  • My sister is bi and I've f***** her girlfriend and she watched while fingering herself

  • I've f***** my mom's boyfriend before. Well ex boyfriend.

  • It happened to me. Wife and step daughter. It was my 50th birthday. Best f****** birthday of my life.

  • A threesome would have been much more interesting.

  • I completely believe this happens. My best friend and I used to work swing shift at a paper mill. One afternoon while we were working the 3 to 11 shift, there was a small fire at the plant in our area so we were sent home. We decide we would go fishing since it was early and stopped of at his house to get his gear before heading to mine. When we went inside we immediately heard the sounds of s** coming from their bedroom. He went running back there thinking it was his 17 year old daughter and her boyfriend. He was right except when he ripped open the door his wife was in bed with them too. The wife riding the boyfriend's c*** and the daughter riding his face. Needless to say we didn't go fishing that afternoon.

  • Bull s***

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