I want a bf

I really want a boyfriend so bad.Boys please give me tips on how to get asked out.

Nov 2, 2016

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  • Refocus your energies on more important things. Boys aren't important!

  • Email me I'll tell you everything you need to know president2k5@icloud.com

  • Dress like a prude but have fire in your eyes. God I love the "good" girls!

  • Remember guys don't pick up girls.

    Girls choose the guy and get picked up.

    Dress to attract attention and then catch his eye and smile then look away. Let him know your interested. You see he is probably more scared than you are. Guys have this fear of rejection. If the wrong guy asks you out then accept the date but be clear to the guy that it is just a one date not a relationship and don't whatever you do have s** with him and make sure that the guy you want knows that. Because if a guy knows your already going out with someone then they wont in general try and break you up. So you gotta make sure he knows your not taken and you are interested.

    Don't be clingy. Don't show us as needy. Just be within his zone and be having fun and looking good. Smiling, laughing with your friends. Guys want a girl who their mates will be jealous of or at least impressed with his [apparant] choice.

  • Show your t*** off. Everyone loves t***.

  • Actually I'd respectfully disagree. To me it's actually different. Some guys like t*** and some are legs and some are face or hair or body shape. You just don't know. So you have not just put your best forward, you have to put it all forward. Boost the b****, shorten the skirt, tone the body, do the hair.

    Smile and have fun.

  • I want a bj

  • Suck your own c***!

  • Strike up a conversation.

  • If your parents say "you're not going out wearing that" then your probably on the right track.

  • Catch them by looking sexy.
    Keep them with personality.

  • You figure out what your best features are and you bring'em out .. for example if you have a big chest then you wear tight tshirts ..if you have a big butt then you wear yoga pants .. see what i'm sayin? it's usually a woman's s** appeal that creates attraction ..

  • Me too

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