My wife's boss

My wife is infatuated with her bosses attention and getting really turned on. She wants to sleep with him. She says it's ok just fulfilling a fantasy and at least she is honest enough to tell me. She could do it and I would never know. Should I let her.

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  • My wife's boss who happens to be black, grabbed her, pushed her down on his desk and f***** her. He said if she told anyone he would fire her. She said she was quitting and he said if she quit he would tell everyone she came on to him so he fired her. She was afraid of what he might do. So she stayed and he raped her again. He took pics the second time and now she is really trapped. She told me and wanted to know what she should do. After thinking about it I asked if he hurt her and she said no. I asked if she orgasmed and she said yes.
    I asked, do you like your job> She said yes. So I said then keep it and let him do what he wants and try to enjoy it.
    He does her better than I ever did too.

  • My wife has an open p**** with stretched p**** lips and when she bends over with her short skirts in public everyone sees inside of her. She is always wet as she wants me to f*** her before she goes out. We had a business and before she went to the bank she would j*** off to a girlie book, then pee, then have me f*** her a second time, and then go out without wiping herself.

  • My wife played tennis without panties after I f***** her twice and she didn't wipe her c***. She also loves going shopping with short skirts and no panties after I f*** her, she pees, she jerks off, and I f*** her again. She never wipes her p**** and as she walked out to go shopping one time her c*** was making squishing noises and she still just walked out. All her skirts are so short that she leaves wet spots on seats , but others that are a bit longer all have c** stains on them. Even dresses. She wore a black dress to a Christmas party a few times and the entire inside is full of c** stains. Even the inside of her fur coat is full of stains. She loves it all.

  • Yes, tell her she can f*** him, but only if you can watch, or maybe she would f*** you both?

  • Having a wife that turns heads on is a privilege. Having a wife that gets laid is priceless. Mine is doing her boss at work and I love it. She is 51 and doubles his age. She must be loving it. She gets home after work all happy.

  • Most certainly let her simple her c*** and get him f*** her then she can asked for a nice big pay rise.

  • Yes why spoil her pleasure of having her bosses c*** up her c***, she'll probably get a pay raise out of it.

  • I let my wife f*** her boss, now he as increased her wages does that make her a prostitute

  • Yes

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  • It's not about letting her but about you having s** with her. You shouldn't care whether she has s** with her boss but about she having s** with you. Actually you can use her "infatuation" to your advantage. You could play her boss' role in your house office. On a weekend ask her to dress like she was going to work and you dress like her boss use to do it. Bent her over your home office desk, pull her skirt up and f*** her from behind with her thongs on as her boss does, I'm sorry, I should have said would do. She will love I assure you.

  • Yes yes yes totally

  • I already did my female boss, i am 24 and she is like 45 but milf .

  • Well I fancy my MILF boss. I'm 28 and she's 40

  • I have a fantasy about my wife and her boss. I like to think they do it in the office when she works until late or in the morning when she gets very early or during lunch time when they are alone. I also fantasize they do it in the hotel room when they spend the night over on business trips together. I like to think the reason for her wearing sexy underwear to work is because he will see her in them and the reason she trims her pubic hair short and neatly does her bikini line is because he will eat her after pulling down her undies

  • I hope you're into cuckolding.

  • My wife has just started having these same feelings for her boss. It's hurtful and unsettling.

  • Anything new to report?

  • So, has this doctor starting f****** your daughter yet? If not, he will soon. Bank on that.

  • What's happening between you and your boss, now that your husband is out of the picture?

  • Please let us know how things are going for you and your daughter. I hope you're both adjusting as well as possible.

  • ....any update..........?

  • I hadn't read this page in a couple weeks (it can occasionally be hard to find), so reading this news this morning is a shock to me, and very saddening. Your husband was one of the most popular writers on this site, and always provided interesting and thought-provoking commentary. Yes, some of it was personal and some of it was painful (for him), but more than anything else it was sharp and incisive, and it was real, and made the reader think about his or her own relationships, viewed through the prism of his marriage to you. He was very open and honest about what was happening between the two of you, and that kind of love (for you, your husband) and caring (for us, our friend) is rare. We will miss that here, and I know you will miss him far more. Sympathies.

  • Is your boss comforting you?

  • I'm a married female who wrote your husband here a couple times and talked about how romantic I thought your relationship with your doctor boss was (it was really incredible!). I would check back in here every couple of weeks to see what was happening and just did that today, only to find that he had passed. It breaks my heart to know you've lost such a good man and someone who loved you so much. He struggled to a degree with the infidelity, although he recognized that you were only doing what was best for you, and he tried to support that. In doing so, I think he went further than he ever expected he could go, and that tells me how much he loved you. I will be thinking of you as you make the adjustment to living without him, and I wish you only the best. You have suffered a great, great loss.

  • Thank you all for your kind words about my husband
    I have just returned from Hawaii with her. That was his favorite place. We climbed to the top of Diamond Head and released his ashes.
    Thank you

  • Those of you that have been following my husbands post I am informing that he passed away in a car accident this week. I am surprised to find on his phone that our lives have been posted on this site and will be deleting all his emails and numbers.

  • .tell us who yourfucking and how longand how often.

  • I think I speak for most of us here, if not all of us, in saying that I am so very sorry for your loss. Your husband was a very good man, and a very patient one, and he loved you deeply. Yes, that love caused him some personal difficulty on occasion, but he never stopped loving you or being devoted to you. Never. You were on his mind and in his heart without ceasing, even (and perhaps especially) when things seemed to be going poorly -- or at least uncomfortably -- in the relationship. I think most of us would say that the recent rift was in the process of being healed, and he was on his way back to you and to his position in your life, a position that he cherished and that was utterly delicious to him. I don't want to pry at such a difficult time for you, but at some point, we would all love to know your plans, what you intend to do, which of your serious romantic assignations you choose to maintain, which men you will remain casually involved with, and whether or not you have a man in mind to assume the role your husband took on (and relished) in the form of helpmeet, provider, comforter, aide and occasional victim. You and your daughter have my sympathies and prayers.

  • ^all true^ so sorry

  • Same here and please do tell us what you want to do. Thanks.

  • ....even tho i was one of those who told him he was making bad choices with obeying you and allowing you to stray....i still respected him greatly......... and i realized and accepted the fact that he was following his heart with you ..... and also following his wedding vows............... he was a good husband .............. you were very lucky....

  • So very sorry to hear about this. It's awful news. Just awful.

  • He was a major cuck, but he was a good guy. Very sorry to hear this.

  • Have you f***** the doctor since your husband died? Have you f***** anyone else?

  • It's been a while since I posted. I came home for the week off I had and stayed at my wives house. I cleaned and shopped while she went to the beach every day. Two days she went with the doc. They came home and had s x both days while I was cooking dinner. One day she took me to the beach and picked up a guy in front of me while telling him I was her husband. She took him home and made love while I was in the next room. She then called me in to get a wet towel and clean her chest where he finished. First she pulled my head down and made me kiss it. And asked if it was still as warm as when he came. Then she told me to get another towel and clean him off
    After that I had to pull Down my pants while she told him that she gets amused at how hard I get

  • My x wife. Or almost x got my lady friends number in Washington. She must have got it off my phone when I was in NJ
    She texted her about all the things she did and what she had me do And some pics. I of course never told my lady friend this and of course she is really stunned.
    My almost x told her I still belong to her or as she also said owned by her.
    My lady friend said I can never step inside or be along with that woman again and I agreed
    Later that night we went out to dinner and at the bar she started drinking and flirting and actually slow danced in front of me. We argued then left All she said is if this is what you want fine by me. At home we started to make love but she just stopped and had me go down on her and after went to sleep.
    She got up this mornings going and just left for work. Did not say a word but left a to do list

  • My wife asked me to drive from Washington for a discussion on our separation. When I got to her house she had a candlelight dinner with three plates. One for her doc and two for r us.
    We sat down to a lovey dinner. She said to us that she was ready to settle down but it would have to be both of us since she really enjoyed what we both gave her. Him the s** and being taken places and me serving her needs and taking care of her After dinner she took us to the living room and fell into the docs arm and deep kissed him. She told me to undress her while they kissed. She pulled him down and made love to him for a long while why I just watched. Very quiet just made love till finally both of there bodies shook. She called me over and asked me to clean her with my mouth. Then we all went
    Upstairs where she made me massage her to sleep while the doc showered. He came out and got imbed and I left. This morning she texted me to come home

  • Does the doctor have the best-tasting s**** of all the men she's shared with you? Does he also produce the most of it?

  • The gym guy would pull out and finish outside He a-- when I cleaned her she would go crazy Especially when he told me to clean her good. Then I would not even be touched but would orgasam just watching her and list listening to him.
    She has broken off with everyone though except doc.

  • She's not going to limit herself to just the two of you. You know she'll eventually call the gym guy and get back together with him. She loves him too much to let him go. She loves his d*** too much to let it go. She loves his c** too much to let it go. She'll start imagining him f****** some other lucky gal and she'll want it for herself, ALL for herself, and then she'll drop by the gym -- or make you take her there and stay -- and she'll f*** him in the parking lot, or in your SUV, or behind the building. Or in your bed again. She can't stay off him. What they have is love. It's too beautiful and too perfect to lay idle. Both he and the doctor will get more of her, and see more of her, than you do. But there will be others, too. Your wife is not the kind of woman who can be satisfied (or even amused) by just three men in her life. Yes......there will be others. MANY others. Be prepared.

  • I think the doctor and I are easily emotionally controlled by her. She can get different things from on both of us. Also she does like physically being with the doc. He is much larger than me and I do believe he takes something to stay hard for a couple of hours even though he doesn't need it. She probably will have a hard time staying away from the gym guy though since he is her idea of the perfect mail body. You may be right. Meanwhile I am still in Washington and only go back as she needs things.

  • Why doesn't she just take him from his wife and marry him? She could easily do that, so why doesn't she? Is she just infatuated with infidelity, as well?

  • I think he is hesitant. Likes this arrangement. Otherwise they would. She also said once that she gets what she wants from him. Also he is probably smart enough to know the dynamic may change Right now they are both happy the day at it is. They are off to A long weekend in Thailand she loves the last minute exotic trips

  • Actually the whole thing about s so humiliating but she gets so turned on. The expression on her face is pure ecstasy.

  • Yes, I get it totally. My wife used to cheat (we're older now, and beyond all that), and it would always arouse me to see her acting like a major w**** around all these strange men she bedded, so much so that it would make me c** just from watching her getting f***** and abused. She was a pure w****. It was how she was made, and I was lucky to have married such a woman. If she had been a plain woman, a churchmouse, I would have divorced her.

  • Yes I think it's the power and control and narcissistic personality that drives my wife. Everything is about her

  • My wife was the same. Not at the beginning, but eventually she just took control over EVERYTHING and it was always all about HER. I understand what you're going through and I feel your pain. I mean, I sort of feel your thrill, too, but there is so much pain with it, and sometimes there is ONLY pain. And that was when she was happiest.

  • Yes you are correct. And I have learned to associate the pain with love. The more she does things the more I want to please her.

  • Oh dear Christ......when I read what you wrote, I actually began to cry. Cry for you. Cry for me. Cry for other husbands like us (and they do exist). But I could not help but weep. "The more things she does the more I want to please her." It's been so long I had forgotten that emotion. Or maybe just I just suppressed it, and left myself behind with it. So I wept. She would do things to intentionally hurt me, or humiliate me. She would plan a date with a man and arrange for him to arrive 15 minutes before I got home from work in the evening, so that he would be "on her" as I walked in the door, and then would smile at me evilly as he pounded her in front of me, and as she explained what a man he was, and how inferior I was to him, and then they would laugh. Or we would be at dinner in a nice restaurant, and one of her lovers would come over to our table, explaining how his wife was out of town and he'd come by to pick mine up and take her home, where she'd be his wife for the night. Or she would tell our oldest daughter that "daddy is not much of a man, so I'm forced to date other men -- real men-- to get what I need". But like you said, those episodes were always followed by me, trying to do whatever was within my power to please her, or to appease her. So, I remember. The more often she hurt me, the more I would try to make her happy. I could describe so many things to you that I did, or allowed her to do to me, to make her happy. I know you understand. I knew that the second I read "The more things she does the more I want to please her." God bless you. God give you strength. God grant you peace. Your wife has so many needs.

  • Thank you for understanding and not criticizing me. I am sorry you went through that. The way they can manipulate us and take advantage of our love and our desires is. Unbelievable and not understood by most. Our attraction and our sensitivity and willingness to do what it takes to make our lives happy is abused by these beautiful narcissistic women. Sometimes I look at my beautiful wife and forgive her for everything even though I know she has no remorse and loves to use me

  • Yes, I understand precisely what you mean about her being abusive and without remorse, and about your forgiving her. My wife had an instinct for timing, and she would frequently treat me well for several days and then do something intentionally painful to drive me into the ground. One time we were at a theater, standing in line to buy tickets, and this teenaged kid walked up to us, and she wrapped her arms around him and tongue kissed him right there. He turned to me and said, "I'm taking your wife out to your car, and I'm going to f*** her brains out", and they left. She told me to go ahead into the movie and she would come in when he was done with her. About an hour into the movie, she came in smelling like a w**** who'd been f****** all day and night. She leaned in toward me to kiss me, and she allowed a mouthful of his c** to slither into my mouth, and then told me, "Get used to it: I'm going to be sucking that kid's monster d*** every chance I get. I may never suck yours again, because I won't need it: I'll have his. His is incredible." As she was saying it, I felt so horribly abused, and yet at the same time, I was already forgiving her. Why? Because she was so happy and so fulfilled. She was her true self.

  • I already sent you the pricing but I will verify I

  • Yes, I received the pricing, thank you. However, I regret to inform you that your wife is a hideous w****, and not worth the cost of the sessions proposed. I doubt anyone other than the truly desperate (or actively diseased) will be willing to pay those fees or run the risk of infection in order to spend time with her, alone or otherwise. Perhaps you should give some thought to offering your daughter instead. Now SHE would be worth those prices.

  • The
    Pricing comment was a weird typo but
    Not as weird as you for wanting to sleep with a little girl

  • ............just FYI..... she's in the effing thread.......dickwheat........

  • That still is young pervert. Unless you are in college

  • Last night my wife face timed me. When I picked up I only saw her face looking down at the phone. She was panting fast. I wanted to hang up but I couldn't. She picked up the phone and raised it and I could see this big bear of a man. Not cut or fat just big and hairy. And sweat dripping. She must have turned on her back and handed him the phone. He aimed it at her. She was not talking just panting with her eyes open. Then he aimed it at her chest and I saw her pulling his sweaty chest hair. And running her fingers through it all over. Hair hands looked drenched with his sweat. Then I just heard this big moan and saw her fingers dig into his big chest then the call was cut.
    Now I wonder if this was a new man or one night
    Later my lady friend came over and we made love but when I came I was thinking of my wife's hands digging into this big bear.

  • .....shes losing her appeal......the word is getting around about how many guys are f****** her....nobody wants her now..............shes reduced to f****** low-life dogs from the truck stop...this is getting gross......really need to stay away.........just thinking about her could give you a STD... and your daughter needs to stay away too...............this is all just sick now...sick .............

  • No way

  • The fact that she's f****** those hairy chested truckers means she's already been passed along from one pervert to another until she's reached the bottom of the barrel. What she's doing now isn't sexy anymore: it's just filthy and disgusting. Time to cut out, chief. She's just a piece of meat now.

  • My daughter is staying with me for the summer and I am not going back next way

  • This is just so sad. Heartbreaking. You know what you need to do. So, why aren't you doing it?

  • I drove to pick up my daughter for a week. My wife came to the door while my daughter was upstairs napping. She pulled her collar down and showed me three big hickies on her chest She said wouldn't you like to kiss them then she asked if I liked her toe polish and said you want to suck them. I was sooo worked up. She is soooo hot even though I hate her I crave her

  • You didn't tell us what you did. Did you kiss the hickies? Did you suck her toes? Did she allow you inside her body? Did she take you to the gym to pick up her boyfriend and permit you to watch them f*** like public? Did you eat his seed? Did you swallow? Did you agree to move back home? Did you move yet?

  • The answer is I am human. I grabbed her and started kissing her neck and lips. She took me up into the bedroom and with a month of l*** built up I went crazy. I actually got hard and went crazy. As relived postion she made me suck her toes and lick her feet. Each time she got more wet
    Then she put my head between her legs for such a long time. She came so hard. She stopped me and said I couldn't c**. Then made me massage her and lick her feet again. When she was almost asleep she told me to leave that this was not my bed. I should go back to Washington and stay there while real men take care of her My daughter came home shortly after andwe left.

  • Good GOD, man, that wife of yours is one magnificently sexy beast!! Don't you DARE leave that! Men search their whole lives for a woman like you already have! Don't EVER let her get away from you! Swallow your pride, and then swallow the s**** of her many many lovers! Do NOT go back to DC! You have found heaven and that's where you should stay!!!!!!!!

  • I know you love her and want what's best for her, and that's a wonderful and admirable impulse, but it doesn't mean you have to support her filthy debaucheries or fund her escapades. Let her go her own way and do as she pleases, but do not any longer allow her to think that you're encouraging her behavior. By standing idly by, you are making yourself a participant in and contributor to her risk-taking (in the form of constant exposure to STDs) and your own humiliation (eventually everyone you know will know how weak you are). All of this MUST stop. You cannot continue this.

  • will never be happy in a conventional relationship with an ordinary need to be owned, controlled, manipulated, need your wife....give up those vanilla church-mouse b****** you've been f******....go home....its where you belong....

  • NOOOOOOO! Please please please please PLEASE don't go back to her. You've been doing so well, and been sooooooo strong, and you've been more relaxed and positive and happy! Puh-LEASE don't go back to that thing at home!!!! That thing at home will hurt you and embarrass you and ruin you. That thing doesn't love you. That thing only loves herself! You know that!!!! Stay with the pretty lady in Washington.

  • Btw. I sent her back a pic of me with a pretty lady I dated last week sitting at the bar. She just sent back f you a hole

  • Yes, she obviously knows that you are trying hard to replace her, but she can look at the photo of the lady and know that she is no competition. The photos that she sends to you are intended to drive you insane with jealousy and desire.....and they are working. Aren't they?

  • My wife went to Vegas with the doc. Sent me selfies of them at the bar make no out. And pics of her dancing with other guys too. I still say wife.....she even sent a room pic of her with his on her mouth look like she was on her knees Then one of her with his on her lips saying in the caps wouldn't I like to lick it off

  • Yes, the woman clearly knows you well. Better than anyone else knows you. Better even than you know yourself. She knows you want her, and she knows you want his c**. And the doctor knows all of that, as well. Between the two of them, they will lure you back into their sick f****** web. You are the fly. They are spiders. The web awaits.

  • Does the doctor know about the gym guy? Does the gym guy know about the doctor? Is she dating any others? Does she ever call you while other men are f****** her? Do you miss her? Since you've been in Washington, have you met anyone who arouses you even half as much as she does? Do you miss the abuse? The humiliation? Eating s****?

  • That was the final straw. He made fun of me and I punched him and we got in a brawl. Bi fought hard but he held me down in the end and kicked me in the stomach till I cried. All my wife said was why didn't d you hit him. She did make him leave and took care of me all night and actually massaged my back and kissed me. But the next day she went out and f him again. By the time she was home I left for good. She called and told me the come home but I didn't. Went to D.C. That is the story.

  • Yes, that was very bold in your part. Bold, but ultimately failing. You haven't failed yet, but you can see it out there on the horizon, no? The weakness and the longing for her increasing daily, increasing to the point that you already know you will soon yield. D.C. is not far enough away that you won't feel the seduction when she eventually aims it at you. You will break. She will win. You will return to your subservience. And you will thank her for it. Thank her. Oh, and yes: you will thank the doctor, too, for restoring you to your rightful place, but mostly for restoring her to her rightful place. Just the idea of returning to that disaster of a marriage makes you hard, does it not?

  • Once again reading your questions. Yes I miss it all. She was soooo mean but so hot. I understand I replaced love with humiliation and that is not a real substitute but I miss it. Licking her feet Watching her c**. Her kissing me after her boyfriend finished in her mouth. Even her gym gym humiliating me.

  • There are some things that a man like you can forget, or can remove from his mind, but this isn't one of them: "Her kissing me after her boyfriend finished in her mouth." You love that idea, naturally, but you love the flavor of the s**** -- and the flavor of the spectacular humiliation -- far far far far more.

  • Doc does not know . Yes I get totally aroused thinking of how I used to massage her and clean and do chores while working a 50 hour week only to have see her f other men.
    She sends me text and pics. The other night she sent a video of her in the stall of the restaurant getting pounded from behind. She held the camera and filmed her orgasming. Then turned around and filmed his d. I have had some dates. Very vanilla s**. Three times with woman but I don't calll them back. B

  • So, tell the truth. Do you lie in your bed in Washington at night and fantasize about which man is satisfying your wife -- yes, you should CALL her your wife because that's what she still is, even with all the cheating -- in your bed back at home? Do you imagine it's the doctor? Or the gym guy? Or the body builder? Or your best friend (you do know that she's had several of your friends, right?)? Or some random stranger she picked up in a dive bar when she needed a really big d*** and no entanglements? Do you think of how much more satisfied he's making her? In your bed? The video scene in the restaurant bathroom is just the tip of the iceberg: she's getting pounded repeatedly, with increasingly bigger d****. Constantly. She needs you to come be her caregiver. Go home.

  • My wife texted me. She said the doc is paying all her bills and she loves it. All she has to do is bend over and f him over his desk a few times a week. She also said that she is doing the gym guy every chance she gets. She can't get enough of fis body and d. She texted a pic. It is half way down his upper thigh.
    She told me to have fun in D.C. But there is still an opening for a houseboy to do cleaning and worshipping.

  • It's what she needs and loves. It's what you need and love. How can this marriage not continue in the direction it was already going. Go home. You'll both be much happier.

  • You'll go back to your wife. You know it. We know it. She knows it. The doctor knows it. The gym guy knows it. The young bodybuilder knows it. Even your daughter knows it. Yes, your daughter knew what was going on all along. And she knows what's coming next. She also knows what's c****** next.

  • Sorry I am doing so well in DC. My wife tries to tempt me back but I am not going.

  • When you remarry, you will marry a woman who treats you exactly like your wife did. Why? Because that's what you need. You know it.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so glad to know that you are off that sick little hamster wheel she had you on. Best wishes!!!

  • It's been less than a week and you've already begun to miss your wife, to long for her humiliation of you, to ache for her sharing with you the seed of multiple other men, and to yearn for her to call you a "dog", to know that she still loves you by showing you how she loves other men. You aren't going to make it on your own. You won't even make it if you remarry. We both know that you will be home soon. Men like you have a need. Men like you have a destiny. This little rebellion you've staged was interesting and perhaps even comforting. But it's time to go home.

  • I just want to add my well wishes to the others who are thrilled by your wonderful amazing incredible news! It's best that it happened so fast that you didn't have time to second-guess the decision. Don't ever let any other woman abuse you this way!

  • Thank you !

  • Something happened this weekend that I cannot even write down. Just left for Washington for good. Got a transfer for my new job. I'm out for good My daughter starts collage in the same city in august so when re perfect. I feel reborn.

  • For what it's worth......I'm so happy for you!! I was actually worried for your mental and physical health, but it seems that all of that has now been eliminated by your transfer and relocation. I hope you'll find someone in Washington (is it DC or the state?) who can appreciate your supportive nature without taking so much advantage of it as to create an abuse. Good luck and be well.

  • Thank you for the u so much. It is D.C. I am really excited

  • This is really good news for you! Congratulations!!! And best wishes! You'll be so happier when your away from that shrew!

  • They call women like this "whores" for a good reason.

  • Maybe so but the look on her face when she is enjoying herself.....,, and no hangups about it. Thanks n her defense she is not frigid like other 50 year old woman. And she is really is in control of her men. She gets what she wants. It's tough for me except to see this beautiful woman in total control rol and ecstasy is something I can't explain in writing

  • Time for you to dump this b**** and go get yourself another b****.

  • I'm sorry but I truly do not understand why you would give a s*** about a woman who treats you like s***. I think it must be a sickness, a mental illness of some sort. You need help.

  • ^this^ is true.she is sick.but you are sicker.

  • You're going down fast.

  • are the one who is going down fast.......

  • YOU ARE!

  • You have lost all your perspective on this situation and on its effect on you. There's nothing happening here that is even slightly sexy. It's all just wrong and sick and f***** up. Either be the man in the relationship and make her stop this, or pack your belongings and leave and don't ever speak with her again. You have to get out before it kills you. You're going down fast.

  • Yesterday got home from the gym and was in the kitchen making coffee. I heard someone come downstairs and looked up to see the gym guy open my refrigerator for something. He came down totally naked at 10 am. I feel like a wilted string bean seeing him. Way over 6 feet. His arms are cut his chest looks like a chiseled Michelangelo statue. And his p**** not erect was longer than mine fully. Now I know why my wife doesn't let me in her. It would feel like nothing after that. Sure he came down on purpose. He went upstairs and over the next 3 hours pounded her while she screamed. It would get quiet then he did her again. I knew he came twice by the load grunts. All while I was doing my laundry and ironing for the week. After I was done I wanted to leave and come back when he was gone.
    I had to go ask her for 20 for gas since she gets all my check. She said I don't have it and asked the gym guy if he did. He handed me the 20 and said don't fn spend it all in one place All while he was laying where I used to with my wife's head on his chest and his big c right there

  • It's the gym guy that is going to wind up the winner here. Soon, your wife will have all your money, and all of the doctor's money, and she will have set herself up to have the gym guy come by to service her. She'll still go to work at the doctor's office, and will make love to him while she's there, even right in front of the other employees. She'll still date, she'll still pick up the random guy at the club, at the mall, at church, etc. But the gym guy will be number one, and you'll be seeing him constantly. She'll make you watch him service her, telling you, "this is how a REAL man does it." And you'll be eating all those massive loads he produces, except for those she saves for her own consumption. Yeah, he's going to have her screaming a lot. He's going to be c****** a lot. Get used to it. Yesterday morning? That's your future.

  • You may be right. When he left she kissed him like a real lover. Last night while she had me massage her she talked about him. She talks to me like she is telling her best friend her secrets. It's so weird how she just tells me her thoughts and feelings.
    She said she just gets wet looking at him. He is such a man. When he is on top she loses thought of everything but him. He knows her body , every inch where to kiss and touch and where to thrust
    She said they time it to c** together. Only man she did that with and when he does all his muscles tense and she grabs his butt and puls it to her and goes wild with ecstasy. This is what she told her like we are collage friends
    When I saw him even the first time I knew this was the exact man that turns her on Tall muscular silver hair. Alpha. Her dream body. I cannot come close. I am not six feet plus. That muscular and big down there. And not a cocky alpha that knows it.

  • You must end this. END this. Do it now. This can't work and you know it. Please just stop it. If you allow it to continue, you'll be doing irreparable damage to yourself and to your daughter.

  • She is gonna give you a std........

  • How do you expect to live this way? It's fun and games right now, but the novelty will have worn off in a few weeks, and then what? Do you think you can survive this? Get out NOW!!!!! If you can't do it for yourself, do it for your daughter! Give her at least one parent who is a decent example of adult behavior! Don't leave her with that w**** you mistake!!!

  • I came back from overseas knowing my girlfriends sick mom was there so I had to move out. I could have looked for somewhere else but chose to stay at my house.
    Upon entering my wife pulled me upstairs and pushed my head between her legs for what seemed like hours ,. Finally she pulled me up Ayala way and rubbed me with her lowerlleg till I came like a dog as she called it. She said she missed having me there to do everything and Tom me to the bathroom to bathe her and blow out her hair for a date. When the doc came to pick her up she left me to clean up the whole house and scrub the floors. She came home late and let me massage her to sleep. Watching her fall asleep I just looked at how beautiful she is in my eyes. She knows it and knows how to make me crave her.
    She told me if I stay I can not speak to any woman without her permission and she has to check my phone daily. All my checks must go to her and I will have a allowance of cash for 20 a week This way I cannot spend it anywhere
    She will let me use the credit card for gas and other emergencies but this way she will know I am not spending on anyone or anything. She said even though she has boyfriends I should not look or engage other women

  • You didn't leave her with any other alternatives, did you? Your disobedience necessitated her putting you on this leash, didn't it? You see that she has good reasons to call you "dog" (this isn't nearly the first time she's done so) and to treat you like one, right? Don't you agree? Didn't your own behavior mandate that she bind you this way? Will you ever learn that what's best for you is what you already have? Will you ever learn that she won't allow you to leave or to play around? Well? Will you? WILL YOU???

  • Eventually, the doctor will be in exactly the same position you are in now: all his money will be going to her accounts and he won't be able to talk to other women, much less f*** any of them. And by then, your situation will be much worse.

  • ....i think the same thing too..........not too long from now the doctor will be eating the c** from the gym guy....who pounds her mound every day and night................. and who pumps her c*** full of his seed.........your wife will be dominating both you and the doctor........and after that the gym guy will also become her property........and all three of you will be her dogs......... while she goes out and starts f****** somebody new and younger.....have fun......

  • You have really got yourself in to a mess. how you gonna get out ?

  • Yes I did. I am so confused and it is taking over my life. I think about it 24/7. I work then go home and clean and do errands and take care of my daughter then take care of her after she is pleased by other men. Even when I have time I am sent to the gym and told what part Of my body needs work. My obsession with her and my situation has me trapped.

  • You are entitled to have a life. Up until recently you had one. And now SHE has taken it away. Take it back. DO NOT allow her to ruin it. She's already tainted it. And if it continues, you'll be ruined. You'll have no friends and no one who you're even permitted to talk to. Please wake up and make the change. Go see a therapist or counselor, if you feel the need, but first? GET OUT!

  • My wife emailed me a few times . She said when I come home she will xpects me to move right back she has left a big list of chores I need to do and told me Once my finished she will let me please and massage her. She told me her doc and main gym guy have taken care of her but she needs me to clean her house and his condo and massage her to sleep. Sh sent me pics of her getting it from gym guy

    In contrast my girlfriend sent me emails each night of her with flowers , each night a different kind. Why am I still hot for my wife

  • You're still hot for her because you have a submissive personality. You want to be controlled, manipulated, humiliated, hurt. You want to be OWNED. To you, that is love. Others will say that what you feel for her isn't love; that it's l***, it's perverted, it's misplaced, it's ugly, it's wrong. But it's none of those things, and you know it. To you, it's pure love. It's what you want. It's what you NEED. Your wife has known that about you for a long time, probably since you first met, and if you think back through your courtship and marriage, you can probably see her shaping that urge in you, preparing you for what is happening right now. It's why she married you: she could see this was in you and that she could use it. It's why you married her: you could see this was in her and that you could not live without it. Viewed from the outside, your situation is going to worsen. Yes, it will become much, much worse than it is now. FAR more pain awaits you. You know that. But you WANT that pain. You LOVE that pain. You want her to hurt you so f****** bad and long and dark and deep that you cannot WAIT for it to happen. You are aroused when you think of how many men she will ultimately be servicing, how much of their s**** you will eat, and how often you will be changing the sheets in the bed you once shared with her, but which she now only makes available to men with much larger and better equipment than yours. Regardless of what others may think, you are still hot for your wife because you love her and she loves you. And this -- what's happening right now in your marriage -- proves that. Yes, she's a w****. But a w**** is precisely what you need. It's what you have always needed, ever since you entered puberty. And now, at last, you have it. Let's not kid ourselves, though. You aren't making a choice when you return home. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE. You are simply fulfilling your destiny. Go to her.

  • Wow . You have given me a defining moment. Your insight is incredible. Deep down inside I want to run to her. Take care of her. Love her.when she is mean I want to love her more. And you are right. Day one I knew deep inside my life would not be easy even though I did not expect this. She was always difficult and selfish. I always would give in or go back to her. Maybe I replaced this behavior for love. You are right sure trained me and I adore her. I just go back to how do you treat the person you love like this. She had the chance to leave but she must have feelings or knows I will serve her
    I have been longing to go and kiss her feet and massage her. Take care but have been fighting because a rational person says this is not love
    How do you know me so well????

  • I know you so well because I am a woman very much like your wife, married to a man almost exactly like you. Our situations are very similar, as well. I married my husband 26 years ago, in no small part because he was weak, much weaker than I am, and I used his weakness against him, every day, even while we were dating. I never allowed anyone else to see the manipulation, but I constantly reminded him of who was in control of our relationship. I subtly and subliminally prodded him into proposing (he would have taken too long), and then dangled him from my line like a hooked fish, watching him twist and flop, waiting for my answer, which I didn't give for quite a while. Our marriage has been the same. I had occasional flings during the first few years, right under his nose of course, but engaged in nothing serious until I knew he was too involved to ever leave, and then I began doing exactly what your wife is doing. I won't bore you with the particulars, but my first serious LTR was with HIS boss at work, and I used that affair to thoroughly break my husband's spirit. I told him before it began that it was going to happen, and then gradually began to give him the pain I knew he craved. Your wife's intentions -- and the level of her awareness of your psychosexual needs -- are much the same as mine, and while I cannot predict where she will lead you with precision, I know you well enough to know how you'll respond. And both you and I know how you SHOULD respond, don't we, darling? And we both also know that, whatever your wife does, you will follow like the good p****-whipped puppy you are, won't you, darling? You love the darkness. Go to the darkness.

  • Are you physically stronger than him or mentally or both. Is he happy to serve you and did you intentionally set out to do this. Did you make his whole life revolve around you lol me my wife did

  • Not physically stronger, no, just mentally, psychologically and intellectually so. I know how to get my way with most men, and certainly with men like my husband. Yes, his life revolves around me and my needs, and I put him in a position where he had to accept my demands or else. I didn't fully envision how our relationship would evolve when I married him, but I knew enough to know that I would be in control, and that's the way it's worked. He struggled for some time, just like you are, but eventually he stopped trying to throw the bit and accepted that I was always going to win. Once he realized he couldn't win, he calmed down appreciably. He knows my p**** is better than he deserves, and he won't give it up, no matter how little of it he actually gets, and how much of it goes to other men. Your wife is going to get what she wants, whether or not you're in the picture. But we both know you're going to be in the picture, because you can't live without her. You're going to do as you're told. Always. Always. ALWAYS.

  • Your wife is clearly a piece of trash w****. Dump that s***.

  • Obviously you are married to one of the sexiest women who ever lived. Why would you go elsewhere? Anything you get from her is better than everything you'd get from anybody else.

  • She is sexy you are right. Not just physically. She draws men in with her eyes then makes them chase her till she has them like little puppies.
    She has long flowing hair big brown eyes. Beautiful Asian body. Firm . And she uses men like old shoes

  • When you get back go home to the only woman you actually love and stay there

  • Many years ago, you married an incredibly sexual and sensual woman. She's really off the charts. If you met her today, you would certainly marry her, even with her complicated loyalties. You wouldn't care that she sees other men. You would just want to be -- and be proud of being -- her husband. You would give anything to be her husband. So . . . . . . . be her husband.

  • My wife started an affair with her boss. Yes, SHE was the one who went for HIM. It had gone for 7 months when I discovered it and confronted her. She cried, said she loved me, loved our family, and would never do it again. About a year after that, I found out that it was still going on, and had never actually ended: they were just being more devious and deceitful. We went to counselling and she swore the affair was over. Then, 6 months later she said she was 12 weeks pregnant, and admitted that the child was his: they had planned the pregnancy. She said she really didn't care what I did, stay or go, she was going to continue this outside relationship. I left. I had given her plenty of chances and she took none of them. Your wife is the same. She doesn't care about you. She only cares about herself. Kick her ass out and don't let her come back. Your daughter is old enough that this won't be devastating to her. She's going on to college anyway, so this is a perfect time to kick your b**** to the curb. Kick the b****.

  • You will quickly tire of being the fifth (or sixth) wheel. Stay with your new girlfriend. She is normal and that -- long term -- is much better for you. You know that's true.

  • Don't let this mean b**** you married get control over you again. You did the right thing and got away. Now.......stay away.

  • This is my last update for a while. I am going to Thailand for 3 weeks to start a new job.
    I did go over to my wives yesterday when she asked me to pick her up food .
    When she opened the door she kissed me so long and took my upstairs.
    She was with her second gym guy. She kneeled down and went down on me while he undressed her. Then she laid down and we took turns on her . When he was on top he had to put it in slow since he is big. He covered her whole body. Then I would get on top and then him. She looked so sexy and sweaty. After a while he went so hard and came. I went next and finished in a few seconds. She then pushed me right down and made me please her till she did too.. then pushed me on him and made me clean him. This is my first time and it was unbelievable. After I massaged and took care of her while they watched TV.
    I either have to stop going over or move from my friends house when I come back.

  • Please don't go back to her. Not ever. When you return from overseas, please go back to your girlfriend. If you don't, your wife will know she's got you bagged up and will treat you s***** even worse than now. Please don't go home. Whatever you do, PLEASE DON'T GO HOME. PLEASE!!!!

  • Last night she stayed at the doc's condo.back to her normal self.

  • But didnt the doctor see all the bites and bruises? or did she keep the lights off so he couldnt see nothing?

  • Late last night my ""wife" called me and asked me to pick her up at a motel about 1 hour away. She said she was stuck there. When I got to the motel she was so drunk. She said it was ladies night out and some big guy came over and picked her up. They did lots of shots and he finally took her to this motel. She said when they got inside he went wild and took her for hours till she could not take it. She said he must have been on something. She had bite marks all over her chest and back and bruises on her arms . After they finished they fell asleep but he did get up and just left her there. I took her home and gave her a warm bath. Massaged her and fed her some soup and held her till she fell asleep. She was not taken against her will but did not expect to be left alone and was upset he did that. She thanked me for taking care. Said I was the only one she could call. She wouldn't walk her boyfriend doc to see her that way.
    I just held her and told her I will always be there if she needed me

  • Has it ever occurred to you that those women at her office are jealous because she's married to a man who loves her unconditionally?

  • Wow that was really sweet. I have not heard anything that nice in a while.

  • My favorite thing is that all the women in the office know she owns the doctor and they cant say or do nothing over it. was he having affairs with any of the others before your wife came to work there? i mean it seems like she cut them to get to him and so now there all pissy b******.

  • Unless he is lying he never had an affair. Many woman in the hospital fell over him but he ignored them all. She would do the opposite. Make him chase her around. Now she has him by the b****. The woman hate her and talk behind her back and she loves it.

  • I am in bed next to my girlfriend thinking about how my hot wife got so f in front of me and how she teased me right before he came over for what seemed like hours. How her perfect Asian body shivered in two tremendous o****** when he pounded her.
    And how I was told by her to clean the house she did not touch since I left like she knew I would do it. Made me clean the toilets and scrub the floors on my knees. Thinking about how she can instantly take any man by just lifting her brow when they look at her. Even her married doctor gets nervous around her like a little kid. All the woman at her job knows how he falls over her and they hate her for it
    This is what was inside the faithful wife of 20 years?

  • Yes, it was there all along, and you knew it, and you were afraid it would come out and end you, and end your marriage. Well, it came out. That wasn't your choice. But whether or not it ends your marriage? That IS Your choice. You can keep that from happening -- and you can remain with the woman of your dreams -- by simply making the right choice. Choose to go home and care for the woman you really love. What you are experiencing with your "landlord" is not love: it's convenience. Go home. Now. Go back to your wonderful, wonderful w**** wife.

  • I saw her last night. I came over to pick W-2 form. I stepped into the door and she came over with a glass of wine and gave me a big kiss. Her mouth was filled with wine that went into mine and most ran down my shirt. She took another swag and did it again. She knows that drives me wild. She bit my lip so hard . After a few minutes she pulled my upstairs and got on top.naked and rubbed all over me with her private part. After a few minutes her /my door rang . One of her gym guys came in. She got off me and told me to watch him f*** her. He went crazy on her from behind .She came twice. Right before he did she took him in her mouth while he stood on the bed. When he came it shot all over me which she licked off. She told me to get her a towel and clean her off.
    After she said to clean the whole house that I was a lazy f . I don't know why except I was sooooo crazy hard. I took 2 hours. When I was done she said to go home to my vanilla b**** and think if I want to stay there or come back.
    I went home but I feel so tormented and guilty

  • The answer is so obvious that perhaps you cannot see it. Your wife characterized your "landlord" just right: she is a vanilla b****. You know where you belong. So, go there. And stay there.

  • I have masturbated frequently while fantasizing about your wife. And you have masturbated frequently while fantasizing about your wife. The difference is that you don't have to fantasize in order to get on her. I don't have a choice. Do you see the point here? You do, don't you? You need to stop fantasizing about that incredible woman you're already married to, and go get on her.

  • She wants to give you her sloppy seconds (or thirds, or fourths) and you want to receive them. It's a marriage made in heaven. What are you waiting for?

  • My wife sent me a email and a video. The video was her mouth in the gym guy. She pulled it off and he was wearing a condom. She put the condom in her mouth and sucked it clean. Only her Beautiful​ lips and hands were visable. Then she sent a second one saying that it was not her fault I had a small one and that she enjoyed other men more. She said after 20 years of being her wimp and letting her get her way it was her right to make her the center of my life. She told me I should come home to clean the filthy house massage her and to give her pleasure orally. I should take care of her needs. She will let me do this and stay in the basement and be there for her when she needs me. She did not say she missed me or wanted me as a husband or that she learned any boundaries. .
    I didn't reply but some weak part of me wanted to run there to clean up and massage and make her feel good. And I watched her in the video over and over. So sexy . Her lips covered as she.poured it down her throat.

  • Stop reisisting and just go there youknow you will eventualy anyway so why wait go to her and give her what she wants and what you need and she will share those love-filled condomms with you

  • Don't get it. you should of left at the begining.

  • Wasn't so easy to. I was and am still manipulated . She had a lot over me that I was worried might come out. Now I have more on her

  • But aren't you still in love with her? werent you still in love with her when you left? didnt you love her the wholetime she was humiliating and punishing anddegrading you? that's what I'm talking about. you should of never let her do that s***. you should of beat her ass and then left out.

  • She's going to keep going after big d****. And she's going to keep sharing their c** with you. Why? Because you love it.

  • A woman like your wife will do whatever she can to get the money. That's all she cares about, other than her own sexual satisfaction. Be cautious. She may send one of her nasty girlfriends to "seduce" you into an act of adultery, and then she'll try to use that as fault in your divorce to get alimony for herself. Be very careful in dealing with your wife, but also with any of her friends, or any woman who comes on to you seemingly out of the blue, even if you don't know her or don't know she's friends with your w**** of a wife. Just be on guard constantly. Constantly. This is a very dangerous time for you, my friend. Stay with the woman who invited you into her home and her life, and don't stray.

  • She has already wiped out my accounts and has everything. That is why she is with the doc. Besides his big d***. She says the money and power turns her on. She will wipe him out to eventually.
    It is super hard to resist but I know end the end she just wants to torment me and ruin my life with this woman. She could care less about me since I can no longer spoil her

  • I agree with the other woman. You will never be able to stay with a woman who doesn't cheat. You need someone who's a cheater and who rubs it in your face.

  • She could bring you back, simply with her own powers of seduction. But she has a more powerful weapon. She could tell you -- whether or not it is actually true -- that she will begin allowing your daughter to date one (or more) of these men . . . unless you surrender and return to your position as slave. She's going to win. You know it. Just imagine your daughter being pleasured by these same giants whose c** you've been eating, drinking and swallowing.

  • She would never. She is like a Pitt Bull with my daughter . My daughter is totally sheltered. By both of us. Both would. Kill to protect her.
    She is trying to wear me down with. Text and emails. Just a few minutes ago she sent a pic of just her gorgeous Philadelphia lips

  • Filipino lips that is. And gorgeous.

  • My life has been almost.normal. saw my daughter most every night and didn't pick up my wife's calls to harass me.
    Yesterday I went to the gym. She came in about 30 minutes later.
    We ignored each other but she started a conversation with two gym rats.
    About 15 minutes later they all left.
    She came back in a while later with them and walked by me when I was on the ab machine and dropped a soaking tissue on my face. When I looked she put up two fingers and smiled and went to finish​ her workout.
    I just left but boy was I turned on. As I walked out I turned and she just blew a kiss.

  • She obviously knows where all your buttons are and she obviously knows how to push can be sure she will start pushing them harder and'll be back home before you know it....and back in her filthy little web.............and she'll be doing more men.....not two at a time......but six or eight at a time....she knows what you want...and what you need........................

  • She is a total narcissist. She already moved on. Told her best friend (who told me) that I have a small d*** and was just good to clean and be a slave to her. She said she loved to feed and wipe real men's c** on my wimp face. And to have me stick my tounge everywhere they were. Her friend actually said she felt sorry that my d*** is so small. But I am not and the whole town may think I am. Now she wants to suck any money she can out of me. Her doc now pays her so well I will probably only have my child support to deal with. I am done with her. Even changing my gym

  • You're kidding yourself - but nobody else - if you think that your wife isn't already educating your daughter about life choices and lifestyle and sexuality. You can't save your daughter any more than you can save your wife from the sexual behaviors that all of a sudden seem to be a problem for you. Your daughter knows. SHE KNOWS. Go home. You aren't taking a stand. You're just embarrassing yourself.

  • I really do not think you have considered your latest move carefully enough. You surely must realize that your wife and her lover are not going to allow this to stand. You should be back at home. You are needed there. They both want you there. It's where you belong and you know that. You KNOW it. Wise up. Go home. Resume your place in the world. Resume your duties, your obligations, your calling. Do not be the husband that abandons his wife. Go home. GO HOME. If you don''s going to get REALLY bad for you. She and the doctor will see to that. Why fight the inevitable? Resistance is futile.

  • I was able to tolerate this in the beginning but it came to the point that it was many men and at least 3 or 4 days a week. She.wound up neglecting her daughter by going out so much with him or dragging me to the bar to pick some stud.
    Now I will get my daughter a couple of days a week and force her to spend time raising her the right way till she is off to college

  • You know that won't work. You won't be able to live without your wife humiliating you with her love for other particular, her boss. You realize that you don't just need her, you need them both, and you need to be present in their relationship. Go home. Call and apologize right now, and tell her you're on your way home. Then write us here and let us know you've done it. Don't give up on her. You know--deep down--you can't.

  • I met a old girlfriend he other night that is divorced and have just moved in. My wife was really upset and threatened to publish pics and dirt on me if I don't come back. I told her I have more on her than she has on me. Staying with my friend now.

  • OMG IM SO HAPPY YOUR OUT OF THERE! That environment was so toxic for you and I hope you never go back. Of course she will put on the huge pressure for you to come home and take care of her while shes whoring BUT DONT DO IT! PLEASE JUST DONT EVER! I'm glad now that your getting good p**** and dont have to beg for it or be humiliated for it! Please tell your new lady that she should NEVER allow you to leave her or ever even talk to your wife again! Have her call your wife and tell her that you are HER PROPERTY now and you wont be coming back home! That disaster of a marriage is finally over! FINALLY OVER! YEAH!!!!

  • I agree with the woman who wrote how good it was your out. you did the right thing, and this time it was the right thing for you. not for that tramp you married. i am sorry to sound mean about it but thats what she is and thats how selfish she is too.please dont go back. stay with the woman you have moved on with. she is the totalright one for you. if she reached out to you and lifted you from that mess at home she is the right one for you and cares about YOUnot about herself. to borrow a phrase from Marsellus Wallace (from Pulp Fiction), "when you gone, you stay gone, or you be gone." dont let that b**** hurt you anymore. there are plenty of women like us (like the one your with now) who want you to be the man in the relationship. good luck to you.

  • I think the first two of these are all true but I also think your being away from your wife is what's best for your daughter. You probably can't explain to her today what her mother has been up to but one day you will have to and she will understand why you could no longer support her mother's behavior and she will respect you for it. Also your taking a stand will be an example for her so she doesn't follow her mother's sexual lead. It will hurt in the short run for you and for your daughter but long term its for the best. Good for you. And good luck to both you and your daughter. (But not your wife: I hope she regrets having driven you away.)

  • Ignore these responses above. You did the right thing. Actually, you did the ONLY thing that made sense, that preserves your sanity (and your reputation), and that preserves your daughter's safety. Well done!!!

  • Saturday night my daughter went for a overnight with a friend to see a collage so my wife went out with her crazy friend for ladies night. She came home about 1230 with some 35 year old she picked up. He walked in and looked at me and she said oh that's just my husband and dragged pulled him to the bedroom. This guy was only about 5 9 but was built like a total weight lifter . His arms were the size of my whole body. I was in shock since she always says they are not her type and she gets scared just looking at them.
    They went right to it. I could hear everything. After an hour he walked right in to our kitchen naked and got a big glass of ice and went back. I could hear him grunting and my wife scream .
    At about 3 she walked him to the front door. She kissed him in front of me. He pushed her down to his di__ and she made her do him again and tell him how beautiful his di was. Then pulled up his pants and left.
    My wife just looked at me and said that is a real man. Before he left he did say something about her temporary tattoo thinking the initial was mine. She slept so well. Woke up early and came over to me and told me that she loves that I still take care of her and we have to pick up our daughter and go to brunch. Like this never happened...

  • Did he have a huge c*** like the other men she's f***** recently?

  • She said it was not the biggest but very thick and like a rock and he had to put it in really slow.

  • So after she blew him as he was leaving did she come over to you and kiss you and share his cream with you like she had done with the gym guy? How did it taste? Did you love her for doing that for you? I really love how she does those things for you. She is so loving and giving and thoughtful.

  • Yes she always does that. Or wipes it on my face

  • God, so nasty. And God, how I love it!! Wow!

  • .... i have had the boss i have now for almost a year....and i have a huge enormous gigantic crush on him and have been fantasizing about him sexually and nasty for almost the entire time we been working together......... i wish he would do this to me like the doctor is doing to your wife..............i would let him tattoo me with anything he wanted....and my husband could just go eat s***......... I WANT MY BOSS!!

  • I wonder why you woman get so attracted to your bosses. My wife was the ultimate tease to him.

  • ....ok so i tried flirting.....i tried to tease.........he wont get on me......i want him so bad.....but nothing has worked so far...were both married but i think he had other i just want him to have one with me.........

  • Maybe he just is afraid too. It waiting for the right time.

  • My wife came home last night went to the shower and when she came out called me in. She handed me the phone and dropped her towel and said take a pic. On her back right above her butt was a tattoo of a heart with her docs initials. I was really upset. She started doing her nails( naked ) and told me to send the text to him. She said to say I want you to see this when you take me. But enjoy it because it is only temporary Love. See you Saturday. Btw for Xmas two years ago she had her name tattooed on my arm so people would know I belonged to her. Now even if it's temp she put his initials in a heart on her. She says the tattoo is temp but he has the pic forever. This way he can list for her whenever he looks at it

  • My wife did exactly the same thing with a guy she was dating on the side a couple years ago. They had been out drinking one night and decided she needed to be marked as his territory. They got a temp, but then as soon as it wore off, he took her back to the shop and got a permanent one: they both said they loved the art and the idea of her "being owned" by someone outside our marriage. He wasn't her boss at work, but he was super hung and she wanted him -- and everybody who saw it -- to know she was his property. Prepare yourself, friend. The next tattoo she comes home with won't ever wash off.

  • Where and is she still his?
    My wife won't do it unless they get so serious he leaves his wife. She had another guy too and probably does not want to be marked permanent yet. She texted me today from work that he saw it in person at work in the hospital and took her to a private area and did her super fast and hard

  • The tattoo is a quite large fiery heart that goes down and all the way over to her spine, with the other guy's initials in a diagonal in the middle. It's located on her back left shoulder and is partly visible in any sleeveless top, and fully visible anytime she wears a strapless or thin-strap dress, or a swimsuit. A lot of people see a tattoo but don't pay any attention to the fact that there are initials in it, but a lot of people ask whose they are, especially if they realize that they are not mine. She smiles and says something like it's "a very special person in my life", although her close friends know who it is because they've met the guy and hung out with them when she's been out with him. I understand your disgust with the way the doctor reacted to the tattoo at the hospital, f****** her like a f****** rag doll that way, and I know that hurt. My wife frequently gives me ugly details. When my wife got his tattoo ("marking his territory"), it brought their relationship to a new level, and it really fueled their s** lives because he mostly takes her from behind or in a reverse cowgirl, so he's able to see her branding while he's f****** her. Apparently it still fires them both up, her because she's carrying his mark, and him because he owns another man's wife: not just f****** another man's wife but "actually owning the b****" (his words). Yes, she is still his, and that doesn't seem likely to change anytime soon. I hope you're right about your wife's intentions on her marking from him, but I honestly don't have much hope that they won't make it permanent. Even if they don't replace the temp with initials again, he will probably take her and get a tattoo of his choosing, simply as a reminder of her ownership. Men like these two LOVE that kind of control and identification. I think you should prepare yourself.

  • Wow.your wife's is that visible. He definitely owns her if she says that to people. Does that get you excited?
    I know my wife has been doing more than the doc but he definitely owns her and I am sure if he takes her she will get it. She calls him her protector now since everyone knows it at work but can't say anything .

  • Yeah, if I'm going to behonest I have to say, it does arouse meto be married to a woman who is so much the hotaggressor in her relationships. But I also must say,that I love howeverybody at your wifes work know what she and the doctor are doing but thereisnothing they can say or even do about it,because the two of them are just so hot and tight and together. I've loved reading all these posts and all yourexplanations aboutthem together asacouple..

  • Several years ago I had a really torrid affair with one of my married female employees. Or I guess I should say I "thought" it was torrid. I knew her husband, and my wife and I occasionally went to dinner with them. So when we started the affair, it was just generally hot between us, because of the office proximity and the couple friendship, and even more hot when the four of us were out together or at the same parties or functions or whatever, with nobody knowing what we were up to. We f***** each other like animals, and I loved engaging in risky s** with her, knowing we might be discovered (we never were). But I never treated her -- or her husband -- like your wife's boss treats her, or like he treats you. I suppose I have to admit that I never had the b**** to do that. Your wife's boss must really be a "boss", to behave like that, to come into your home while you're in it and f*** your wife in your bed, and have you work on his s*** shack while he's f****** her there, and then getting you to clean up after them. I thought I was pretty hot s*** with Denise, but this guy you're up against is way beyond me. I wish I'd had the nerve to humiliate Denise's husband that way while she and I were a couple. If I had, we might still be together. Damn!

  • Wow that is really playing neither fire. One mistake and you were both in big sh__. In a way worse than my situation. They are out in the open so they do not fear anything.
    It's not the doc with the b**** it's my wife. She is the one calling the shots. I wouldn't listen to anything any of her lovers say . It's her and her list for it

  • We both felt like we were right out on the edge, but that was obviously nothing compared to what you've been facing and dealing with. Wow! I just can't get over it, really. Every time I drop by this page, I'm amazed by how this has evolved!

  • My life is a roller coaster. You would never know how she is now by looking at her.
    She talks to her family when they come over like she is a Stafford Wife

  • Honestly, that part of her behavior is as sexy as any other: it's that she can pretend to be a nice, sweet, demure wife, and yet be out f****** strangers like the filthiest w**** imaginable. This new young guy you mentioned sounds to me like he might actually be serious competition for the doctor, assuming he has money. He certainly knows how to push her nasty buttons, so the only question is, can he bankroll the partying and the gifts and the appearance she wants and needs. I think the young guy is going to make a run. I know she WANTS him to make a run.

  • I think you are right about this guy except he doesn't look like he has money and that's a big deal. She loves that she controls the doc. At the office nobody can look at her the wrong way. And he even got the apartment for them to sneak off to.
    The only thing this new guy has is 200 plus ponds of pure muscle. She texted me before saying she was so sore she could hardly walk.

  • Is she the dominant in all of her relationships with men, or is that only with you? Is she submissive with the others, or does she play the super-aggressive "s***"?

  • Yes. She likes to think she is submissive in bed but just commands them on every move to satisfy her

  • I'm a woman who believes herself to be strong and in control, but I can't hold a candle to your wife. I want to be her!

  • I think you probably are . You can relate to her so well

  • How much do both your and her families and friends know about her many infidelities and the "arrangement" that exists between the two of you? Do she and her lovers ever get seen together in public by people you know? Do they come back and tell you she's cheating? Or that she's giving handjobs (and more) in public? How does that make you feel? Is she blatant and purposeful about all the adultery? Is she intentionally humiliating you in that way? Is she that mean?

  • Our families do not know. She has two friends that know.they cheat on their husbands without their husbands knowing.
    One of her friends is more promiscuous than my wife. She sends my wife pics of mend privates all the time and they rate the size. I do think that more than they know but nobody ever said anything to me.
    I do get humiliated when she does this many times in front of me. She does not consider it adultery. She calls it a one sided open marriage. She says life is short and she loves the physical pleasure and excitement and getting these hot men so turned on

  • My wife came home last night and had me do her toe nails ,wash and blow out her hair. Her hair is long and thick so it takes a while. She got up this morning and dressed for work. Her scrubs are tight around her. She wore Sandler and spent forever with her makeup. On the way out to her doctors office she told me to pick up my daughter from her practice tonight and she will be home late. I know even though he is not her hottest lover she is attracted to him the most he spoils her and she loves that all the staff at the hospital and his office knows she has him but they can't say anything. She was so hot leaving the house. I was so jealous when she turned and said I will be home late, knowing he will be in her.

  • God, that is so unbelievably sexy and hot!!!! I love the way she torments you and the other men she's f****** regularly! Dropping those little hints and suggestive images! Mostly I love the way she goes out, knowing she's going to get laid, and making you aware of it (in addition to the c***-size issues she's always referring to)!!!!! Is she directly aware of how aroused that makes you?

  • She definitely knows how aroused I get. She loves to tease me and get me frustrated. When she tells me to go down on her she first makes me pull down my pants and tells me of her best s**. She watches me get hard and then let's me please her. Sometimes in the middle she will remind me I am there to make her feel good and it's all about her. I get crazy hard when she says that.

  • You said that her boss/doctor is "not her hottest lover" so it made me curious about who IS her hottest lover. Is it the gym guy, or the sushi bar pick-up, or has she now started dating a fourth man outside of her marriage to you? Who does she say is the best f***, or which one does she want the most? Is that because the "hottest" also has the biggest meat?

  • Btw. This is all still so surreal to me. I love her more than ever but I know that I shouldn't

  • It's definitely the gym guy. When she looks at him it's like she gets drunk with passion and ecstasy. When he pounded her she couldn't keep.her hands off his body. I don't think she could be pried off him.
    He is tall silver hair and muscular but thin. And treats her like his b****. Does not really talk much. Just does her. She told me it's the hardest d*** ever inside her. She said I will never even he felt inside her after that.
    But the doc is still one. He FS her good and spoils her. She actually talks to me more than ever. She loves talking about them and reminds me it's my fault for not doing her good like I should have.

  • That last part seems needlessly cruel. How can HER selfishness be YOUR fault? I know why she WANTS it to be your fault -- it relieves her of guilt for destroying your marriage (and family) -- but she cannot plausibly claim that you are to blame for her many affairs. Sheesh!

  • Thank you. She sometimes says these things to keep me on the defensive if I complain that she is going to far down this path. I can understand her doctor but the s** for the pleasure only gets to me and I question her. This usually putts her in a aggressive stance with me.
    For instance yesterday we went to brunch and the gym for a nice Sunday. Her gym friend was there and picked took her back to his place and did her really hard. When we came home she just went up to bed totally spent and made me massage her to sleep while she told me how sore she was all over. She could care less about him but would rather do him then spend one day with me without doing somebody else

  • It seems like she is getting hornier and hornier and hornier. There's no telling how many men she'll eventually be doing. Does she seem the type to do two (or more!!!!) at one time?

  • I don't think so. I think she enjoys one person making at a time. She never has given any indication otherwise but maybe under the right circumstances . The way she has changed I never can tell

  • Do you ever have any interaction with the men in her s** life? Do they ridicule you, too, like she does? Is that arousing or embarrassing? Or is it both? And when the two of you are out together, do you find her looking around at new prospects?

  • Not from the doc other than her making me clean their love condo while he is doing her. Or driving them when they both want to drink.
    The gym guy is humiliating me. He tells me to call my wife when she is not at the gym so he can f her. He also loves when she wiped his c on me.
    The guy she gave the hand job to under the table in the bar also just smirked at me .
    She always looking around when we go out to see who is checking her out. And she checks them out. She has a habit at the bar when she is tipsy to check out a guys crotch when talking to them. They will just glance at me and go back to look at her. I know they must enjoy this beautiful woman checking their package . Don't get me wrong though. She can be very nice to me and get me so lustful

  • Christ, it must be thrilling to know that she always has c*** on her mind! And that she has that much hunger! Even when she is alone at home with you, she's always thinking about other men and their meat! Jesus!!!! But the thing I love the best is that when she meets a stranger for the first time, and while she's chatting with them, and with you standing behind her or watching over her shoulder, or seeing her from afar, she has her hand between their legs, rubbing their fly, and checking out their d****! In public!!!!! OMMFG!!!! Oh, f***!!!!! She is soooooooo hot! It's unbelievable!

  • It's impossible to put into words how jealous I get and turned on at the same time.
    I get so hard watching her look down and then following her eyes and then looking at me.

  • All women cheat. The only ones we think AREN'T cheating are the ones who lie about it really well.

  • My wife doesn't cheat.

  • Maybe

  • Too the people that are life I think it's important to mention about two years ago my wife had major surgery that saved her life. She soon had to go on to major hormone therapy. She always loved s** and now is filled with these. She probably has more testosterone than me and loves it. That also accounts for her fit body. She works out half as hard as me and gets twice the results.
    It seems she has the drive of a 20 year old man in a gorgeous mature body.
    She only wants d*** and big d***.

  • It is not the surgery she is just a w****

  • Maybe but a beautiful one. Like she sometimes says a guy will do it any. Cancer he gets married or not. Why are women whores and men not.

  • I knew my wife was starting an affair with her boss when she started going to work without a bra. She had never done that before. She denied it for 3-4 months but eventually she confessed it.

  • One day I told my wife that it’s okey for a married person to feel attraction for other persons different than their spouse but what’s not okey is to have an affair with them. For my wife my words were liberating. She told me she had been feeling guilty for fantasizing about other men. I didn’t ask her but she volunteered her ongoing fantasy about her boss. Little I knew she was going to work without a bra because of him or that she started wearing thongs for the same reason. She even confessed she got a wearable vibrator she uses at her desk in secret.

  • Why do all these wives have affairs with their bosses. My wife sleeps with other men now but it started with her boss.
    And she still has an emotional attachment to him only.
    Is it some form of submission to them or feel of control?
    Is your wife still doing him

  • My wife is still carrying on the relationship with him, although I'm not in the marriage to her anymore. I had to divorce her, for myself and for our children: I just didn't believe I had the strength to cope with the overwhelming humiliation of what she was doing. I'll be candid: I thought divorcing her was the right thing to do. I honestly did. But after reading your thoughts and feelings here, I'm not sure I was right. Your reasoning for remaining married to such a woman is irrefutable: If we love these oversexed women, we should want what's best for them and what makes them happy, and we should deal with, and assist in, the ways they get that. I now am starting to think that I was being selfish, when I argued for a couple of years that SHE was being selfish. In addition to that philosophical distinction, I can now see how such a woman could be AROUSING the man she is "mistreating": your story is the instruction manual for that sort of thinking. I have always heard of cuckolding, of course, but that's not what this is, I think. I think it's something bigger and more profound than that, and I think it is more beautiful. However, my wife was not as intelligent as yours, so she could not (or at least did not) find ways to shape and sharpen my humiliation: your wife must be an amazing intellectual. [More on the rest of your reply below.]

  • I can understand you getting a divorce. That is the norm. I was just afraid in the beginning but now it's a combination of that an constant arousal and so many different emotions. She is a master manipulator. She has three of us on her web ready all for different ways she wants to be satisfied, now that I think of it. I apparently being the low man on the pole. Just there to serve her daily needs. Yesterday was cleaning both our and docs condo. She came home from work and made me massage her all night and finish her orally while her friend was texting c*** pics and they were rating.
    She showed me one and said I never knew what a real one looked like.
    That is not easy to deal with but it and she are so hot. BTW. Most of her friends cheat in one way or the other. Mine just does it openly. One was divorced thwives for it and is already looking to do it on the third.
    Good luck in your next relationship. There is no such thing as the perfect one we used to believe

  • As for why so many women are involving themselves with their male superiors at work, especially in this age of feminism and supposed enlightenment, and in the face of sexual harassment rules and HR regulations, I think you are correct: they crave the sort of submission that once prevailed in the workplace and they want a man in their lives -- without the restraints of social elevation of women -- to take charge and just f*** them. Naturally, most women (like your wife, and CERTAINLY like mine) also like the big big BIG d****, and if they happen to find a d*** like that at the office, they'll go after it without regard for whether or not they are running afoul of rules against fraternization. They know the affairs are wrong -- morally, socially and even legally -- but that taboo makes the relationships more appealing. In my situation, though, if my wife had found this guy in another setting she still would have let him do her and would still be doing her. It's a complicated social situation, but the sexual part is simple: these women want to be on a big d***, so they go get a big d***, and they let everyone around them sort themselves out. It's all about their baser urges. I thank you for your really excellent page here and I wish you well.

  • my wife is involved with her boss too........she says she needs bigger d**** than what i have so thats why she goes withhim.......she says hes the biggest ever and he ruins her with it...........she says she has to havehiim........she says she loves me but she loves him too and has to get with him.....she says he fills her up and i never make her feel full........she says she needs to feel filled and he totally fills her up without even putting all of it in her......she says she needs to get filled up......filled up......

  • Do they do it all the time and at work and does she tell you?

  • mostly happens at work..........andalmost every day.......sometimes she tells me when he does her but sometimes not.......i think it depends on how mean she wants to be as to whetherornot she decides to tell me about it.................

  • Yes I understand. She probably sometimes wants to humiliate you. It must drive you crazy. It does to me

  • YES! thats exactly it........sometimes she just wants to humiliate and when she does it it turns her on so much! but sometimes.....she will also come home from a date and not say anything......not even that she was on a date....but she will just come in to thehouse and come up and hug me.....and i will be able to smell the j*** on her neck or hair or clothes .....or even on her breath.... and she knows i know. it is so hard to smell that and know hes been f****** her and that i cant do anything to stop it. . . ...... it does drive me crazy but i admit that it also is arousing to me....and i dont think sheknows that......but mostly she loves the idea of humiliating me and showing who controls the marrieg.....

  • Last night I met my wife at the bar where we have a drink and eat some sushi. We were there for a while when someone came in and sat next to us. My wife was talking to me about her martial arts and the guy chimed in and said he was a black belt. She turned the stool and talked to him for an hour. She was pretty drunk and moved really close and they had a long kiss. She said let's go turned and handed me her pocket book to carry. When they got this car he grabbed her and just went crazy kissing her. She had his leg between hers and pushed back and forth really fast and hard. Finally I could see her body shake.
    She dragged him in the back and finished him. The whole thing took 10 minutes. There were some people sitting by the window watching... . I just stood there holding her pocket book. My wife is so beautiful and can get any guy in 2 minutes

  • I know you are bothered by the kissing almost as much as the s**, and I completely understand the hurt that causes (I've experienced it in my own marriage, a few years ago, so I know), but I'm wondering about the hour before the kissing started inside the bar, before they went outside and created that spectacle you told us about. Were they talking sexy/nasty to each other during that hour, or just flirting, or really only just talking? Were they doing it in part to make you humiliated, seeing them obviously working their way toward a sexual encounter........right under your nose? Were they that blatant?

  • Well he was sitting next to us and was listening to us talk. He chimed in and when wife turned to reply she paused raised one eyebrow and started talking to him. In one minute she turned and faced the back of the chair to me. The conversation was serious about their martial arts. He started complimenting her body and looks more and more. Everytime she loved the chair closer till her face was about 4 inches. That's when he reached over and basically stuck his t in her mouth. Right there. I am sure she liked humiliating me but he was probably just turned on . He knew as soon as she turned her chair she was interested.
    I didn't say three words till she had him and we left. I was there to pay for their drinks and hold her pocketbook

  • Well she went with her doc to the condo from 4 and came home after four hours. She said three of the four was s**. I was in bed when she came home. She climbed on me covered my face and pushed down so hard I could hardly breath. Then laid down and made me massage her to sleep. Before she fell asleep she asked me how he tasted. Very humiliated. Only him tonight. came

  • She is makeing a effort to let you taste the seed of the men she is dateing. As a woman who cheats upon her husband that is very very powerful to me to see. I dont have that kind of nerve in my own relationships but I would love tobe haveing my own husband eating that from my mouth or my vag or my sphencter in just the ways your wife have shared that with yourself. It is so intimate. So loving. So strong. Please tell how you feel of this? Do you likeing that she does that and do you like the flavor and tastes of all of it when she shares? Or do you more so only like that she forces it upon you to do? It is a beautiful thing she does for you.

  • I think it's the way she forces it on me. This beautiful mature woman forcing me to taste how her men pleasure her. When she climbed on me at first I struggled bout after a few seconds I wanted it to never end. A few times I couldn't breath for what seemed like forever. I didn't care. If I died under her pleasing her I wouldn't care. I stayed aroused for so long. Her mental strength and the things she holds over me that forces me to let her totally control me is humiliating but I accept it and love her more for it.

  • Yes yes I see it how you said it about forcing you and how much you are enjoying her to that!! OMG! So so so yes sexually wonderful!! With her control to you by her mind and how strong she is in used it against you. What things does she hold over you? Is there a secret she knows or does she threaten to tell your all family or your children that she is dateing these men and even picking out strangers to have her love with? And would she tell any out of them about how you get erect ONLY when she is being such a w**** for the men in front of your face? AS you can see me I am wishing that I could be such a woman and to control my own husband so hard. So hard.

  • In the beginning she had some personal emails I sent about work that would embarrass me in front of customers and fellow workers and she has all my email contacts. Now she has acumulated pics. One has me standing facing the corner naked and the other has me cleaning her lovers...Off her chest and pics of what she calls my c***..
    Even though she does threaten me she can be sweet and caring as long as I am good and please her. For instance last night while she watched 3 episodes of thwives of Atlanta she had me give her oral the whole time. She watched and ate and got up to per and came back and put me down there again. It was ty he most erotic thing I did.

  • It's noon now and I bet she has already banged the boss a few times. I think then she'll go home and meet the gym guy there and have him f*** her a few times in your bed before you get home. Then she'll go out a meet a new guy and give him the three-hole treatment all night. S*** heap.

  • I think I am going to have to agree with the others. I think you are going to have a very bad valentine day.

  • My guess is that for Valentines Day she won't see either of the doctor or the man from the gym but instead she'll go out to a bar and let herself get picked up by a stranger with a humungous d***. He will be so big and will love her so strong and so good and so so so so hard that he will make her his Valentine and then he will make her his property and then he will take her from you altogether. Have a nice day.

  • You were off by one day

  • I'm certain that both of her men are going to want to spend Valentine's Day with your wife. In bed. Probably in YOUR bed. F******. How will she deal with that? Jesus, that p**** of hers must be an amazing thing!!!!

  • I don't think so. The gym guy is just a good looking stud with a big one. She has a relationship with the doc and he is back.
    She already told me to go and buy him a gift. I have to pick him up some polo Cologne. Her favorite , although I never knew tyatbtill now.... Also an expensive pair of Ray Ban glasses . I also need to wrap them.

  • ..i think your being too optimistic...women like her (and I know because i am one of them) love all the attention and affection of valentines day.......and shes goingto want to get laid by all the men in her life that she can........shes going to want both of them inside her...

  • My wife took me to watch the Superbowl game at the bar. She was not in a great mood since her doctor lover went away for the weekend on a seminar and she could not go guess to a family get together.
    When we got there her friend she did from the gym was there. She didn't tell me he would be there.
    She got on the booth with him on her side and I sat across. We ordered food and drinks. After the second half she was tipsy. She moved closer to him and unzipped his pants and while they watched the game she used her hand on him. I could see his face when he came. She reached over and whipped her hand on me. After the game was over when we left I had to pay the check for all of us. I hate her but I am so turned on at the same time. I am not sure who she likes better. The doc or this guy but I know I am number 3

  • Did any of the wait staff or other patrons of the bar notice what they were getting up to? Did anybody say anything? Were you hard the whole time she was servicing him? Did you tell her? Did he eventually reciprocate by f************ her?

  • I was too hard. It hurt I was that hard. And uneasy, anxious, and so hard I couldn't even explain it. The waitress did come over and my wife never moved her hand from under the table. He ordered a drink. She knew but acted like she didn't. There was no reciprocation. I think he was showing me how dominant he is. He just sat back came and kept on drinking. My wife's face was so turned on. She.just stared at his face when he came. He is better looking .Taller more cut.

  • I understand about the dominance, yeah he was showing you who owns her by sitting down with the two of you and using her to please himself right in front of you. In fact, it seems like every time the two of them have been together, it's been with you there, is that right? At the gym (or the gym parking lot) the first time, and then on the old road, and now at the Super Bowl party? He wants you to see that he's in charge and he's going to take what he wants even if it belongs to you? Your wife seems like she's responding to his taking control of her and that she loves him doing that.

  • I think you are right about him. I don't know if my wife is responding to his dominance or just showing me how inferior I am and how she is doing what she wants. Or maybe you are right and she likes being taken by this real man.

  • Is she being better about making love with you more often than she was, or is she still withholding s** from you?

  • She asked me to massage her this week and go down on her twice in one night but wants to save intercourse for the Doc and gym guy. She has a busy weekend . Gym guy tonight and doc Sunday

  • She must of been on fire to give him hand jobs throughout that game. I wish I had a woman like her in my life. I would not care if she was somebody else's wife either. I would just do her every which way I could.

  • She really is just gone crazy. At 50 she is just into s** and herself. She had no trouble with her boyfriends because she is beautiful and good in bed. She is Asian mixed.

  • Jesus she is really really really really really a sexy beast isn't she?

  • Does he produce a lot of c**?

  • He does. When she wiped it on me it was all over my neck and upper chest. He just watched her wipe it on me and drank his drink. I hate her but she is so damn hot to watch that I love her..Or ii...
    The craziest is when she deep kisses in front of me

  • OMG that is so sensual!

  • Do you worry about STIs?

  • My wife isn't having a affair with her boss she's having it with my boss. It hurts so bad to know what they are doing to each other when their alone and they both mock and humiliate me with it. At home she is always reminding me how good the s** is between the two of them. And at work he always tells me about the last time he did her and when he's going to be doing her again. The things he says to me about their love life are just the filthiest things you ever heard in your life. I never even knew she was into ANY of that or that she would ever let somebody do that to her.

  • Wow that's tough. You have to see him every day. At least I don't . But my wife does. She spends more time with him than me. 10 hours a day at work.
    Does your boss tell other workers. My wife's does not but they know by the way he acts

  • No so far he hasn't told nobody that him and my wife are involved in a affair. I hope he doesn't do that ever but he knows that scares me so who knows what he might do to keep me in line. None of my coworkers knows about what they are doing to each other but one woman noticed them talking privately during the offices chirstmass party this year and she asked if that bothered me (she knew he used to be involved with another woman there a long time ago). I told her that I trust my wife which was a lie although I guess I sorta do trust her to do whatever pleases her sexually. It hurts so so bad when I think about them to be together so I just try hard not to think about it because I can't stop it. I have never saw her happy in the way she is now or acting and dressing so sexy as she is now. It turns me on until she tells me its all for Brett. She just smiles and tells me just that: "its all for Brett". God only knows what she does when their alone.

  • So not only does he have your wife. He has your paycheck. If you give him a hard time he can cut off your money.

  • Yes thank you for understanding that right away. I work in an industry where jobs are hard to find so if I quit or he fired me I'd be in deep crap. And he reminds me of it and holds it over my head with him to be able to get with my wife. So not only does she remind me that he's way better hung than me and any man shes ever f***** she reminds me of how rich he is and how much better he is than me in every measurement. I hate this. And I know you do too.

  • Her selfishness and adultery are going to destroy your marriage. Then they're going to destroy your family. Then they're going to destroy you. Get out.

  • At this point I may have to. There is no going back with her .Either I continue or leave. Or she feels she will be better with her boyfriend

  • She did both men bareback. She likes the feel of real skin in her. Although she said she wants to do it once with the doc to show me how much he comes

  • Does she make them use protection or does she let them ride bareback?

  • My wife stayed overnight at her Docs Beach condo they rented. She called me this morning and told me to come over and clean since they are done. When I got there I had a list to wash all the dishes .Clean the sheets and bathroom and some of the clothes they leave there. She also told me to go pickup water and other things. She said to the doc in front of me that I was a good house heepee but as a husband my d*** was too small and I could not perform for her. Then she kissed him deep on the lips and said goodbye and kissed me deep and said do a good job honey.

  • I know that must have hurt so much, to hear her make that comparison between your c*** and his; really humiliating, really horrible, right in front of both of you standing in the same room. I'm so sorry that happened. I know men are really supersensitive about that (although that's always been a little baffling to me), in addition to the fact that he's f****** her right in front of you, more or less, which displays -- without any words -- that she prefers him to you, sexually and otherwise. The embarrassment and abuse is probably going to get worse, although I hope not, for your sake. God bless.

  • I know I am not that small. Just not as big as her doc and the guy from the gym. I can also perform. Just not with her since she has spent two months emasculating me.
    She knows how to make me want her as she can be so nice and loving when we are alone. There are opportunities for me to sleep with another woman but I feel weird like I would be cheating. She has said to me she would not tolerate that.

  • Went to the gym last night and the guy my wife did came up to me and asked where my wife was. I just walked away.
    About 40 minutes later she showed up to work out. He walked over before I could and said something. They started to work out together.she did not even come over. He started training her and stood close wherever he could. After a while she came over and said we are going follow me.
    We drove down a long old road till the end. It was supposed to be to get to beach island but they ran out of money.
    They both got out and got into my truck.
    He immediately ripped open her blouse and pants and kissed her all over. She was grabbing his muscular arms and pulling him into her. He dragged her out of the car into the freezing cold and took her from behind. After she came he turned her around ,pushed her down and finished on her chest. She called me over stood up and pulled my face into her chest and said that is a real man.
    We all just left but she first told me not to wipe my face. When she looked at me later she will be reminded of a real man.
    I am so turned on by her. Tonight she is staying at her docs house while I fold laundry and do the list she gave me

  • Her sexuality is so amazing. You are lucky to be married to such a woman. Even though you aren't getting any of her p****, you're still incredibly lucky to belong to her and to be allowed to serve her. But you're going to have to maintain your attitude and always be supportive and happy for her, even when she mocks you for your inferiority to these other men she is becoming involved with, and even if she decides to humiliate you by dating in public. It won't be easy watching her being taken by these superior men, or listening to her describe their prowess and skill. And their size. She won't be able to wean herself off those big big d**** she's getting now, so you're just going to have to learn to cope with her affairs, her flings and even her occasional one-nighters (most of which will likely end with her screaming and moaning as she's f***** in your bed at home, the bed you once shared with her). She has two lovers now, but very very soon, two won't be nearly enough. You know that.

  • that thing she did to you with his cream was did you feel with it on you..........

  • She's looking to trade up. Start packing.

  • I know this will sound retarded but it's true. I knew my wife and her boss were having an affair a couple years ago. They would usually go to motels or B&Bs, but lots of times they just came to our apartment to f*** because he couldn't take her to his house where his wife and family was. I would come in sometimes and could hear them f****** in the bedroom or the bathroom, and that bothered me, but I knew I couldn't stop them because she wanted him and she gets what she wants. But then, one night I came in from work and they were on the sofa in front of the TV and they were making out. Just kissing. Fully clothed and not even humping or petting. Just tongue kissing. For some weird reason, that bothered me more than hearing them f******. I can't explain it, but it just hurt so bad that I had to leave the apartment and I didn't go back until I was sure he went home.

  • Does she still sleep with him or anyone else

  • Not sleeping with him, but only because he got transferred to a branch out of town. She still sees him sometimes, but only when he comes here for company meetings and stays overnight. She just broke up with another guy during the holidays, but not somebody she worked with, just a guy she was dating for a few months. However, since that breakup she has been on three dates with someone new, and it seems like somebody she might eventually get serious about, I just don't know. She can be hard to read at the beginning of a relationship: very secretive, and very mean (more than normal).

  • She's becoming more and more bold in her infidelity. Does that not trouble you?

  • I am uneasy and anxious but drawn too her more. She seems only interested in physical pleasure and being wanted by men. Controlling them. And of course me. I take care of everything while she lives to be pleased. I am mixed up but totally obsessed with her.

  • My wife and I went to our gym yesterday. We both work out on our own since we do different things. There is a guy that always works out around her but she does not pay attention too.
    Yesterday they talked on and off. He is about 45 tall thin very cut. Thick silver hair. When he works out around her he lifts up his shirt to get cooled quick....Total washboard abs.
    When we left and got in the car my wife told me to pull over at the end of the parking lot. He pulled behind us . They both jumped into the back of my SUV and he immediately pounded her doggie style. She came in 2 minutes. Turned around and went crazy rubbing his arms and chest. He finished in her mouth and got right out. She jumped in the front grabbed my head and deep kissed me. It all flowed in my mouth.
    She told me I better not tell her doctorlover. She always knew that guy wanted her bad and he was so hot.
    Ishe thinks the doc f_____ his wife and that is cheating even though he says he didn't.
    If I say anything she will f the whole gym and tell them I am small and can't perform. I wouldn't anyway. I live her and love when she comes and is happy

  • OMMFG! The way she shared his love with you orally is one of the sexiest things I've ever heard of! I really do love that and I hope you appreciate the deep intimacy that represents between you and your wife: yes, the cream came from her new lover, but she gave it to you as if it were a special gift. Thank you so much for telling us about it. Do you think she intends to begin an affair with him, too? I certainly do hope so. And also: since you got a look at him while they were making love, does he possess that certain physical trait that she looks for in her men now? Gigantic c***-size?

  • I am sure she will . He is her type from top to bottom. Thin and muscular . Especially his arms. She hates roid guys but loves natural muscular. And about 6 2. .
    I dis watch everything including him slowly entering her. He was big and she winced when he went in.
    I am sure she will do it again with him. I got so turned on by the whole thing including the kiss. Vwhen we went home I massaged her to sleep and she slept so good.

  • Jesus.......the way she controls all her men is just perfect. If I was a man I would want to be controlled by her in this way. And being a woman.......I wish I could handle men like she does. The way she poured his love into you..............Mother of Christ.......

  • I got a new boss last summer. At first we didnt like each other at all. But then we started getting along. Eventually we started to flirt. We did a LOT of flirting. Finally at our office Christmas party I told him to either start f****** me or stop teasing me. So he f***** me. At the party. With our spouses in the same building in the next room. Now it looks like we are going to have a serious affair. Thats fine with me because the man is hung like a f****** horse and he knows how to throw that d*** around. My boss wants us to tell my husband about the affair to rub his nose in all of it. That seems sexy to me. But I don't know how to do it or how to get it started. Do we just go to him and say it? Or let him catch us in bed? Or have a girlfriend I know tell him about the relationship? I'm kind of lost.......

  • Be honest break it to him slowly like my wife did. Tell him you love the s** but are staying with him. If you let him catch you he may overreact. I am OK with my wife being wined and dined and having the ultimate org___m.

  • He knows I've cheated in the past and he let it slide because I just treated it like it was nothing. Plus I've always kind of pushed him around and he allows it......and I think he enjoys it. But what my boss wants is something more long-term and right in my husband's face. What I want is for my husband to be exactly like YOU, just to be honest. I want him to know that I'm getting properly laid, for once in my life, and to be supportive.......and jealous. And I want him to know that what I'm getting in between my legs now is something HE could never match.

  • It's sounds like your marriage is much like mine. She was always demanding and it is all about her.
    I think if you tell him this is what you want and need and will do noatter what he will become obsessed like I am. I am jealous but love to see her pleased. And I will always take care of her needs. Let your boss f you and after you tell your husband he can rub it in his face. My wife's lover knows he owns my wife and let's me know it in many ways.
    You sound like you are a true demanding woman.

  • I went out last night to see him. I dressed in a brand new sexy outfit, just for him, the most revealing I could find. While I was getting ready, my husband "demanded" to know where I was going and who I was meeting, but I just laughed at him. It made him furious. And again I laughed. And then I left. I came back home after midnight, and he was waiting for me, "demanding" answers again. I told him it wasn't his concern and it wasn't his business, and that things would be changing around here. I just left it at that and went to bed. He was still super-p***** this morning when I left to go to work. I can tell it's eating him alive. But I can tell he's aroused by my behavior, too, precisely as you said.

  • ....your wife sounds like a real hot piece........was she always like that.......or is this recent?

  • She was wild before we married. A virgin till 20 than 3 different guys in one night was not uncommon or so she told me.
    We got married and she was very loyal for 20 years till this doctor chased her. Now she is literally crazy living the s__ and doing what she wants anywhere

  • My wife and her lover just rented a little. Condo by the beach so they don't have to go to motels. It's really nice. I just painted it for them. She thinks I did such a great job. While I was painting they were on the bedroom floor making love.

  • You sound like you're okay with their relationship, so much so that you're willing to help them with their love flat. It's very brave of you to sacrifice yourself to their involvement. I hope your willingness to support them this way produces some benefit to you, although to be honest, I can't see how it could. But I don't need to see it: only YOU need to see it. Good luck to you.

  • My wife's doctor lover got snowed in last night at our house since his BMW cannot go in the snow. I heard them going at it all day taking breaks to watch movies and eat. If she needed water or food she would text me to bring it to them. She must have had 4 or 5 o******. At least. He takes a pill to stay hard for two hours. She texted me this morning to clean off his car and warm it up. When he left she told me to massage her since she was so tired. She told me how sore he made her and stressed her and that it hurt but she loved it. She said lucky I can't f her because she wouldn't feel it. I massaged her for hours. I love her body and I am so turned on by her.
    She had him f her all night than me take care of her today by massage and cleaning up after them. I am just too obsessed with her.

  • The relationship they have is so totally romantic. It's like a romance story or a movie. And I'll be shocked if someone doesn't write a novel based on their love. I have a idea of what she means when she tells you that he loves her body so hard it hurts, and I think she will keep on enticing him to return to her and hurt her and hurt her and hurt again that way over and over. I have a couple of questions that I hope you won't mind coming from a stranger (but if you do, I apologize). First does she tell you that she loves him? And second does she make you watch them as they make love so for long?

  • I am glad to answer your questions. This is the only chance to discuss my life since I cannot talk to anyone about this.
    She has not said she actually loves him but has said she loves being with him both physically and with the time spent. She seems to crave his attention and has spent as much time as she can with him.
    I never saw them have s** but have been in the house or next room while they are. And I do see them holding each other in bed after while she request me to bring her things or do something. They spend hours after just binge watching TV and will make love over and over but I never saw him take her that way. I only hear it. Then when he is not around she will tell me how he took her and different things he does . She will remind me that he knows every spot that I don't in such a short time.
    I think she is just waiting to say she actually loves him.

  • I totally appreciate your sharing your life with all us here. I know that can not be easy for you to do. I honestly had not even thought about what your friends must think or the fact that you could not talk to ANY of them about ANY of this. Even tho you enjoy your wifes happiness it must be painfull for you to actually deal with while its happening. Plus listening to him make love to her repeatedly and hearing her moans and groans of such intense loving pleasure and hearing her beg him to f*** her more and knowing that hes doing all that to her in your bed has to be just so heart breaking. I'm so sorry that your having to see that in your daily life and having him come over whenever he wants and having her call him to come over there and do her where you can hear him doing her. Something else to ask you occurred to me after reading more of what you have wrote here. If you dont want to answer I will totally understand because I know it must seem like I am trying to be hurtful even tho I am not so you can just say you dont want to answer and I will respect that. But here goes: when he is there at your house in bed with your wife where is the daughter the two of you have together? Do you send her to friends or to her grandparents houses? And does she know anything about mommy having a special friend?

  • My daughter is always out. She stays at her friends and her older cousin a lot. She also is out doing activities mostly all weekend which I do take her to. She does not know.
    I suspect my wife's friends know by how when I see them around town they look or talk to me.
    Thanks for your understanding what I am going through. It is hard. Last night she actually said your like my dog.... Then said only kidding. She is not. Just slipped out

  • I know you will think I am just a silly woman who reads too many romance novels and watches too many Lifetime movies but when I read what she called you last night I actually started crying. It just hurt so much. I mean I do think her relationship with the man she works for is a beautiful thing. I really really really do. But it hurt me to think of you hearing that from her in that way. I do believe that some women who are experiencing true love sometimes will just wrap themselves so completely in that love that they can't see outside of it or beyond it and they don't consider other peoples feelings because they are so deep in their own love they lose their empathy for those around them and can only care about the one they are in love with. I understand that. But what she said was painful to read. And I think you are right: she wasn't kidding. I just hope she'll recognize the beauty and the importance of what she has with you: there are ways to be domminant and bitchy and controlling and manipulative without being abusive. She may love him, but she doesn't want to lose you. This may be offbase but its an example. If she had said that same thing to you while lying naked in bed with him (all 3 of you in the same room and the 2 of them naked) then she would be making into a sexual thing for him to show her superiority to you and then his superiority to her. The words would have stung but not like last night where she is just saying it like its a real true fact. I don't know........I'm rambling. But I'm sorry you had to hear that in the way she said it. You arent a dog. You are doing so much for her and for them and that is important because their relationship is important. Thats all I was tryig to say. Sorry for the other stuff..

  • Once again I thank you for your kind insight.
    I know I am not. I actually outside my marriage very strong and successful so I am OK with the remark. I know she needs me to take care of her and my daughter and that is what makes it possible for her to be with him. Also she will not order me to do something she will always ask or tell me in a nice tone. Right now she is just very focused on him and enjoying him physically and emotionally. She loves that he is physically pleasing her and she has this other life and that is her main focus right now.

  • God, I have so many questions to keep asking you, but I know you have more important things to do and so much is expected of you. For the sake of this beautiful and loving couple I'm so happy to know you are doing all they need. I think that is wonderful and in its own way is very romantic too. So I'll try to limit myself in asking about this situation that you find yourself in. First off is your wife's lover also married and does his wife know he plays? When she comes in from her dates with him does she always have his cream in her and do you have to clean her and how do you do it? And finally do you know whether or not they make love at the office every day? My best girlfriend back when I was in high school worked with me as interns at a charity and she had an affair with the company president for almost a year. They made love in any empty office in the office building where we worked and they did it almost every day of the week. I was sooooooooo jealous of her and wished I had that kind of romance in my life but it never happened that way for me like it did for her. So I'm wondering if your wife is making love with her boss every day at work. And whether or not anybody else in the office knows they are lovers. Thank you for being so open and so honest even though its so hard.

  • My wife's lover has a wife. I am not sure if she knows or cares. She is older and very depressed ,at least my wife tells me so. She is happy being a doctor's wife and enjoys her home.
    They do not make love in the office but she told me he did her in the hospital they both work at in the supply room a few times and it's a super turn on for her.
    I have not cleaned her but when she comes home and showers I massage her with oils to sleep.
    She actually came home last night and let me make love to her and I was able to. She felt different . She told me she was not used to me now and could not really feel me. She pushed my head down and I pleaded her.It was so good to satisfy her. After I massaged her for two hours.
    Her lover rented a condo on the water for them to spend time in since my daughter is home a lot and they don't like motels. I have been busy painting and cleaning and setting it up since my wife has given me the task.
    She is a beautiful woman and I cannot help but please her. She knows it and loves to have me busy taking care of her.
    BTW. He knows my wife has control over me and tells her to make me do errands and other things for him. He also knows that I cannot talk about their relationship.
    My wife has too much emotional control and also knows to much about my business
    Either way I would never. Especially since she lets me please her orally then massage her.

  • My wifes boss is after her. Hes not as aggressive as your wifes boss. At least not yet. I keep telling her she needs to file s** harassment on him. She says she doesnt want that rep. She says she doesnt want the hassle. But I think she actually enjoys having him after her. She says nothing will ever happen. She says she wont let it because its wrong. I dont know if I believe that or if I can trust her hot and h**** little ass.

  • Her replies seem like she has no intention of stopping him. She says it's wrong...Not that she does not want to or she is not attracted. That is like saying I want to but I should not.
    My wife said the same type of things but became obsessed with the attention. She brought it up so much I knew she was interested. All in a way that sounded she was bothered but I could tell she loved the attention. If this keeps up your wife will go for it. The only difference will be my wife told me and took over my life. I am really her caretaker . Here to make her life easy while he enjoys her. This is now my life. Making her happy. Watching her enjoy another man. My obsession with her makes me feel OK with it. You may just be the unsuspecting husband

  • Yes it seems like there are things starting to move forward with them. I overheard her last night talking on her cell in the laundry room while she thought I was in the back in bed and it sounded like she was making a date for Friday night. I went back to the bedroom and hurried up and laid down like I'd been there all the time. She was smiling when she come back to the room and I ask her why and she said she wasn't smiling and said no reason at all. Then this morning while she was in the shower I looked at her phone and it didn't show any calls at all at that time not made or received. SO........she deleted that call to hide it. Something is happening and shes lying about whatever it is to keep me from knowing about it.

  • Have they returned from Las Vegas yet? Has she told you about the trip? Has she told you about the s**? Did they join the Mile-High Club on the way, or on the way back, or both, or neither? Did they have a Cheaters Wedding while they were there?

  • I just picked her up this morning. She told me she had a wonderful time. She said the night before I picked them up they went to a hotel bar ,Frank and danced. She said he deep kissed her there and touched her all over. Then on the way back to the room he did it again in the hall. When they got back to the room he pushed her against the window and took her from behind. She reminded me I never did that but also said I probably couldn't before and definitely not now. She was happy how I cleaned up and did the list she left. I massaged her for an hour at least then she took a nap. I was so turned on but I could not get hard when I touched her. I went to my room and was able to and finished thinking of her.

  • Yes. I know you can see it. Can't you? All of that -- everything you wrote -- will form the foundation of your future with her. You can feel it, yes? You will drop her off at her dates with him. You will pick her up from the dates . . . when he's finished with her. And in between, you will take care of the house, take care of her errands, take care of your daughter. When you bring her home from the dates, she will tell you about how wonderful he was. How romantic he was. How well he treated her. How skilled he was at arousing her. How incredible he was at satisfying her. How dominant he was. How manly he was. And she will always, always, always slip in some indication of how hung he is, and how much bigger, longer and thicker he is than you, while always reminding you of your inability to attain an erection in her presence. She will smile at you because of that . . . with pity in her eyes. "That never happens with him." She'll say that even though she knows you know it. And the more your failure to perform in her presence comes to frustrate and humiliate you, the greater will be the arousal and release when you retreat to your room and make love with her . . . in absentia. What you wrote? That will now be your life. Do you see? And don't you love her more now than you did before? Seriously. Don't you?

  • Yes I know that now but I do not fully understand how and why I do it and am so untangled in her new life and drawn in and feel in a weird way more attracted and obsessed with her than ever. Always aroused but so intimated that I can't perform. This same woman I slept with hundreds of times.
    Yesterday I washed and folded 5 loads of laundry from their trip including his. Also ironed all the clothes needed for the week.
    I was so exhausted and she knew but still I had to massage her to sleep. I went to sleep wanting her so bad. Told her she was the most beautiful woman alive then went to my matress in the other room.
    You seem to know so much about my feelings and where this relationship has gone?

  • My husband use to be a big time cheat and i was curious of getting proofs about it for real then i saw recommendations about online and never hesitated to contact him, He asked me for some few information about my husband mobile device no personal info was asked for also, i provided it all to him and in less than 24 hours i was getting too see my husband text messages, call logs and as well as whats app messages as they come into his phone, i was able to get good and solid proof for my Antony to file a divorce, if you are having similar issues i would advice you contact tell him Leliah Bills referred you. I hope i was able to help with this information. Goodluck.

  • Dropped my wife off at the airport to meet her lover and head off to Vegas. I parked the car and told her I was also going away to FLA to meet my friend.
    She went ballistic telling me I had no Right and that there was a million chores I needed to do while she was away. Also if my daughter wanted to come home early from her friends she wouldn't be able too. She screamed at me to go home in the airport lobby.
    I was so humiliated. I just walked away. Now I'm in South Beach! I needed this time to relax and have fun.

  • Your wife was correct: you don't have the right to meet someone else or to avoid your responsibilities. Or to not do as you're told. Their weekend away should have been romantic and wonderful and carefree, and filled with love. And now you're ruining that. Please regain your senses and go home. In addition to it being the right thing to do, if you DON'T do that, your wife and her lover are going to burn your life to the ground. And you know they can do it. Please........go home. Please. Now. Please?

  • Seriously you are right. I feel guilty and just sat in the room after I had dinner with my high school friends. I just booked a 7:45 flight in the morning. It was good to have dinner with them and as long as I am home by new year's Eve it is fine with her. Thanks for the advice.

  • I'm so pleased that you found your way. Their relationship is so special, and this holiday trip is important to both of them. What they have is wonderful and they deserve to enjoy Vegas without distraction. It's nice that you recognized that and worked to make their time away go smoothly. You are becoming a very good husband.

  • Forgive me for wading in against the tide of support for your "choice", but I feel like I must. First, you made no "choice" because you weren't given one: you simply recognized the inevitability of her infidelity. But while her infidelity may be inevitable, your acceptance of it is not. She‘s making her own "choice", without considering you or your feelings. That's wrong. And it’s unacceptable. Her "choice" violates not just a marriage vow but the entire premise of marriage: partnership, love and support. Second, I assume the boss is also married, which means he's violating his own bond. But even if not, he's enticing your wife to violate hers: also, wrong. Third, you have a child, a daughter. Her mother's example is not one she should be raised with, and if you remain in the marriage, you’ll be providing a fatherly example that she should ALSO not be raised with. And finally, while your impulse to stay married and loyal is (I guess) noble, it encourages her uncontrolled selfishness and is dispiriting to you; if not now, soon, and forever. You can't stay. I apologize, but you can't. There may be appeal to being the sacrificial and long-suffering spouse, but it's not healthy for you or your daughter [Yeats said that too much suffering makes a stone of the heart]. Bitterness will creep in and consume you. Your life has value and importance, too, and you (and she) should act accordingly. I'm only very rarely pro-divorce, but your situation demands it. Rid yourself of this weight, and be gone from her. Seek judicial custody of your daughter, and attempt to keep your wife away from the girl. Not out of spite, but because she is a bad influence and a bad mother. Leave the house today and stay away. Don't be her lap dog or punching bag or indentured servant, or whatever other metaphor you prefer. Get gone. Stay gone. Do it before Christmas. Don't allow this w**** and her partner to spoil the season for you further. They don't deserve it, and you deserve better. Be well.

  • I understand your points, I really do. And I'm sure the OP does, too. But they are just a bit too . . . I don't know . . . strident? Or too absolute. His love and support of his wife may not be the best thing for you, or for me, or even for most people, if faced with this situation. But if it makes him happy -- I mean, if it truly makes him happy -- then why not stick it out? At least for the near term. He doesn't have to commit today to being there in 2029, or even this time next year. He could conceivably just hang out, play it by ear, and see what develops. The wife could lose interest in her boss, the doctor could lose interest in this woman, they could both lose interest, and then the OP will have remained with her and will have shown incredibly good faith. No decision has to be made today. The only thing we know for sure is that the relationship between the wife and the doctor won't be the same in 12 months or 24 months, or even 6 weeks, as it is today. Today, it's fun and games. Soon, it will no longer be that. Wait and see. Give her a chance to see you being strong and noble and patient.

  • Thank you for your thoughts on my situation and my life. I am OK with the current situation. Also my daughter does not know anything. My wife has always had a flexible schedule at the hospital and filled in on nights.
    I really cannot satisfy her physical needs since this has happened. Not that she cares but I do have a mental block when it comes to her.
    I do the cleaning and cooking and all the chores for them that she leaves me daily and we have no friction and fighting.
    I do believe the situation will change but I am in a good place and she is happy. When she comes home from her dates she is content. I will dry her off from the shower give her a massage for an hour or more till she sleeps then go to my room. It is actually very intimate.

  • My wife and I have been married almost 2yrs but for the passed 6mos she has been dating this older married guy her mom introduced her to and who is her moms friend from a longtime ago. Her mom wanted her to divorce me and get with the other guy even if its only being his mistress. I dont get it. About 1 month ago my wife and her mom said I cant even touch or kiss her no more she belongs to the other guy. I am pretty much just doing what you said you do now and thats all. At first I hated it and I told them both I wouldnt do it no more. But now it doesnt bother me as much and I even kinda like it. Its still weird but It actually feels more like this is maybe how its supposed to be for me. The guy is hung bigger and thicker and longer than me and he c*** like a f****** horse so theres no way I could ever compete but I do like seeingher so happy and her mom keeps telling me thats what i'm for in her life to make sure shes happy. Her mom says hes way more man than I will ever be and that her daughter should belong to this guy and she doesbelong to him now. her mother was always mean to me but now my wife is getting like her and treats me like dogshit.

  • Do you think she will leave you for him or is this something she plans to keep. Him as a lover and you as a servent. What has this evolved from? Why is it OK to treat your husband like this

  • I was for sure that was what was up at first since that was what I thought her mom was up to, I mean getting her to leave me. Now it look like she is going to stay for at least awhile probly until he get rid of his wife. She likes me taken care of things at home and her not having to do nothing but get with him. I dont really know how this happened except that her mom introduced them and kept encouraging her to date him even tho they was both married. Like I said she never liked me and always said Kat could of done so much better and when this freind of hers moved back into the city she got her all up on him. Kat loves the big d**** and this guy is what she loves totally. Once her mom got her on him it was pretty downhill for me from there. Her mom is the instagater and she loves the two of them together and making me eat s*** because of it. Her mom really loves their affair and its like she proud of it. And its like she proud she made it happen. This is too fucken weird. I dont know how its possible that Kat's mom thinks this is okay or how she got the idea to do this. I just dont get it at all.

  • Sounds like her mom hates you for some reason. If he is married he probably will not leave his wife. He will just use yours.

  • Thats what I think too. He drives a Jag and the neighbors all see him pick her up in it when he comes to get her. She dresses like a w**** ALL the time now because thats what he insists on. She even had me buy her a bunch of Victoria Secret outfits for Christmas to wear for him. When her mom talks to me about them she always mentions the Jaguar and also his big d*** to prove that hes a better match for her than I am and to show me how superior he is and how hes so much more of a real MAN. It doesnt even seem to bother her that her daughter is acting like a tramp and everybody sees it she dont care at all not at all.

  • I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that I am so in love with my wife. She is sexy and beautiful and deserves to be happy and satisfied.
    If I can't please her now she deserves to be happy. I will take even better care of all her other needs. If she decides to go with him permanently I will be happy. He will be a better provider and do more for her. I do hope she stays though so I can treat her like a beautiful woman should be.

  • I'm happy for you. I think your life will be much better and happier from now on, because you are making HER life better and happier. Best wishes. Be well.

  • ....congratulations....... it seems like you made just the right choice for everyone involved.... that could not have been easy........ so i applaud your sacrifice ................ and i hope you and your family have a great holiday season.......

  • Yes. Start of my new life. Actually may he simpler. I know exactly where I stand.
    Happy holidays

  • It seems to me that, since you've already wrapped HER Christmas presents to him, YOU should get -- and wrap -- a gift for him, too. Just one: a key to your house. Let him know for a fact that he can come and make love with your wife there any time.

  • Apparently he is welcomed anytime. He visited last night . Before they went for a quick dinner.
    I don't care. Now that I look back my marriage gas been one sided. I did all the cleaning ,paid the bills. Shopped, made my own food. The only thing was s**. Now the doc has that. No need for me to stress about pleasing her or myself anymore . She is now happy getting it from him . Life is simple now.

  • I think your wife already belongs to him. There's nothing you can do except bring her to him whenever he says. She's his property now.

  • I think you are correct.
    First he offered her a job. Held it open for two months when he could have found someone. She told him no but he didn't take that answer. Then from two days a week to fill time. He came by everyday to see how she was doing. In front of the whole office chased her . Finally took her

  • He's obviously giving her pleasures that you either won't give her or can't: a***, ass-to-mouth, watersports, BDSM, and most importantly, meat size. She's a woman who needs what he offers and she knows she can't get any of that from you. And YOU know she can't get any of that from you. If you love her, you should be happy to be permitted to contribute to her being able to be with him, because that's really all you can do for her. A man like him deserves a woman like her, and a woman like her deserves a man like him. You need to just shut your mouth and do as you're told, and hope and pray to God that she never ever leaves you. THAT is your place in the world and in her life. Accept it. That's all you're good for and you should be pleased with it. Because if you aren't supporting their relationship, you're worthless. Get over yourself.

  • I understand what you have said and believe I would be smart at this point to listen. I am already emasculated. I can get hard but not with her so that is over.
    I know I will only be there to cook and clean and take care of her domestic needs.
    Yesterday some of his things were in our laundry and she made me wash and fold them.
    He is super rich and is bigger. She says that is what does it for her. She also says she loves me but not that way and I need to stay loyal to her. I don't understand how this all changed so fast and how I let myself get pulled into her new life like this

  • I know the speed of this is startling, but I must tell you that the feeling won't soon change. It is her intention -- and his -- to keep you off balance until you have surrendered completely. You are part of the way there, darling, but there is more to come. The landmarks you've already been pushed past are (1) your assumption of the role of maid-servant, cleaning the house, cleaning THEIR bed (trust me: that is how they refer now to the bed in which you used to sleep with her), washing her clothing AND HIS, and preparing her for dates and then driving her there, (2) your inability to obtain and sustain an erection in her presence (although you likely always become hard and remain so when you think of her being had by him), and (3) your frequent use of the word "emasculation", and the fact that the thought of it brings you a kind of joy, on a level which you cannot express. Right now, when you say "I need to stay loyal to her", you say it with a bit of disdain, or at least distaste. Once you're able to say it with elation and pride, you will be almost where they need you to be. Finally, with respect to how it all changed so fast, and how you got pulled into the incredible sexual vortex your wife and her boss have created in the world, let me say this. What I'm about to tell you will seem like bullshit, and you'll probably laugh it off, but in a few months (certainly less than 6, and perhaps as few as 2), you will see that it happened so quickly because this -- ALL OF IT -- was something you needed. You NEEDED her to be happy and you knew you couldn't make her happy. So you subconsciously set this affair in motion, because you could see what it would mean to her (and him), and because this sad and declining world needed a love and a sexual energy like what you're beginning to see develop between your majestic w****-wife and her powerful, rich and big-dicked boss. Her life, and the world, will be better. Yours will not, sorry to say, but that's a small price, no?

  • You seem to understand what is happening and how I feel extremely accurate. I know deep inside I will not leave . I didn't already.
    You are also right about being their percent.
    She texted me this morning to go in the closet and take out his Xmas presents and wrap them. They were all so nice. I asked her what she got me and she replied a new d .
    She also told me he got her s trip to Vegas for new year's. If I tell my daughter she is going with the doc. She will s**** me over.
    I wouldn't anyway.
    She did say she likes me around to take care of the house and our daughter . I should be happy in the basement though and I shouldn't mind that it's not finished.
    She said I can still make it cozy. She added too bad if I visited you there you couldn't please me with your limp d

  • Good date for her last night. I came home at 1am from the movies and she was in the bedroom with the doc. I heard them talking and laughing.
    I knocked and they totally ignored me. He finally left at 3 after she screamed in ecstasy for an hour.
    I slept in the other room. She knocked at 10 and told me to do the laundry and watch the sheets . She was tired and wanted to relax all day. Picked up my daughter from her friends and cleaned all day. She texted me to come up and give her a massage and after she gave me a kiss got ready and asked me to drop her at the restaurant for dinner with her boss.

  • Does she ever offer herself to you when she has the stretched-out and crème-filled canal after he's had her? Does he ever talk to you about what he's doing with her or what their long-range plans are? Does he stay over at your house like this very often, where you can hear him making love to her? Does he ever take her at his office during regular work hours?

  • Actually she left the phone on first time. When I came home the other night they screamed for hours. Hen he left he just said tganks sarcastically. The next morning she made me wash the sheets . She also told me he took her from behind after work on his desk and that it hurt he was so big. O did do her afterwards and she actually watched TV and asked if I was done.
    This has only been going on a couple of weeks and she is s__ crazy for him. She has plans for tomorrow and wants me to drop her off at his house. Like this is all normal and ok because she is up front

  • Oh my God.......listening on the phone must have been the most painful thing ever....I can't even imagine how that hurt you..............and with her knowing that she made it happen and how it sounded on the other end of the line....... Then having to interact with him that way, lording it over you that he's banging your wife and her telling you how good he is and how BIG he is........ CHRIST! And she acts like she has carte blanche just because she tells you what's going on between the two of them????? Sometimes honesty ISN'T the best policy's the cruelest thing ever.......... that's where you are I think......... I really feel for you and I hope things improve........she sounds really sexy and really sexed up.......... but not when she's sharing it with this other man....................I hate to be rude or intrusive but it just makes me wonder if she ever had some logical reason to believe that you'd be ....... like ............... "into" this????? Did she ever say something like this was going to happen?? Or did you get blindsided by it all???????? I'm so so so so so sorry..........

  • Never knew she was like this. Her doctor lover slowly seduced her. She told me he was attracted to her but she was not interested but she talked more and more abiut him and how he was always checking in her and nice to her. No chance to compete for me.

  • My wife doesn't HAVE a boss who's f****** her but she IS a boss who's being f***** by one of her subordinates. I'm afraid she's getting so addicted to the guy's c*** that she might blow up our marriage over it and that she might lose her job for s** harassment. I mean she's not "harassing" him -- the guy totally loves it -- but it's against the rules and if they are discovered they would probably both get fired on the spot. She's losing her mind over this guy (he's younger than our oldest child).

  • And she tells you about it? Or did you find out?

  • Walked in on them in our house while he was doing her. Neither of them stopped or even slowed down. That was almost a year ago and the affair had been happening for over two years before that. She had been lying about being involved with another man before I found them but since then she's open with me about the relationship. She doesn't talk to her friends (except for one girlfriend of hers as far as I know) or our kids about it but now she tells me when she goes to see him and she also has phone s** or just filthy talk with him on the phone from our bed or bedroom. She says things and does things to him that we've never done or even talked about trying. She says he's got the biggest c*** she ever saw. Huge.

  • Jesus, it's almost impossible to believe that there are this many guys out there who are such p****** when it comes to their wives. God help us all. Dudes! Grow a pair and stop letting them treat you like their f****** slaves!! The more of this you put up with, the more of this same behavior you're going to see! It's just going to keep getting worse and worse and worse and worse, and they are going to humiliate and beat you down even more! Wake the f*** up and get some f****** b****!!!!! Don't let these mean-ass b****** win! They don't deserve it!

  • Think the only difference is our wives do it in front of us. You so sure about yours. Ever see Ashley Madison or a bunch of married women at a bar.
    How many women dump their husband for rich guys.

  • Sorry, dude, but I'm single. I'm not the guy a woman cheats ON. I'm the guy a woman cheats WITH. :) I can't tell you how many married women I've f*****: I lost count years ago. (And I've probably shagged your wife more than a few times.)

  • That I doubt .she would have told me

  • "She would have told me". That's precious.

  • Besides she wants a big one . Not a small one like you

  • My wife always makes me take her boyfriend's sloppy seconds when she comes in from one of her dates with him, and sometimes she even makes me eat it all out of her. It makes me sick, no matter whether she makes me eat it or stick my d*** in it. But I'm not given a choice.

  • Wow. You hate it? Do you do everything for her.? Does she command you to clean . Wash the clothes? Dies she treat you like a slave? If so why do you do it? Does she enjoy treating you that way?

  • The answer to all your questions is the same: yes. It wasn't always this way. When we got married in 2007, we had a relatively normal marriage and relationship. She was a little more aggressive than me, but that was not noticeable to others. Then over time, she took on the dominant role, and it has expanded to where we are today: our marriage is entirely about her. Entirely. She started dating other men in 2011, going out with several guys alternately. Now, she just has this one man in her life. She loves him, and tells me so. But she never says she loves me anymore. Not at all. I put up with it, I guess, because I can't live without her. She says I stay because I need the abuse and humiliation of what she's doing. She says I'm one of "those" men, who crave being cuckolded and could never be happy with an "ordinary" wife. I say I stay because I love her. I don't know who's right, but it's certainly possible that I'm just sick and f***** up and can't help myself. As for her enjoyment of it, that too is a "yes": I think she truly does love this boyfriend (the others were just for s**), but I think she thrives on the adultery and on making me look weak and spineless and without b****. I think she even enjoys talking to the girls about this, not that they can understand it, but they seem to know where I fit in her life and they even sometimes make fun in the same way she does that to me. I do hate the sloppy seconds, although she loves making me take them, and I get more all the time. (Don't even ask about the guy's involvement.) I enjoy caring for her, even in the housework and chores, and I know it makes her life easier and better. But I do long for something more normal. Although I'm not really completely sure what "normal" is anymore. Maybe it's all this..........

  • Very similar story how it started. For 15 years plus we had a volatile marriage. Everything would be my fault. If she didn't get her way she would fight with me. Sometimes for days. In the end she got her way or St least would not apologize.. if I didn't wash the dishes she used she would fight. Clean the house she would yell . She would degrade and insult me. When I ran into business problems she would say her nephews made more than me. What a failure I was.
    After years of verbal abuse I think I came to associate it with affection. Now I do everything. All the time. Looking back her other boyfriends would chase her when she fought with them. She needs the power

  • Wow, it's so crazy but what you said about interpreting the mistreatment as affection is something I have vaguely thought many times before but couldn't put any words to. Amazing. Even before the infidelity, she gradually got meaner and meaner toward me but NEVER anyone else (our oldest girl even noticed it, although she was still very young at the time). And I have to admit that her verbal and other cruelties can sometimes be intensely arousing. I'm not sure she knows that, but the way she degrades me can get me so hard that occasionally I have to go relieve myself in private while she's gone. Somehow......maybe she's giving me what she subconsciously knows I need. I think you might be right: maybe that is love. Thanks for the incredible insight.

  • Yes I feel the same way. I get angry when she yells and screams bit it does turn me on. My wife is also nice to people but I gave noticed every friendship does not last. Best friend today tomorrow she will not look at the person. Through trying to save our relationship I took great verbal abuse. Now it is my norm.

  • She has only gone to the next level. Total self fulfilment of her wants. Life is all about her only. Her s** and power of being with this rich doc is all about her. I can stand on tge side and be there as a backup and servant

  • My wife has two male supervisors at work, she works for them both. She's 24, their both in their 50s and wealthy. Both are married. I had thought for a long time that she was having s** with one of them. Turns out......their both banging her like mad. Every day. And the three of them aren't even trying to hide it from me anymore. I'm afraid she is going to start having babies for them and I'll go on the birthcertificate since I'm the husband, and then I'll have to raise their b****** children. I can't even go around these guys any more because they, along with my wife, just always mock, humiliate and laugh at me. One of the bosses in particular always thanks me for letting him use my w**** of a wife. I even was made to watch the three of them together sometimes. They aren't abusing her. They are abusing me.

  • You could always blackmail them since they are married

  • I wish I could but their like filthy rich. They would destroy me. Maybe even kill me. I don't know what they could do.

  • Wow. Guess they are all the same. Power and money hungry. I know my wife gets turned on just from his money. I used to be very wealthy. She went through my money and now she always belittle me.
    I have kids and not enough money to leave.
    Why do you stay?

  • I wish I had a good answer to that question. Honestly? I don't know why I stay. On the surface I stay because I still love her and I still have hope that she will "come back" to me, even though she hasn't technically left me, except emotionally and sexually and romantically: in those ways she's been gone to them and belonged to them for a long long time. But it would also be the admission of a huge failure on my part: I left my first wife and kids to be with this girl (15 yrs younger than me), even though my ex and all my guy friends told me this girl was a major s*** and she was too young and much too immature. I ignored them all because I thought I knew better and was doing the right thing (for me and for her). But I can't take much more of this. I may have to leave soon any way. I mean, I love the idea of being married to such an incredible sexual being as this child, but I can't stand the pain of losing her and the blatant humiliation of her infidelity and mean-spirited mocking. So, how do you handle what yours is doing to you? Is it just a recognition and acceptance of reality, or do you have some way of coping with it beyond simple resignation?

  • I understand your story completely. Your wife knows your issues and has controlled you with them.
    My situation us very new so I am not sure how to real with it. Honestly deep down inside it turns me on. Very much. How she enjoys him. I just can't handle how it has made me feel less than a man. To the point I can't perform and feel worthless in our marriage. He is rich , a educted doctor, respected and has a bigger d***.

  • She went on her first date in 20 years with another man last night. She actually posted the restaurant she was at but did not say with who.
    She was so excited and nervous all day.
    The doc picked her up at our house.
    Later in the night she texted me to pick up her call but not talk. She put the phone next to them while they were in bed. I heard everything . Her screaming and telling him how big he was and how she wanted him in her.
    I actually heard her c__ twice loser than I ever heard.
    She came home late and made me massage her to sleep. She actually posted a pic of me massaging her feet on Facebook.
    The next morning she said I could take her but I was not able to. She totally destroyed me and I can't perform now.
    She just said she was fine and made me go down.. I feel totally beaten

  • My wife and I started hotwifing a year ago and at first it was wild. She went on dates and I kept myself for her. She told me about the s** she was having but not who. I loved it and she did, too. Then all of a sudden she started going out all the time, many times each week, and she stopped telling me anything. I know she's on dates but I get no details, and sometimes she doesn't come home at night at all. It turned me on when we started at the beginning, but then when she started expanding her dating, I gradually found myself being unable to perform. She's not rubbing my face in her infidelity like your wife, but knowing she's out there f****** like a w**** makes me feel EXACTLY like you described it: beaten down and worthless, and it makes me feel unmanly. I can't even get it up now, even on the rare occasions when she opens herself up to me, and so she laughs at me and tells me I have no value except to pay the bills, which makes it all that much worse. I feel your pain.

  • Yes. I can't do it either.all of a sudden. I looked it up totally physiological. All in a few weeks. From no problems to complete impotence.

  • Btw she actually said when she came home that when he picked her up in his 80000 dollar BMW and her sat in it she got so wet. And she reached over and felt his big c*** when she kissed him hello. Had to mention he smelled so good .

  • My wife has been doing her boss for almost 2yrs. She makes me clean her when he brings her home after. She tells me about it. But his wife knows nothing about what they are up to.

  • Yes let her but tell her she has to tell you, all the details when she gets home. My wife dies and I do the same for her.
    It's amazing f****** her as she talks about the c*** that was up her c*** an hour before, or my c*** that had been in another woman's c***

  • You are a complete w*****!

  • Bet your wife is doing it behind your back and not even telling you

  • Reading these comments and this confession and I am wondering why any man with any self respect would stay in a marriage like that. I love my wife but if she ever told me she was going out and f****** some other guy her s*** would be on the curb waiting for her when she got home, She certainly wouldn't be crawling back in bed with me. Grow some b**** and toss her the h*** out.

  • Marriage is not only s**. We have a house and kid together . Go out to dinner,vacation, parties. She just has the urge to get f by another man at this point. It's easy to say she can control it or deny it. She at least was truthful. If your wife has a fantasy about a guy and does not act isn't that still cheating. Desiring attention and s** from another man. This is the conversation o had with her and she has a point.

  • No one questions that this isn't for everyone. But it is for some people. You might do better to support people in whatever they decide. But then, I suppose that isn't for everyone either ...

  • Any guy who's in a situation where it's okay for her to sleep around but not for him to do the same is a p****.

  • I know how it is. My wife cheats pretty often and I'm told to keep myself only for her. It's a very difficult relationship, harder than anything I've ever had to do. But I can't help it. I love my wife and I want what's best for her and what makes her happy. These outside relationships make her very happy, and they are clearly what's best for her. I'm sorry you're having to go through this. Part of the problem is that it's not cyclical: it's with us EVERY DAY, so we can't ever get away from it or not think about it. It's just constant.

  • The weird part if going through this is there was no hints for the 20 years of marriage. In fact she would brag that all her friends cheat and she would not even look. She became so flattered and enjoyed this Docs attention even though I give her that 24 7.
    Weird looking at your wife and thinking another man was inside her and she lived it

  • I agree. I'm sure you're like me and can tell when she's just been with someone else, and you may have even reached the point where you can look at her and tell how good it was for her. I know she's a woman that deserves all the happiness she is getting, and more. But it just hurts my heart so bad to see her so satisfied and fulfilled and complete, and to know that I had NOTHING to do with it: another man did that for her. And to her. And with her. And in her.

  • That's exactly how I feel. Fantasy and reality are two separate things. After speaking with her last night the Jeannie is out of the bottle
    She told me it was like she was a teen again. Felt so exciting to have another man in her. She told me she is seeing him this Saturday and I should take my kid to the movies and babysit. But I shouldn't worry she is not having anything but fun.

  • Jesus, they must all be working from the same playbook: that's precisely the move my wife frequently uses. Many of the men she becomes involved with are married, and so when they have dates, many times they need a place to go without constantly incurring the cost of hotel rooms. So, she'll tell me to take the kids out for the afternoon or the evening "and don't come home before _____:00". She doesn't say it (or won't answer when I question her), but that means she's bringing some married stud into our house to f*** in our bed. "Don't worry" is the other identical phrase to yours: she wants me to understand from that that she's not leaving me. Or is she telling me not to worry about it, because if she leaves, there's not a f****** thing I could do to stop it?

  • Well no more guessing. She came home Friday about 2am and went right to sleep. Saturday early she rolled over on top and satisfied herself on me.
    I didn't ask her how the party was. All she said was she had a great time.
    This morning at brunch I noticed a mark on her neck. She said to me , oh yes from my doctor friend. Basically she said she told me she was interested and was going to . ... She said it was really exciting and he was very big. She told me she was still sore and I shouldn't complain because she did me also.
    She also said they set up a date for this Friday and I will have to deal with it.
    BTW she expects me to stay loyal at this point. She actually said she has not orgasmed like that in years . Not my fault she says. She just wants someone else's touch. Likes he is powerful and gas a thick one.

  • This makes my proposed project a moot point! Clearly, she intends to continue, and my guess is that you'll come across better by accepting this than whining about it. The comparison she made in performance isn't exactly flattering, but you DON'T want to begin sounding to her like a child [all too common a mistake]. Have you told her that you like a woman who knows her own mind and goes for what she wants? Praise may be in order ...

    The dynamics in your relationship are clearly changed. She intends to take a more lead role. Just don't let it come to resentment. You could tell her that you've suspected this for some time from your conversations, and that your happy for her that his really big d*** shifted the world for her... Invite her to share more details if she is interested.

  • Hi. Thanks for your advice. I gave texted her that I understand this is what she wants at this point in her life and that I am glad she has the courage to get what she needs and be honest. Told her we can talk more tonight.

  • It sounds as though you handled that well. Have you thought about broaching the matter of sometime watching? If one or the other is set against it, that won't happen. But if they both know you're 'OK' with this, and they at some point become comfortable with it, you may be in for a treat.

    Feel free to post updates.

  • That is great you can handle it. I will gave to put my foot down and be able to experiment also

  • My wife and I have a strange relationship. We agreed that it is OK to have s** just for the animal attraction of it. She has a co-worker who is one of those bodybuilders and she has s** with him on a very regular basis. She doesnt really like HIM that much, just his body. I occasionally have a fling with a sexy girl I might meet, but not too often. She is regular, tho, like 3-4 times a week.

  • Only if you can nail her hottest friend. Or relative. This has to be an even trade.

  • Well she never found out but last year we had a big fight and I thought we were over. She just left a bar that I walked in and her best friend was still there. A few shots of tequila and we were in the parking lot going crazy. I got in her car and went down on her and fooled around for at least an hour.
    That morning my wife came into my room an we had make up s**. I had come home drunk and never even washed up. She never found out. Only happened once

  • Check her out when she gets home, I bet she will be really wet

  • I'd let her.

  • Company Xmas party tonight. The first year she didn't invite me in 10. I have gone every year. This doctor has never gone. This year he is going and paying for his staff.
    Think she made up her mind....why tell me though. If you want to do it do it.

  • Rather early for a Xmas party ...

  • Cheaper and easier to organize. She already got a Thanksgiving Xmas bonus. I know it's a real Xmas party since I used to go

  • Let her have him in her when ever she wants obviously your not giving her satisfaction

  • I think we have a good one. I always satisfy her. Before we were married she would have multiple partners in and do two or three the same day. More than that I think it turns her on tgat tuis doctor that runs the whole show wants her and is obsessed with her.

  • Give her your whole hearted agreement to f*** with him when ever they like, if you don't want to know just tell her if you do ask if she will tell you in great detail about their s** sessions it will be good for the both of you

  • If your wife is telling you she wants to sleep with her boss, let me decode that for you, she already has. Its her way of relieving her guilt, she told you so now its ok. Time to rethink your relationship because your marriage is in serious trouble!

  • You may be right. There is really no way to know. If she did why would she ask then? I guess either way I have to rethink it

  • She'd rather have you 'on-board' as that's easier than sneaking behind your back. Also, I'm guessing that a physician would have a very good understanding of her womanly physiology. Probably does it expertly...

  • I think this is a lot of progress since this post two days ago:

    Are you sure she is as loyal as you say ... or, are you just yanking our chain?

    Gotta admit -- great fantasy though!

  • Not sure if she is anymore. Her boss is a doctor and runs a large clinic. I think the power trip alone turns her on

  • Oh, I also meant to mention that we're not always super aroused. We're often 'on-and-of.' So the fact that she may not be running hot this week doesn't mean that she won't be stewing in her juices two months from now ...

  • So what you are saying is she may be more inclined to push ahead with or without me knowing.? Either way I guess the fact that she told me means she is halfway there.
    She seems obsessed to tell me daily how he visits her room and ask her how she is doing and talks to her. She makes it a point to let me know that he is the only one of thedoctors in the office to come downstairs at all.

  • This is truly intriguing. Do you want her to proceed? Have you given much thought to that, or to how you would handle it? Does the idea of him powerfully taking and satisfying her leave you aroused?

  • Yes it does but but that does not mean I will handle it well once it happens. If it does. How would I know. In any case isn't her fantasizing and discussing the idea of going ahead the same. It just tells me she is excited by the thought of it and going to someone else for satisfaction

  • This is complex. Much is happening. It will help to break down things and examine each part in turn. Also, this post is lengthy. It isn’t posting, so I’ll break it down into several parts.

    Part I

    Your concern about how you’d handle another male sexing your wife is completely normal. Of course you’re emotionally involved. And you’re entirely right that there’s no way to know HOW you’ll react UNTIL after the fact. Then again, you ARE aroused by the situation, and THAT is a key component in navigating this emotional roller-coaster.

    Yes. You wife is PERHAPS inclined to act without your consent. But it’s far too early to make a call where I think she’s at. Yet the dynamics are fascinating; and if this intrigues me, you must be dying to get at the bottom of it. And I don’t doubt that SOMETHING is at work.

    My sense is that you’re wise enough to keep this communication flowing freely. It’s of paramount importance that you do. Mind – I assume that IF they are to be involved, you’d rather know than NOT know. Is that correct? If so, never let any hint of negativity into the discussion. Since you’ve given her ‘permission’ to play, she may be ‘testing the waters’ to get a sense as to whether you’re really ‘good’ with this. But again – it’s too early to call.

  • Part II

    I’ve corresponded with a number of husbands and wives about this. I help clarify thoughts and feelings as people work through issues. I act as a sounding board, ask questions and help interpret events. I developed a model to track where a spouse ‘is at’ in a relationship; I adapted this to a self-correcting process. Over time, it this lets one ‘read’ a relationship with considerable clarity and precision.

    If it piques your interest to share your wife’s journey to personal maturation and sexual discovery, I’ll make you an offer. It requires complete openness and honesty on your part. It requires my complete respect of your judgment. This IS your wife. NO one knows her BETTER than you. YOU’RE the one in her world. Abandon or pursue this, YOU’RE the one who will live with her. If we do pursue this, we’ll need much communication of a nature that this forum can’t provide.

    Lastly, do you really want to know? Do you really want to share in your wife’s life at this level? This can happen and I can facilitate it, so you should think through it. I am intelligent, articulate, respectful, creative and utterly discrete. You will never have another offer like this. And I will never offer again. Over to you!

  • How would you help work through this?

  • How would I help walk you through this? Part of your answer you have already. I act as a sounding board to help clarify thoughts and feelings, interpret events, suggest ideas, etc. I mentioned a model for interpreting where a relationship is at and where it is going. I represent a detached and objective view and can often come up with things that help ‘test boundaries.’

    Very briefly, it goes like this:

    We establish a continuum between two points.

    Example: Point 1: your wife suspects her boss is making advances; she informs you to keep herself accountable, and so that if it ever comes out, you’ll know she’s hiding nothing from you. On this end of the spectrum, she has no interest in him and is informing you about this situation to help keep it that way. Point 2: your wife is sexual with her boss now; but rather than navigating a secret world, she wants you on board [hopefully agreeing with] to affair. This end of the range means she desires to get it from him whether you consent or not, but prefers that you share her excitement.

    Everything arising from discussion with your wife gets plotted somewhere on a line between those two points. Presumably, most stuff will land somewhere between those two points. But as you plot more and more data from ongoing conversations with her, the meaning of the dynamics in the relationship becomes clearer. That's what you're after.

    Once we have a good handle on where things are, planned actions get more data and help remove ambiguities. Over time, this tool becomes more and more useful.

    I mentioned the need of communication beyond this forum. It just doesn’t work to talk through all the issues on this forum. I therefore require that you post a personal e-mail account. Robots collect e-mail accounts and soon, your ‘inbox’ is filling up with junk. It’s best to start a new account with google or hotmail or some other web-based email account. If you’re still interested, post that and we’ll start talking.

    Over to you!

  • Very interested

  • I don't know. She's your wife. What do you think?

  • I guess if you get a free pass to sleep with anyone you want.

  • Not really. She thinks it should only apply to her. I may get too attachment

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