I love listening to other people's heartbeats.

This all started when I was quite little.

For as long as I can remember, I have been alwaya fascinated with the human heart and the sounds it makes. It's like hearing life itself. Not to mention these sounds are extremely soothing, specially when they're at a small pace.

I know this is just a weird liking, but not a fetish at all, since I don't have any ** thoughts about this, in fact, sexually speaking, I'm a full blown asexual. I just feel that the idea of me, resting my head against a guy's chest just to listen to his heartbeat is romantic and cute.

At first it just started with me reading anatomy books about the heart and the circulatory system for hours. Then I wanted more. I would spend hours stething my plushies with toy stethoscopes (of course, they didn't work), I would memorize moments or lines in movies where hearts were involved. And I would get really frustrated because I wished those moments lasted longer.

Talking about the heart, or hearing a member of my family talking about their heart made me really uncomfortable. It was like, "No, you're my mom, I don't want to know that".

I avoided saying the word "heart" or any heart-related word unless it was necessary.

I know this is called... Cardiophilia. But though I know I'm not alone (and that's a relief, I literally though I was the only person in the whole world who liked hearts a little too much), this makes me feel... Weird. Like, if I confesa it to my future friends or future boyfriend, I'm afraid they'll think I'm a weirdo.

Next Confession

Some can, some can't, some will , some won't

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