Theres no fool like an old fool

A guy in the neighborhood and it sure as H*** isn't me got caught showing his private areas to underage teenage girls. This stupid a****** is nearly seventy years old. I mean this old b****** went his whole life without getting into trouble until now.

Some girl asked him to show himself and when hr=e did she turned him in. Not sure why she did that but she did. I was in the audience when he got fined $15000.00 and put on probation for five years. The worst part is he was a regular church goer and the whole congregation knows what the old dumbass did including his wife and other relatives.

I always thought he was an ok guy but damn.

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  • He ought to have said, 'you first...'

  • He He, I am almost sure that you are form US, So the girl wants to see a d*** and when the old guy show her his d***, she goes to the police, somehow I understand the old guy, the exhibitionism is a part of humans, and it was a part of sexuality for long time, but I do not understand the girl, probably she is very stupid and confused about her sexuality, probably she has a lot of fantasies about f******, but her real life is going to school and maybe to church.

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