Wife going wild

My wife started working full time about a year ago. After a few months weekly girl night out started. Next was happy hours after work. I would pick up the slake at home. I did all the cleNing and cooking and laundry.
About a month ago a friend saw her in the parking lot with a guy in his pickup fooling around. I confronted her and she told me she has been sleeping around but this guy has been her best yet. She told me he was a f toy that did not have a good paying steady job but could f forever with a thick one and she deserved this much pleasure at this point. She said I should be happy that she is so satisfied that way.
After this came out she became very brazing. Making me drop her off and pick her up at his house or the bar.
Next he was coming over. A big husky laborer coming in straight from work with his work boots and flannel shirt. She would tell me to dress like that because she gets so wet looking at him
One time he dragged mud through the house . My wife told me to clean it up while they were in my bed. I cleaned listening to them for an hour.
Last night I picked up a list of stuff from the grocery store. When he left our house I heard her hand him a bag saying I sent him to pick up these for you...
She won't discuss stopping. Tells me life is short and she wants his d .

Dec 14, 2016

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  • Sounds like she's in control. And you're NOT. Get ready, friend: things are about to get much worse for you. Much, much worse.

  • Wow dude, drop her ass. And tell flannel to go f*** himself.

  • You're a child, with an overactive imagination.

  • And utter lack of mastery of the English language. Wow, sad combination!

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