Reunion was embarrassing they remember

I was right about being embarrassed about going to my fifteen year reunion. i could tell that some still remember me for being a loser geek is that i got in trouble as an 18 year old senior for doing some stupid things. Mainly for trying to be a cool guy the wrong way (shoplift, several car curfew lying & other rules problems).

Some people saw a confrontation and consequences given from my stepdad one night because of my stupidity of bringing people home with me when i broke curfew thinking they would keep me out of trouble. he made sure i learned my lesson, talked to them like adults about me in front of me, and they told everyone.

While grounded for shoplifting i had the indignity of having to be watched over by a classmate - neighbor (he was my age but athlete, 4.0 student looked/acted adult, my parents really liked him and treated as adult - i had to work off $550 they paid to him for babysitting). he stayed several times while i was grounded when my parents went out. he told people about my situation and brought people over to study and watch videos while i was confined in my doorless room with no electronics sometimes writing lines for hours. i had to ask permission of him for everything, follow his directions and could get consequences from him for rule breaking or disrespect. (he was mostly fair to me but took the job seriously.) it was horribly humiliating if he had people over during the hour or so before my 9 PM bedtime when he supervised getting ready for bed and checked homework, chores, written lines and cleanliness.

i am so embarrassed that it all happened. It was fair consequences for a run of serious misbehavior but i still wish that no one else knew, but i know some talked about it when they saw me at the reunion last night.

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  • The same s*** happened to me and the reunion was fifty years later.

  • That is ridiculous i think thats super s***** and I would be mad an embarrassed too. Incredibly degrading to have someone your age babysit you over some mistakes you made..I can't even imagine that. I somewhat know what that is parents were kind of similar with weird and embarassing punishments. Yours definitely tops it though. I got caught shoplifting as a teen and never did it again but I think people still hold it against me and judge me for it decades later. Sometimes we can't escape our past mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes as a kid though, it happens- try to remember that people who you don't see regularly don't matter all that much. I really felt bad reading your post.

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