It's RAINing out

Yo little b****! I saw all your texts, you think you can get away with what you did? You are a pathetic, sad, ugly to the core, f****** troll. Keep texting though I'm sending them all to the police, one more threat and it's a restraining order for you cameltoe. The woman you shouldn't have crossed.

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  • I also know about the vehicle switch your mom works for a company where my best friend is the manager thus ought to be funny you want attention you about to get it

  • Listen b****! It take two to tangle! If you kept your man happy maybe and I mean maybe he wouldn't come to me. He is only with you because he feels sorry for you. I don't care if you have seen all of my text messages. It's me he wants and not you! Get over it. Your not a bad looking woman. Go do,your thing just like us!

  • Just because he's f****** you, doesn't mean I'm not making him happy! You see, I won't degrade myself sexually and he has respect for me. He uses you as a glory hole, c** dump factory, urinal and toilet brush, because he has no respect and feelings for you! He has unloving and disrespectful unprotected s** with you and loving, protected and respectful s** with me, it's a win win situation! And the best part is, I know about all the gory details, so b**** please! Carry on letting my husband degrade and violate you, it's what you want and deserve! But remember, I gave him consent and we chose you together, I know your p*** personally, as he's my brother!!

  • Rrrawahh!!! Cat fight!

  • Thank you for providing your up address

  • IP addr Steve

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