I hate my girlfriend's son

Very plainly...I hate my girlfriend's son. I tried to like him but in every way possible I absolutely can't stand him. She has 2 other kids and we get along fine. I'm just waiting until his 18th birthday so I can throw his ass out our house. Ungrateful incompetent dirty little s***! UGGHHHHH!!!

Jan 4, 2017

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  • If you don't like your gf's son, you need to leave the relationship. The gf will always choose her son over you. And just because the kid doesn't live in the same house as you, doesn't mean he will be out of your life.

  • The house you share with your girlfriend belongs to both of you,
    I assume. If it does and doesn't, the choice to throw your girlfriend's son out at 18, isn't just yours! Have some respect, your girlfriend's child was around before you came on the scene and you should respect that aspect at least, if you cant respect anything else and secondly, her son is a child and you're an adult! Grow a f****** pair and man up! You could affect this child emotionally and psychologically, if you're conveying your dislike of him knowingly! Do you want that on your conscience. You probably don't care!

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