My hot wife

I am sitting here on my computer and my wife is upstairs in our bedroom having s** with a black man. We have talked about this for two years but now it is happening. She is a small gorgeous brunette with an amazing body. I have an extremely hard right now and I'm really nervous. I am having second thoughts and I really don't want this to happen. It's too late to stop it. I'm upset with myself for being so turned on. Is what I'm feeling normal?

Jan 6, 2017

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  • Great job man. Getting your girl to take BBC is awesome. I turned my wife on to BBC and now she is hooked.

  • That sounds f****** hot! Send me a pic of her. I'd love to get off to her!

  • Awesome man. Nice job taking the leap. Not easy letting it happen at first, but if you can admit that it turns you on then the other feeling subside. Would not practice bareback all the time. However bravo for sharing your fun. How old? Have y'all shared your thoughts ??

  • I hope that it really turns you on because your wife is going to be getting more black c***. She got pounded by a really big c*** and loved it. So enjoy and share about the next time she takes it

  • She was f****** him long before this night, and she'll be f****** him long after. With or without you approval.

  • Mine likes big young c*** only talked her into trying black once tho whilst on holiday in Cape Verde, not the biggest she's had by far but very very thick and oval shape rather than round so it hit her differently and made her c** lots due to the thickness rubbing against clitty

  • My wife loves fat or thick also.

  • Bet he f***** her hard, like the S*** she is, as you played with your keyboard, she was loving her black c***. What did you think after he had left and she was full of his s****

  • I was so damned turned on. It was messy inside her but I came really fast.

  • I bet you loved sliding your c*** in your wife's p**** freshly f***** by his big black c***. Black men love f****** white women who's husbands allow it. Can't wait to hear about when he returns and continues her lessons

  • It's normal. How did she like that big c***? Did she tell you all the details? Will she be doing it again ?

  • It normal to feel like that .. you should sit in next time and hold hand while he pushes his huge c**** into her c*** .. watch her and watch close up as he pushes deeper and into your girl's c*** it will humble you and watching everything as careful will allow you to appreciate what he is doing to her.. you'll relax more once you really can see the pleasure she gets so easily from him f****** her .. you and I aren't even nearly able to give the kind of ensure that you see on her face and with her moaning get writhing .. that said try to imagine the best o****** you have ever had and then multiply that by about 100 or so whereas the very best that you can give her are maybe o***** about 10 times the best o****** that any guy can achieve.. guys do NOT understand that our o****** are really weak and crude compared to any woman's o***** .. a woman's body is made to be pleasured and to give pleasure you men too .. like energy flow .. but us white cannot pleasure a woman nearly as completely as even and young inexperienced black kid

  • It's normal to have panic regrets that it's actually happening. Hope you share details. Also hope he pounds her so good with that black meat this will not be the last

  • If its not good for her she will not f*** him again, you will love it the more she is pleasured the better you will like it.

  • I'm not so panicked now that it's over. She hasn't given many details yet except that he really knew how to do it. He was big and had an enormous amount of sperm. She isn't on birth control but it was 2 days before her period so I'm not worried. Well, maybe some. She knows him through work. She doesn't work with him but has interaction with him at a different company. She's going to do it again with or without my permission isn't she. I'm getting hard right now writing about it.

  • That's really hot. I turned my wife onto BBC a few years ago. Nothing pleases me more than to watch or hear all the details about her sucking his huge c*** and how big he was. Hope you enjoy as much as we have.

  • Yes and no. I still get really hard thinking about it though.

  • I get really excited thinking about it as well. Why no? Having regrets? Who's idea was it ?

  • Well did she like it and want to do it again

  • Yes, She wants to do it again but says she won't unless she has my permission

  • Awesome. So you will be giving her that permission eh? How did you get into BBC cuckolding or wanting it? Do you want to watch or just hear about it ?

  • We discussed the situation and she's going to do it again. This time she is going to go on a date with him. I'll be sitting at home wondering and probably worrying. I'll start a new confession.

  • Right now I'm not sure what I want. Her period is almost over so we'll talk about everything then. As far as wanting to cuckold, we used to kid about it, making jokes. We halfheartedly discussed it 2 years ago as a possibility.

  • You should give her full permission to f*** any black c**** that she wants to .. as long as they are as huge as possible and I think that you ought to be with with when she is getting f***** you're a couple and her sexual needs are your duty even if you need BBCs because yours is not able you give much pleasure .. you should still be there I think to help and go hold her hand while he pounds hefty c*** as hard as he can which is so much harder than you can f*** her .. there's l9ts that should hopefully he'll them you enjoy there f*** sessions and you should be trained properly

  • I prefer to just sit discretely in the dark corner of the room watching her take big young c***;she only had black c*** once and prefers young white so won't do black again(her choice) makes no difference to me so long as I see her taken and pleasured by big virile c*** and see that wanton wild look on her face as she struggles to suck and f*** the huge c****,I am still amazed how her slim tight body handles it and to see them f****** her small mouth is a turn on in itself for me,by far the best tho was the huge 10" c*** she decided to try a*** s** with,she cried real tears as it first entered only a few inches inside,she was whimpering and squealling as he slowly thrust in and out adding an inch or so more each time,when he was just over halfway the tears were rolling down her cheeks but it was then that she started backing on to him faster and swearing and cursing at us both saying "come on f*** my a*** f*** my a***,are you enjoying this Dave are you? oh f*** more give me more you c¥#! give me it all" it was then as she reached under and frigged her c*** that she went into convulsions and orgasmed wildly and he lost the plot and fired right up her a***-hole big time,since then this is her preferred way of reaching her heights letting them finish off up her bum

  • Well I wish you best making your choices. It sounds like it was an amazing experience. Hope to hear a part 2.

  • She is going out tonight with him again. She even bought a garter belt and pure silk stockings. She showed me the dress she's going to wear. She is going to look so damn gorgeous. WOW! I hope she really enjoys it. I need some support on this. I especially would like to here from some of the women. How do they feel about this. You know I'm going to have to have a serious conversation about all this. So any helpful hints. I need some

  • Hi I'm FitDaves partner Fee,I needed encouragement at first to go with strangers in front of him,I prefer white young guys with big c**** but did try black one once,not big really and no finesse either,I really get off on young guys from 17-25 max and love a good fit body,strong arms to hold me down as their big thick gorgeous c**** f*** me to oblivion,I only indulge couple of times a year and never same guy twice as I don't want any feelings or emotions just raw lustful s**,

  • Cause iis a turn on, my wife loves f****** BBC, and her p**** is stretched out to fit them

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