Jehovah Witnesses and resurrection

Ok folks here's some more nonsense from the JW'S. They claim that the body has no soul. They claim the body itself is a soul. They claim that since DNA from the dead decayed body is what god will use as a sort of template for recovering the human body and restoring you to youthful good health.

Here's the problem with that. Using DNA to restore a person would be a clone not the original you. You will be dead leaving only a copy of you.

Hence no inner spirit no true resurrection.

Don't join this cult. They allow their children to die rather than allow them to recieve a life saving blood transfusion and they actually brag about it in a Pamphlet called "They Chose God". They don't serve in the military during war time and they have the gall to think their faith is the one and only.

Mormon beliefs are absurd too but their interaction in society is so much better than the JW'S that it almost redeems them.

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  • You realize that "Jehovah's Witnesses" aren't actually Christian, and have never been, but from the start have been a cult centered around money?

    Your complaints and gripes are meaningless. They've always been scammers, liars and frauds. You were/are a fool to believe they were/are anything different.

  • There is no doG

  • It's all irrelevant. Just live your life and be happy.

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