Ran into the girl I used to bully

A very humbling experience, I’m 23 now and recently ran into the girl I used to bully when I was like 13-16. I was a mean b**** back in the day, I guess I was young and stupid, and let some problems and issues at home affect my personality in school. She was small and skinny, I was skinny too but still taller and stronger, and me and me friends used to gang up on her. I can’t imagine what that would do to a young girls mind.

When I bumped into her recently we caught up and I said sorry for everything, I felt so ashamed, but she was so forgiving. It made me feel even worse, I probably would have felt less bad if she hated me and insulted me, but she just told me it was okay and it’s in the past. It just makes me realise what a nice kind girl who’s school life I ruined. We bullied her badly, and she just forgave me as soon as she saw me.

It’s just, I like to think of myself as a normal, kind person, but then as soon as I saw her I remember how devilish I’ve been in my life. I suppose we change a lot once thrown into the real world. I’m glad she forgave me but I don’t forgive myself, I hope one day I will

25 days

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  • Apologizing to your victim is a good thing, but it's only the first step. You need to face yourself squarely on the deepest level, fully accept responsibility for your actions, and then listen within yourself for how you can make amends. It might be that there is something you need to do directly for her. Or maybe there is something bigger you need to live for and do in life. If that is the case, it needs to be a thing that will really and truly allow you to look back someday and think, "I did a very bad thing back then, but I have tried my best to live it down, by what I have done for others since then."

  • She's probably planning her revenge!

  • It’s very common that kids with a messed up home life might end up as bullies. But how bad was your home life, and how bad was the bullying? What kind of stuff happened and what did you do? Without that idk whether you’re a victim of home life or a straight up b**** with no excuses

  • You’re a b*tch and she didn’t deserve that. I hope it stays with you forever. Just cuz she said it was ok doesn’t mean it was. You weren’t there for the nights she probably tried to kill herself because she thought she was worthless because of you. Ppl like you are disgusting. You give people issues for the rest of their lives. Despicable. You need to drown in your shame and keep your head there until every bit of life leaves your body you repulsive disgusting human being.

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