More than I thought

I have always suspected that my wife masturbates after I leave for work and the kids have left for school, I have had to come home to grab something I forgot and caught her in her house coat breathing heavy with her hair all messed up and so on.
I finally bought a spy cam and set it up in our room, What I caught was a lot more than I ever thought I would get, It took about a week but finally got a video of her rubbing one out after I left and I have had the camera set up for about three months.
The video from last week is a bit more than I thought I would ever find, She went out with some friends, The kids were in bed so I pulled the memory card and tossed it into my lap top, Started out as expected, She tossed the covers back, Tossed her house coat off and flopped down on the bed and went to work on herself, It was all going as expected then she rolled onto her stomach, Super hot, Bum sticking up in the air as she reached between her legs using her finger vibe on her c***.
All of a sudden she reached back with her other hand and had a tiny little purple vibrator in her hand, I expected her to put it in her p**** but instead she rubbed her bum hole with it and ended up f****** herself in the ass with it, can you say "mind blown".
She always slaps my hand away anytime I try to touch it and has only let me lick it twice but her she was gently working her ass with a little purple d****, She started working her hips then started to shake and moaned out loud.
Wow, what an amazing video, I need to work on that, I have always wanted to put my c*** in her ass and now I know she enjoys it.

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  • How about communicating with your wife to find out how you, her partner and spouse, can please her instead of wasting money and effort on espionage? Too difficult for you, little boy?

  • I had the same occurance with my wife until one week-end at her cousin. His wife was very fridged didn't get much s**. We got in the spa naked with our wine glases the water was worm and my wife was feeling very h**** .His wife decided she was tired and was hitting the sack. I started rubbing my wife soft and gentle and indicated to her cousin to join in which he did ,I had my wife suck my c*** and signaled him to f*** my wife doggystyle, her cousin was very well hung and this blew her mind f***** with a big c*** and giving me a b****** at the same time ,what a pleasure. This has now become a regular happening every time we meet ,making 3-people happy,

  • You are a total piece of crap! The fact you think its ok to invade someones privacy and spy on them especially your wife for your pleasure says it all. Its easy to see why your wife prefers to pleasures herself .

  • Totally agree! what kind of sick f*** invades his wife's privacy by spying on her and recording it. What an ass!

  • Well, I would say the kind that is married to a woman who has a problem satisfying her husband. She's got her secrets, he's got his. Sounds to me like they're even.

  • Loool

  • You're lucky you didn't catch her f****** someone else. That would have really sucked.

  • Seems like she prefers masturbating, compared to letting you f*** her.

    Standard really, sometimes it's a chore having to please your partner, regardless of gender. When it's so easy to please yourself, whenever the urge takes over.

    Your wife can control the pace and size of whatever she puts in her bottom. But a man can't and some men are selfish inconsiderate arseholes, who end up hurting their partners when pleasure and excitement takes over for them.

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