Bullies Ruining High School

As a 9th grader in high school i would always get bullied by a group of 11th grade boys. The bullying first started from these guys in my pe class as all three of them were in it. All three of these guys were football players and i was a short little freshman so i was helpless as they were bigger than me. The bullying made its self out of the PE class and onto lunch and even after school. But it was at its worst during PE. The reason why, literally 1 out of every 2 times ive been bullied in PE involved them pantsing or stripping me. The worst time was when i was changing into my PE clothes. They came up from behind me and one of them lifted me off the ground while the other 2 completely stripped me down to my skin. The worst part about it wasnt that they exposed my bear naked body to my classmates but the fact that some people just stood and watched as if they were waiting and wanting me to be naked, some of them even took out their phones and recorded. A few days later the whole school had practicly seen my junk already. Some a******* even went as far as printing out pictures and taping them in bathrooms and lockers. My high school life was scarred.

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  • That's a crime anyone who was involved is up to their neck in s***

  • Go out for the wrestling team or sign up for a Brazilian Jujitsu class. Start working out with weights. When these idiots figure out that you can actually fight - then, and only then, will they leave you alone. Don't even bother reporting this to the principal. I've been there. It never changes.........

  • Tell the principal. It won't do you any good to tell this to us. Displaying naked pictures of an underage kid is illegal.

  • So is your mom

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